• Ed

    Shows how dumb gun banner are. Heck the criminals there make there own guns now.

  • hami

    Some of those 12g revolvers are pretty cool. I really like the massive thumb release on the one shown from the top.

  • sianmink

    Dem’s some impressive Ork Shootaz.

    • Da Big Boss

      More like Grot Blastaz!

  • herb

    *hork hork* ‘scuse me, threw up a little in my mouth there. But, on the other hand, kind of neat, I’m impressed at least with the ambition of some of the designs.

  • Josh

    This is in Brazil. Only the very stupid and poor criminal have this kind of gun. Gun is the easy thing to buy there in the black market.

  • john

    Gun regeestrashun? We don’t need no stinking gun regeestrashun!

  • YehudaPa

    Are revolvers legal in South Africa?

  • mosinman

    these are tactical, a few of them even sport a VFG

  • Rick

    Did I see Hellboy’s Big Baby in there?
    This is why hoplophobes are afraid of Americans knowing fabrication skills and why the elite want to promote entertainment and coding as career choices and still treat the shop trades as less than ideal. When things go bad, someone who can weld, can do almost anything.

  • Graham 1

    These are the most bootleg rigs I have ever seen.