Gemtech GM22 Suppressor Review

Oleg Volk has reviewed the Gemtech GM22 Suppressor, which has a single high-quality core with asymmetric baffles. Oleg writes

Since oppressive regulations made silencers into durable goods (as opposed to disposables as in New Zealand), periodic maintenance is required to retain performance. Rimfire silencers are especially susceptible to fouling over time, filling up with carbon and lead. Since they are usually made out of aluminum for light weight, cleaning becomes a careful balance between dissolving the residues and protecting the anodized finish. It’s a lot easier to work on take-apart designs than on sealed models.

The single piece is more robust than individual baffles and harder to lose. The core and the tube are aluminum, but the threads for attaching to the muzzle are steel, both for durability and to avoid galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals at the threads. The square form on the front is to aid disassembly in case the threads become fouled up too much for unscrewing them by hand.

Read the full review here.

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    $200 plus cost is hardly “disposable” income for many people, let alone me. I’m rather glad suppressors are improving to the point where they can be disassembled, washed, dried and reassembled in half an hour.

    • MP

      Cheap Suppressor:(I’m assuming china could put these on ebay for $30)
      US: $200+time+$30 = $230-1230(how much is your time worth?
      Outside US: $30.

      High Quality Suppressor:
      US: $200+time+500 = $700-1700
      Outside US: $500

      See how those numbers scale for different locations?
      That’s why quality instead of disposable suppressors are sold in the US.

      • That and its illegal to sell imported suppressors to civilians in the US.

        • iksnilol

          Even in countries where suppressors are inexpensive we don’t consider them disposable. Do you consider your scopes or slings as disposable? We consider suppressors just another gun accesssory.

  • Marty Ewer

    The square form on the front doubles as the company’s logo. 🙂

  • Mystick

    Is that a QR on the right side there?

    • Chipsa

      Close. It’s a 2D barcode. Specifically, Data Matrix.

  • I thought stainless steel cores were the hot thing, so you can just throw them in an ultrasonic cleaner, and pull them out all clean and ready to go.

    • Swede

      Ultrasonic cleaner?
      I clean my stainless HK G3 mags in the dishwasher. Never had any issues, even smells nice…

  • kiwishooter

    “as opposed to disposables as in New Zealand” yeeeeah as a New Zealander with a suppressor or two that’s not strictly accurate. I would hardly call my titanium can “disposable” at the price I paid. Though with that said you can pick up some $200(NZD) cans which are fairly decent and will last very well when not subjected to extremely high rates of fire etc, basically if you run one on a hunting rifle it’s going to last a very long time.