Łucznik Arms Factory Publishes Three New Videos

Fabryka Broni Łucznik has published three new videos to their Youtube channel.  One is a brief tour of their factory in Poland, one is of the MSBS assault rifle that will purportedly be entering service with the Polish Military near the end of 2014.  The last video is of the Beryl Assault Rifle (kbs wz. 1996 Beryl), which is the current service rifle in Poland.

Thanks Leetwin for the tip!


  • Guest

    If Poland changes its main battle rifle every 20 years, then it must either be a very wealthy country, or a very poor rifle. Poland ain’t really wealthy…

    • northafrican


      • turkiye mahadi

        u have no idea what u talking about sir, Beryl is one of the best AK based platforms.

        • Zachary marrs

          Thats a funny way to say galil

          • turkiye mahadi

            U suggesting that beryl is a galil clone? Using the same caliber doesnt mean nothing.

          • Zachary marrs

            No, the galil is the best evolution of the ak platform

    • J.T.

      Poland has been making a transition to align with NATO since the mid 90s (they became a member in 1999). There is only so much they can do with the AK platform to get commonality. This new rifle will allow them to share magazines with most other NATO countries and not just ammo as is the case with the Beryl.

  • Graham2

    The MSBS looks like a decent enough rifle but it’s hard to sell much from the stupid pop video, which cuts every sequence after 2 seconds. What’s with the music?

  • Ed

    Waste of time Poland is dumping the problem prone Beryl rifle for a new design. Which looks alot like a ACR. Don’t blame them AK-101s sucks anyway compared to a 7.62 or 5.45mm AK.

    • toms

      There is nothing wrong with the Beryl that I am aware of. Problem prone? what problems do you speak of. It is the most accurate current AK out there, that I know for sure. The sako/valmets are no longer in production. It’s an AK how many problems can it have? I suspect their change is based around poor AK ergo’s and a general shift from everything soviet to more western designs.

    • john huscio

      The slr106fr begs to differ….

    • kivaari

      Firstly, the Beryl was developed in Poland domestically from the 5.45 Tantal rifle, which in turn was developed from the licence-made AKM. Secondly, I don’t get where did you find info that this rifle being “problem prone”, this is a damn Kalashnikhov! It has no relation to AK-101. Beryl is a pretty good rifle, the grunts like it, but it still has AK ergonomics, isn’t modular, and uses propietary magazines. The Polish SF currently use HK416s due to above reasons, and they may actually replace them with MSBS (or “Radons”) once they get worn, the probable widespread adoption date in the military is 2018, quite a bit for the design to mature

  • mechamaster

    Wow, what a beautiful rifle craftsmanship ! I see they have quality to compete in US and International market. Especially with AK and ACR lover with their Beryl and MSBS.