Production of Alternative Ammunition

RUAG Frangible Lead-Free Ammunition

Last year the Governor of California signed into law a bill that will ban all hunting in the state with lead-based ammunition by mid-2019. Because of this ban, the NSSF has been investigating the production of non-lead ammunition. They have just published a report into US production of  alternative (non-lead) ammunition. I found the following chart very interesting. It shows percentage-wise the amount of leaded hunting ammunition consumed in California verses the amount of alternative ammunition produced in the USA. For all but the three most common medium-sized game hunting calibers (.30-06, .308 Win and .270 Win.), Californian demand will far outstrip domestic supply:

ammunition production


What exactly this could mean is discussed in the report, but ultimately it is not known. It may mean increased imports (although I don’t know how many manufacturers worldwide are interested in producing 8mm or .204 copper bullets), it may mean that hunters just stop using certain calibers in California, or maybe the gap will be completely fill by domestic manufacturers by 2019. I think the most likely scenario is that Californian hunters will abandon niche calibers and only shoot the popular calibers with affordable non-lead ammunition available.

* Disclaimer: I am a Media Member of the NSSF.

Steve Johnson

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  • allannon

    I don’t mind banning lead ammo.

    However, it says something about the political climate over there that, unlike other such regulation, they’re not dedicating public funds to the development and deployment of alternatives.

    • sianmink

      Lead ammunition is not a problem though. There are no reliable accounts of any effect of ingested lead ammo on the California Condor or any other bird population.

      All this is, is an incremental effort to remove shooting sports from California. Step 1 is to price it out of reach of your average hobbyist.

      • Joe

        Well, there’s also the problem of the lead getting carried by rain into the groundwater. That’s why the military switched from lead to a copper/steel penetrator design for its new standard ammo.

        • Zachary marrs

          You do realize that the lead was once in the ground right?

          • B.

            Penalty on the play – using science and logic when talking about liberal laws.
            5 yards.

          • FightFireJay

            That’s flawed logic. Ocean water is great for ocean fish, lets give it to our cattle to drink, then they too wil be filled with healthy fish oil omega 3!

          • B.

            Fish get the omega 3 oil from their diet – usually microalgae and other fish who’ve eaten microalgae.
            Feed cattle the algae and they’d probably increase the healthiness of the stock.
            Your false logic was using their breathing medium as an example to try to explain their beneficial storage of lipid oils.

          • dan citizen

            algae is sometimes integrated in cattle feed.

          • B.

            I didn’t know that. Makes sense though, algae like spirulina is a complete protein unlike many other plants.

          • dan citizen

            I used to have a neighbor who formulated cattle feed. Fascinating stuff. The farmers would source all sorts of “nutritious material” and he would have to figure out how to balance it out. Some of the wackier things they tried….
            – Walnut shells and hulls (caused intestinal perforation)
            – Composted pallet wood (failed)
            – Expired candy, wrappers and all (cows loved it)
            – Orange peels and pulp (cows liked it, flavored the milk)

          • B.

            I use cracked walnut & pecan hulls for both smoking meats and as an abrasive medium for cleaning brass in a vibrating brass cleaner.
            If it can clean brass, yeah, it’s going to be rough on intestines.

          • Brill

            What an enlightened mind. You do realize that Uranium was once in the ground? So you’ll no problems living in a radioactive waste dump, right?

          • Zachary marrs

            Uranium goes through a man made process before its put back into the ground, they dont just pull it up and leave it.

          • FightFireJay

            You do realize that nightshade and crude oil both come ojt of the ground and are natural. You could try eating those.

          • Zachary marrs

            If you pull lead out of the ground, what harm is there in putting it back in? The earth is not an animal

          • Zachary marrs

            Also, idf lead is soooooo evil, why don’t you eat some compressed sand, or a chunk of copper?

        • toms

          The solubility of lead solids in water is almost zero. The real reason they are changing to LF is because of ranges becoming too expensive to clean up after long term use. The EPA and others have pushed this for years. They do not care, nor care to understand; ballistics, price per round, the needs of warfighters, ect. It sounds good to some wennie with a pen and the effects trickle down on us.

        • sianmink

          That really doesn’t happen, and isn’t why the military switched.

