Henrik sent us the above photo with the following description …

Greeting from Sweden. This is me hunting moose and bear in the northern part of Sweden. I figure you guys would like to see something less tactical once in a while.

The rifle is a Marlin 1895 SBL Guide Gun in .45-70 with an Aimpoint micro on top and a Kirkpatrick leather shell holder on the stock. Awesome rifle but I had to go through the importers entire stock to weed out the lemons before I found one that was not terrible…

Red dot sights are perfect for high caliber lever actions, but I don’t see folks using them as often as I think they should.

Henrik’s hunting and gun videos can be seen on his Youtube channel.

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  • Cameron Bissell

    shame the marlin has such a junky QC department.

  • John Bear Ross

    It took me years to realize that red dots were so damn fast.
    I was a by-God iron sight shooter, and I didn’t want to rely on something that needed batteries.
    But once I shot an Aimpoint, I was sold.
    Inertia and price, I think, are holding back wider acceptance of red dots.


    • srsanbo

      Inertia? I have one on my AR, my 10-22 and my AK. I will not be spending over 500 dollars for an Aimpoint until I am making that much in a day.

      • John Bear Ross

        Understandable. I still don’t own an Aimpoint due to the price. “Inertia” refers to folk’s hesitance to adopt something different, and stick just with what they know.

  • echelon

    The combination of those pants, that hat and the freakin’ awesome man beard…

    Way to rock it out Henrik!

    Oh and the gun’s nice too.

  • 1leggeddog


    • DW

      SWED is the new SWAG

  • maxpwr


  • Gregor

    great picture, thx for sharing. The hat really gives it the final touch

  • ValleyForge77

    I tried to buy an 1895 SBL. Waited for 6 months before we pulled the plug and i put the credit towards something else. Probably better off anyway. Was planning on sending it away to a gunsmith as soon as i got it because of all of the issues and how bad they can be right out of the box. FG sure did a number on Marlin. What a shame.

  • Duray

    Best way to keep the shell carrier from sliding up like a worn out sock is to put the rear sling swivel through it. On a cheapo elastic style you just poke a hole; with the fancy leather style in the photo you could probably put the swivel through the laces. It also looks better when it actually has shells in it.

    • iksnilol

      Yiu don’t understand. Shortly before the picture was taken, he was attacked by a pack of bears and had to use the ammo in the shell carrier. He is probably on his last reload, looking for any survivors of the bear pack.

      • Stefan

        that is exactly right, nice catch 🙂 hehe

        • iksnilol

          Always gonna help a fellow out.

          Even if he is a dirty Swede ;D (/sarc in case it wasn’t obvious).

  • Blake

    Nice guide gun. Glad you were able to find a good one among the junk Remlin ships to customers these days.

  • big daddy

    At first I thought it said hunting Moose & Squirrel. I love that rifle, very cool. It’s a carbine in 45-70!!! My shoulder hurts just thinking about it, of course I have old shoulders.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Henrik, I like the rifle, that’s how I will outfit a lever gun when I get one. My question is; is it easy in Sweden to acquire the M90 camo gear like your pants in the pic? Every time I look for surplus M90 camo in the US it’s really expensive.

    • eriky

      I gues not Im from europe to and those pants are like 25 or 30 bucks. I actually use them for work they’re cheap, they have a lot of pockets and they don’t burn(I’m a welder)

      • BattleshipGrey

        Thanks for clearing that up for me. Maybe until there’s a big enough lot, it’s only a shipping issue which drives up the price here in the US. It’s my favorite pattern and I think it would work well in my area.

        • Swede

          This is a good place to order M90 camo stuff. They have military surplus and expensive after market stuff:

          They carry both M90 woodland and M90 desert.
          I own their M90 tarp/poncho and I love it.

          I’m sure they speak English. If not, tell me in the comments if you want help ordering.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Thanks for the link. It’s not in English, but I used a currency converter to find out the US dollar price (439kr=$61). I know some people have no problem dropping that much on pants, but that’s pretty steep for me. Thanks again though.

    • Stefan

      Hi BattleshipGrey,

      In Sweden it is no problem at all to get M90 camo clothing, there are new and used (sometimes patched up) uniform pieces available at most surplus stores. There is no law or anything like that against any civilian wearing M90 so it’s basically an open market. However, it still needs to go surplus before you can buy it since the real M90 is still goverment property. Hope that makes sense :).

  • Grindstone50k

    Beautiful countryside and a beautiful rifle.

  • bhappycattle

    The 1895SBL is one of my favorite rifle. I run a Leupold M8 fixed 4x scout scope on mine. Deadly on mule deer out here in western Kansas out to 200 yards, probably further, but that’s my limit.

  • SD3

    “…but I had to go through the importers entire stock to weed out the lemons before I found one that was not terrible…”
    Man, I’m sorry to hear that. How many more years do we have to wait to buy a worthwhile Marlin?

  • Just_Ken

    Is that his hunting outfit? No blaze orange requirement? Must be nice.

  • JR

    What does he mean when he said “…I had to go through the importers entire stock to weed out the lemons before I found one that was not terrible…”

    • Leroy Lee

      What I was told is that when Remington bought Marlin they closed the Marlin factory and started producing Marlin’s out of their factories, figuring “Hey, they make rifles, we make rifles, how hard can it be?” Since then, Marlin quality has been awful. Please note that I have done zero fact checking on what I was told.

  • Moose & Bear? Don’t you mean Moose & Squirrel?
    Sincerely Boris & Natasha

  • Irish gunfighter

    Who the hell gave the Vikings a rifle?! They’ll be pillaging the coasts in no time!