PIG Skins Barricade Pad

Hat tip to Soldier Systems Daily for this.

The people who make the HOG Saddle, have come out with a pad for shooting off a barricade. Don’t know what a HOG Saddle is? Here is a TFB article about it.

According to HOG Saddle:

A rifle skid pad designed to reduce the effects of recoil while firing from hard surfaces. Keeps your scope on target for verification of bullet placement and for rapid follow-up shots. Allows a shooter to load into their rifle, due to the added grip surface of the barricade pad.

The PIG Skins replace the need to drag around a sand sock while firing from expedient, elevated positions such as hard cover and barricades.



You affix a strip of loop velcro to the bottom of your rifle and the PIG SKINS pad attaches to the velcro.



The PIG SKINS Pad is on sale right now for only $9.99

Nicholas C

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  • Fred Johnson

    How thick is it mounted on the velcro?

  • Nimrod

    Buy some stick on velcro, peel and stick on rifle, viola! You now have a pad on your forestock without needing anything else. Or put the other piece of sticky velcro on a piece of bicycle inner tube. Great idea in concept.

  • TiC

    Nice idea, but I wonder if this is thick enough to work well. Still, it’s an interesting alternative to the Wiebad Berry Bag.

  • me ohmy

    why don’t they just make a version that works with picatinny rails and be done with it.. the velcro adhesive won’t stay stuck long in hot weather conditions. and frankly, I’d rather have a hard point it mounts to.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I recently heard someone say that they had a great idea to retire on. They were going to make and market an “uber tactical wizbang” something or other. He admitted that it didn’t have to work, he just had to sell a bunch. I think this is someone’s retirement project. If you’re using a gun in a capacity that you could damage the finish, you’re probably not worried about it anyway.

  • Abakan

    A good idea, but execution doesn’t look ideal. Also they should do a performance test comparing it to a small sandbag.

  • Joshua

    Don’t let the size or price of the PIG Skins fool you. This is a slick piece of kit. I wouldn’t produce a product if I didn’t think a soldier or Marine could use it to kill Taliban. (or ISIS)
    The 1/4″ thick pad is made of a proprietary material specifically designed to reduce the transfer of recoil. The same material that’s on the combat proven MOD7 HOG Saddle.
    The texture on the PIG Skins allows the rifle to grip into a barricade, wall, window, or smooth surface. This means you can load into your rifle, similar to loading bipods when in the prone.
    The low-profile size of the PIG Skins is designed for military/LE snipers and hunters to “actually” use the product. You’ll never see a sniper or hunter dragging along a giant shooting pillow.
    Regarding the affordable price point… Not everything in the shooting industry needs to be super expensive. Give it a try. You’ll be impressed.

    • Anon. E Maus

      Are you the manufacturer or in any way related to them?
      Because then you should consider their advice.

      I’m 100% serious when I say that a solid mount for putting these on bottom rails and on Keymod would be great idea and that I would like to buy it.