      • allannon

        Which is the point of the second part of my statement. In other circumstances where environmental concerns were the actual point, they subsidize the changes to reduce financial impact on citizens.

      • n0truscotsman

        ” Step 1 is to price it out of reach of your average hobbyist.”

        you know it, and then the subsequent group of sportsmen will shrink, resulting in them being disinfranchised even more.

        They (power players and authoritarians) do it frequently with enumerated rights. Why wouldn’t they do it with privileges like hunting?

    • In fact I read an article that indicated ammo prices in California will at least triple if lead ammo is banned.

      • allannon

        Yup. They subsidize other environmentally friendly changes, but not lead ammo; this leads me to believe that the environmental impact is a secondary concern.

      • FightFireJay

        Is this ALL lead ammo or just a ban on using lead ammo to hunt? I’m betting if you can still target shoot with ammo it wont be asbig a problem as some worry about.

        • steveday72

          What about all the lead fishing weights?
          Have they already banned those or are they included in this new proposal?

          I would wager that lead dropped in or around lakes/streams/reservoirs imposes a far greater risk to the environment (wildlife, which is at the center of this proposal) than lead bullets embedded several inches into trees or deeper into the ground.

        • Mark N.

          Only that used in hunting. Regular ammo will still be legal for target practice and self-defense use. Maybe that will happen in 2020, because, after all, high velocity lead poisoning is bad for humans too.

    • Lammo

      Because it has nothing to do with the development of alternatives. In fact, they want there to be no alternatives because the real goal, in part, is to eliminate hunting altogether as a key step toward the elimination of private firearms ownership.

  • sapper

    Or, I will use lead ammo any way. Because fu.

    • Renegade

      Until a ranger or DFG (Department of Fish & Game) officer asks to see the ammo you used to take that game on the back of your quad/truck.

      • “Sorry officer, I only brought two rifle cartridges with me and I fired them both. The brass is up in hills if you really want it.”

        • Lammo

          I had more this morning but there was this tragic boating accident . . .

      • Danmaku

        Have a box of reloaded brass solids in your hand, duh. Honestly the rangers and DFG hardly do their jobs in the first place, you are not likely to encounter one who is actively doing their jobs unless you piss them off or do something stupid in front of them.

  • Renegade

    Most important part that Steve touched on is while there are currently non-lead alternatives to all the major hunting rounds, but there isn’t exactly a lot of stock on the shelves. It’s also more expensive than lead-based ammo.

    There is a lot of hunting on public land in CA. Hunting on private land can get very expensive, very fast. The smart hunters are buying the ammo/bullets now and stashing it for mid-2019.

  • FrenchKiss

    Or the amount of hunting will decline by such amount as to allow deer, wild pig, elk, rabbit, water fowl, and bear populations to become huge and therefore either encroach on human population centers (and therefore become dangerous to humans) or force humans to illegally kill those animals to prevent encroachment. Either way, its a giant clusterf–k.

    • B.

      Hopefully those bears and wolves will eat the retarded politicians that decided to ban lead.
      Poetic justice at its finest.

  • concerned shooter

    As a person familiar with the debate and as a biologist with work experience in the USFWS, I can say for sure that the lead free ammo movement is a joke and not founded on sound scientific principles. It all began with some activist/bird lovers spreading the rumor of lead buck shot poisoning condors, was then hijacked by the antis, and is snowballing from there. As if buckshot hunting is common in the Sierras. Coming to a range near you, this is just the first step.

    • FightFireJay

      There are multiple reports showing that the ingestion of elemental lead is low risk for most mamals, some species of raptors and scavangers suffer lead poisoning much easier due to their gizzards.

      One such study even proved it by documenting lead levels in Bald Eagles before and after voluntary non lead ammo program.

      Ignoring these studies is like claiming that seatbelts make you more likely to die in an accident because you’ll get choked or decapitated

      • sianmink

        Bald eagles eat fish. You’d think lead sinkers would be a bigger deal there, since I don’t know of many people who fish with firearms.

        • Big Mich

          Don’t give them any ideas. Or you’ll be using rocks for sinkers.

      • dan citizen

        I have 2 close relatives that are biologists. Both have worked directly related to these issues.

        In these studies there was either no effort to distinguish ballistic lead from other sources and/or ineffective distinguishment.

        I was shown pictures of “bullet fragments” that were clearly not ballistic in nature.

