DIY Enlarged Shotgun Bolt Release

Saw this today at the FNH 3Gun Championships. A staffer/competitor modified his Beretta A400 Unico by adding a large button to his bolt release. Most shooters would buy an aftermarket part and have a gunsmith install it. He told me this is cheaper and easier. He drilled and tapped the stock button release. Drilled a hole in the Nickel. The thickness of the nickel allowed for counter sinking the screw.The nickel button was purposefully not centered. By shifting the nickel forward, the shooter has leverage on his side when releasing the bolt. I might try this on my Mossberg 930 JM Pro.

Nicholas C

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  • Stephen

    Ugly but if it works = good to go.

  • trel

    The Mossberg 930’s bolt release is hardened steel of some sort. Major PITA

    • Nicholas Chen

      Thanks for the heads up

  • wetcorps

    This is made even more priceless by the fact it’s apparently a 1600$ shotgun 😀

  • DPC

    I don’t think he cares how much the gun is… look at his loading port, it looks like it was enlarged with a Dremel .