      • toms

        Believe whatever you want too. However, I will break it down for you into simple terms. Eagles eat fish, fish are a major source of lead. Lead from hunting rifles is not responsible for lead in fish. Lead contamination in water comes from a variety of sources mostly linked to industry here and abroad. Eagle populations have rebounded to the point where if not for the bald eagle act, regulation would not be necessary. Also I will add, science in many cases has been hijacked by special interest groups and is driven more by source of funding than sound scientific principles.

      • Environmental

        A little more science for you.

        1, The absorbent quality of lead depends upon the pH environment. The water in which most fish swim is basic (above 7,0) The water must be acidic in order to change the Pb from a cation to an anion. In all my years on this earth fighfirejay, the rivers and streams of california are basic, thus lead will not “dissolve” in water. But in your mind it would. Take a course in biology 1 to understand my post.

        As another person pointed out correctly, hunters are NOT shooting fish. Maybe the “environmentalist” do, but hunters do not. So please show the vectoring qualities of fish and birds.

        Lastly, hunters do not simply shoot and allow their prey to spoil. They harvest the birds, clean them and eat them.

        If you study included as most of the ‘green” studies do, a caged animal fed a diet of low pH 6.9 and below, you will achieve the results you are looking for. Otherwise you will not. Post the links to your studies so we may all view and digest them.

        Animals in the wild do not scavenge Pb pellets. If they do, then they would be the first.

        By the by, my company cleans up the environment, As a scientist I THINK i know about heavy metal toxicity in the environment.

        So we shall all be awaiting your links because you have touted them as such and authority. We do NOT want any of your abridge documents, but the entire report. We shall be waiting.

    • EthanP

      When dealing with lefty save the world types, facts never matter! Bisimuth has replaced lead for migratory bird hunting. Could it be a lead replacement in rifles and slugs/buckshot?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    There is copper rounds for hunting although it is more expensive or should I say there WAS copper:

  • mig1nc

    More lead-based ammo for us then.

    • Guest

      How much ammo do hunters shoot per year? A few boxes of 20? Not really going to make much difference.

      • Cymond

        The average deer hunter may not use many rounds, but varmint hunters certainly can go through enormous amounts of ammo.

  • WV Cycling

    Looks like there are a potential shit-ton of 8mm Mausers in CA

  • big daddy

    Does the amount of lead used by people who shoot really make that much of a difference? I can see banning it in pristine areas along with a lot of other things though. There has to be a compromise. The fear, like with all things in the USA is open the door for one and you let the rest in, more anti-gun legislation. This is another attack by anti-gun people IMO. If there is an alternative to lead that is cheaper and will improve the environment by ending the production of anything with lead I’m all for it. To me it’s not the bullets it’s the processing of the lead that I question, that would help our environment if stopped. But how about the alternatives, does the production also harm the environment just as much? Why do we still use fossil fuels for that matter? I’m all for finding CHEAPER and better alternatives, the key word is cheaper. They must stop sticking us with the bill and their greed to make an even bigger divide in wealth. People still hunt to live/eat and find enjoyment and recreation with firearms.

  • Brian Fulmer

    Me and my extended family hunt in an existing lead-free zone in California, established 2008. The “condor preserve” in the area has been barren of California Condors for over 50 years, which birds have been in decline since at least 1750.

    The supposed “industrial lead” isotopes claimed to be present in Condors as a result of lead hunting ammo turn out in one documented case to be from a car battery in a dump in Utah. The same crew that did the hit job on wild game donations in the mid-west, with the faked up x-rays, is part of the anti-hunting movement in California. They even sponsored a PR tour where they would present anti-lead / anti-hunting propaganda and used “free non-lead ammo giveaway” as a lure.

    It reminds me of the famous Microsoft tactic – “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish”

    “We’re not anti-hunting, we just want hunters to be environmentally responsible. Look, here’s a free box of non-lead ammo in your favorite caliber! See how hunting can be part of a green approach to public lands management? Wouldn’t you rather just take pictures of the wildlife, rather than hunt them? Be a shutter bug, not a shooter!”

    Through administrative fiat that extended the actual non-lead hunting ammo law originally passed in California, we are required to hunt with non-lead rimfire ammo as of 2010 (as I recall). There is no current manufacture 22LR non-lead ammo available. Winchester had some tin based ammo that was notoriously inaccurate, and was withdrawn from the market. So, wanna shoot ground squirrels? Sorry, can’t use the most popular varmint caliber ever. 22 Magnum? Nope! 17 HMR is available, but from personal experience I can testify it is VERY difficult to find and expensive when you do find it.

    My Dad takes my best varmint rifle ground squirrel hunting without me. It costs 35% more for him to handload 600 rds of lead-free ammo for his last trip – about $0.50/rd exclusive of his time, since the .224″ 35 gr bullets are $0.30/ea instead of 40 gr V-Max for $0.16/ea. If he bought commercially loaded non-lead 223 Rem varmint ammo, instead of $15/20 you’re looking at $25/20. $300 handloaded lead-free vs $450 for commercial lead vs $750 commercial non-lead. If you’re not ALREADY a hunter and handloader, are you going to start hunting with a cost increase like that?

    Some casual deer hunter guy that goes to Walmart once a year to get a box of 270 Win now pays $54/20 instead of $20/20 for hunting ammo. If you’re spending $80 for a license and a first deer tag, and are shooting a $350 bargain package rifle, you feel a $30 jump in your $100 weekend hunt.

    The “science” doesn’t add up. Look for yourself. The goal is to block hunting and stamp it out. Look for yourself.

    Brian in CA

    • EthanP

      Brian; Think of these “environmentalists” as religious fanatics. That’s even how they see themselves. They can never be reasoned with. They never, ever, listen to ‘facts’!

    • Zebra Dun

      And yet there is how much lead in an electric car? A solar panel? A cell phone or PC?

  • contary

    Maybe best to just cut California out of the equation. Quit selling any kind of ammo or firearms in the state. Cut them off to slowly swing in the wind, see how the population eventually responds.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      So, your answer to restrictive and burdensome gun control is more…. gun control? You would fit right in with California politicians. They don’t want us to be able to buy guns or ammo either!

      • Lammo

        Citizens of California. Your politicians have made it too expensive for us to continue to sell our firearms and ammunition in your state. This includes sales to the California Highway Patrol, LAPD, SFPD, etc. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to replace said politicians with those who would repeal the otherwise useless laws that have driven us to take this drastic step. Thank you and goodbye for now.

      • Tom Currie

        No, but PART of the answer to Kalifornia idiocy is to stop pandering to it. If Kalifornia bans lead ammo, SO WHAT? Why should ammo manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing non-Lead hunting ammo that no one outside Kalifornia wants? Especially when the NON-Crazy customers are perfectly willing and eager to buy up all the lead ammo that the companies make. No ammo manufacturer would actually lose a penny if they just ignore the idiots on the Left Coast. We are already seeing some companies in the firearms industry realizing that bending over backwards to compromise with anti-gun legislation only leads to more anti-gun legislation. Contrary is right – it is time for the rest of the country to stop dancing to Kalifornia’s tune. Let the ammo manufacturers in Kalifornia make Kalifornia-compliant ammo. Lammo is exactly right. Instead of driving up the prices of products for free states to subsidize Kalifornia craziness, it is time to just say ENOUGH!

    • Robert177

      You’re half right. What we REALLY need in CA, is for ALL gun and ammo manufacturers to REFUSE to sell any guns, ammo, parts, or service to ALL law enforcement entities in the state. And, continue to refuse until CA gets rid of laws that punish hunters and shooters.

      • MurphyzLaw


    • Cymond

      I’m boycotting Tactical Solutions because they refuse to ship any parts to anyone in New York, regardless of legality.

      There are many, MANY good gun owners in California who are trying to push back against the asinine laws passed against them. It is NOT right to punish them for the idiocy of their enemies. We’re supposed to stick together against the anti-gunners, not help them by giving them everything they want (like cutting off CA gun owners completely).

      • Chrome Dragon

        Might I suggest “It is too expensive to do due diligence in order to supply multiple classes of customer in California. If you want our products, here is a list of our dealers in your state who offer our complete California-legal lineup.”

        Seems fair enough to me.

        • Cymond

          That would be quite reasonable. However, Tactical Solutions refuses to sell anything to anyone in New York at all.

          As for California, there are only really 2 classes: us and them. It would also be simple to refuse to sell anything to California that isn’t available to everyone (like full-capacity magazines). Just say “no magazines over 10 rounds to California, no matter who you are, not even a police department.”

          My point was that there are people like “contrary” who want to ” just cut California out of the equation”. Basically, they’re suggesting that gun companies should do what the politicians have been attempting for years.

  • Nicholas Mew

    Sintered Iron?

    • Chrome Dragon

      Probably legally counts as armor-piercing.

      Also, it’d rip the hell out of your rifling.

  • Don Coombs

    Whew, since all my rifles are for people hunting (tactical & practice), then I guess lead is still ok. Hmm, looks like OTM is lead free, lol.

  • Tom Currie

    The same arguments about demand exceeding capacity were made years ago when California passed vehicle exhaust limits much more stringent than the national standards. But, surprise, surprise, every significant car manufacturer made a California compliant version of every model they had. Similarly, despite all the ridiculous gun laws in California we have many “Modern Sporting Rifle” manufacturers building ungodly ugly California Compliant versions of the AR. California politicians are absolutely convinced that their market is too large to be ignored and that therefore they can legislate anything and all the rest of the country will build whatever the California law requires. The few California politicians with any semblance of comprehension of reality really don’t care – in fact they would hope that eventually they can make their laws ridiculous enough that no one will be able to comply.

    • Blake

      Yes, but for several years you couldn’t buy the most efficient car in the country (VW TDi) because it wasn’t CA compliant. VW simply didn’t bother as the costs of making a “California car” outweighed the potential profit.

      • Tom Currie

        Sure, but that doesn’t (didn’t) effect the thinking of either the politicians or the sheeple in Kalifornia. If automakers had declined to produce special cars just to meet California standards, there would have been a revolt that would have swept the idiots out of Sacramento but instead Kalifornians have learned that they can have the legislature enact Bread & Circuses laws and the rest of the country will bow to their demands.

  • Ken

    I’ll take some depleted uranium rounds. Those are lead free.

  • Robert177

    The writer went through just 4 choices that CA shooters will have. He forgot the obvious 5th one: going hunting in ANOTHER STATE.
    In fact, some of us–myself included–aren’t even waiting until 2019 to do this. I’m doing an annual Arizona(or Nevada) hunting trip, and the next one is in 6 weeks. So, because of the liberals in Sacramento, OTHER states will get my money for hotels, meals, rental 4×4, gas, hunting license, etc.
    CA hunters no longer feel very welcome in their own state. So, we’ll just spend our money in another one.
    Hope you’re happy, CA!

    • n0truscotsman

      godforbid you try to actually *build something* like a garage on your own property in cali…be prepared for a significant investment (if investing in the local bureacrat’s children to attend college is a investment at all).

      that state is a ridiculous nightmare of unimagined proportions and it seems to have some kind of sick “one upmanship” game with new york.

    • BryanS

      Yeah, enough people leave CA, and take that infectious politicking with them. Its happening to NH as people flee from the mess they made of Mass.

      • geneeo

        Oregon too:-)

    • Danmaku

      That’s a very poor outlook that is destined to failure. Ok, so you move out, lets say to Arizona. Nice and happy now, but now there is no one in CA to fight behind enemy lines, so CA becomes even more Liberal and then they start washing over into Arizona. So you move to the next state, and the next. Running away from the problems is not the way to solve it, instead, educating the public and resisting by living freely (I hope you all know what that implies) is the key to reducing the infection known as progressives (or regressives).

  • Robert177

    If you think THIS is bad, just wait a few years, and some liberal whackjob will be sure to propose a NEW bill , one that bans the use of lead ammo being used EVEN at gun ranges. Because, you just KNOW that is coming. They’ll argue it’s a health hazard.
    Before you know it, shooting ranges will go out of business, because nobody will be showing up.
    You have to realize…ALL of these laws are nothing more than incremental steps to wipe out gun ownership in CA.
    The antis figure, if they take away all the outlets for USING guns, then nobody will even want to own guns anymore.
    It all makes sense, when you think about it.

    • Danmaku

      We have to fight the same way they did. “Peaceful resistance” they called it, we can call it the same. If they ban ammunition, start keep making it. If they say lead-free only, use lead ammunition and show the officers fake lead free rounds. There is a point that gun owners need to stop being sheep and obeying laws that we all know are illegal, and start providing a solid resistance.
      I mean hell, the Marajuana druggies were able to do it and get away with it, and yet we satisfy ourselves with just sending a letter to a representative that the representative never actually reads? Some patriots we are. We all talk about a revolution if they come to take our guns, but the reality is most will likely just hide them or give it up, no one will start bloodshed, nor should they if they are not willing to put their effort in resisting by living freely.

  • Blake

    Personally (& all political ramifications aside), in addition to all the other reasons given here, this is stupid for the following reason:

    – alternative metals used in lead-free ammo, particularly copper, are in extremely high demand now, & that demand is increasing as construction and electronics production is copper-centric. The price of a pound of copper has more than tripled over the last 10 years and is in high enough demand that criminals apparently find it profitable to destroy telecom patch points in order to remove the copper wiring. In countries such as Ghana, old computers & electronics are burned to expose the copper on their circuit boards for collection ( According to Wikipedia, the US mines a lot of its copper but still imported 35% of the copper used in industry.

    – lead on the other hand, is in declining use as initiatives such as RoHS ban its use in various industries due to its toxicity (even if that makes electronics much harder to produce & decreases their reliability, causing more industrial waste). The US lead market is basically self-sufficient. In fact according to the international lead association 80% of lead used in the US is recovered from secondary sources (e.g. recycling from ranges, lead production sites, etc) rather than smelting raw ore.

    So banning lead ammunition leads to:

    – the US importing more copper, increasing the market price
    – the cost of construction and electronics increasing as a result, with associated economic impact
    – less lead pulled & recycled from ranges, industrial sites, etc.

    So lead ammo is actually better for the economy. It’s better for the environment than the alternatives, as most of it goes into responsible shooting ranges that clean it up & recycle it, rather than staying at industrial sites where it has the potential to pollute groundwater.

    • Dan

      there are alternatives to solid copper projectiles. that said, most of those all-copper projectiles are incredibly accurate.

  • Blake

    in other news, it’s good to know that .204 Ruger & 20cal wildcats are so popular. Particularly when loaded with a 55gr Berger, it has the ballistics of a .243 in a smaller, quieter, less expensive package.

  • DetroitMan

    I have a hard time believing that 8mm and .204 are such wildly popular calibers, but maybe I’m out of touch. Is it that they are widely used, or is it that very little lead free ammunition is made for them? Either would explain why demand would outstrip supply so badly.

    • MurphyzLaw

      I don’t know about .204, but 8mm Mauser is extremely popular here in California. Less so than, say, .308, 30-06 etc, but much more popular than 7.62x54R, due to the lack of Mosin’s in CA. Most of the ammunition is Eastern Bloc surplus ammunition — Serbian, Bulgarian, etc. Some of it is actually pretty accurate, but none of it is lead free. It is, however, about the same price per round as cheap .308.

  • Bowserb

    I don’t know what you hunt in CA, but I say fine. Just go elsewhere for hunting. If it’s anything like Texas, in a few years the state capitol–indeed, most of the state–will be overrun with deer and white wing doves. When they have no more pretty flowers, the farmers have their crops destroyed, and the capitol is covered with bird droppings, they’ll rethink the issue. In the meantime, if Southwest Airlines had free round trip airfare to CA, I’d fly to Montana for vacation.

  • grown up

    ALL OF YOU ARE MISSING THE BEST PART OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think about the affect on ranges if they didnt have to deal wth lead clean up, you could have a lot more ranges and that means more shooting. Also think about how many more bullets could be made because they didnt need lead!
    For all of you guys who who just refuse to even give it some thought give your kid a .22 lead bullet to chew on. Oh you wont why not, oh yeah LEAD IS TOXICI!!!!!!!!!!! I

    • Zachary marrs

      Where did the lead first come from?

  • Zebra Dun

    What, pray tell does the state of California plan on doing with all the millions of tons of naturally occuring lead in the envoroment?
    Ban it too?

  • jeffrey melton

    Lead free ammo like global warming is just another liberal control issue. Banning lead would be an inconvenience and would cause prices to soar. There is already lead-free ammo (frangible) but, that would put the liberal’s knickers in a knot due to it’s increased lethality.