More South American homemade submachine guns

As previously delved into, a seemingly endless variety of these are regularly emerging, some of factory quality, others of bedroom quality.




A very crudely made model recently trending in numbers, sometimes fitted with a barrel made from a section of brass hex bar. A screw usually serves as a simple magazine latch.




brazilhomemadesubmachinegunscrewlatch improguns

Examples fitted with paintball marker lowers:




A number of oddball ‘T’ guns:


homemadesubmachinegunbrazil784674 improguns

homemadesubmachingunseized78328 improguns


brazilianhomemademachinepistol73962 improguns

753849954 improguns

brazilianmaccopy improguns



brazilminimac2 improguns

macsmgcopybrazil improguns


I can’t see the stock being too useful in this case.



improvisedmachinepistolbrazil7856 improguns

machinepistolshomemadebrazil improguns


foldedconstructionmpistol improguns

homemademachinegunsbrazil improguns


A regularly seized high quality machine pistol falsely branded ‘CZ Skorpion’:


67skorpionsmg improguns

67567453411 improguns


Various models chambered in .22LR .

homebuiltmachinepistolchile improguns






Guardians of Mount Narco:










A distinctive Tec-9 influenced variant widely seized :






In this case, has science perhaps gone too far..?



  • raz-0

    That one up there seems to take the notion of firing form an open bolt very literally. hehehe.

    • iksnilol

      That’s to increase the dynamic air-flow to prevent overheating during operations.

      Totes legit.

  • Several of them look quite competantly executed. Be interesting to test frie some of teh better built ones.

  • echelon

    Just goes to show that the bad guys will always have guns.

    Wanna stop the bloodshed? Just legitimize the business and the master criminals take their cut in “taxes” and then the cartels won’t need to shoot anyone up anymore. Did we learn nothing from prohibition?

  • Yellow Devil

    “Yo, cuz we have to totally throw some rail on these, make ’em legit son.”

  • zonk

    The problem with these improvised weapons is ammunition. making ammunition is a very specialised activity.

    Id like to see an improvised smg powered by a mix of propane and nitrous oxide, and firing readilly available ball bearings or marbles. I have a design I am working on, something like a revolver cannon, in which the non-firing cylinders are being evacuated with fresh air, which helps get rid of the waste heat.

    • Giolli Joker

      Pictures. Or patent. 🙂

    • steveday72

      There was a Russian import BB gun that news channels were frothing about a few years ago. It was automatic and shot about 600 steel BB’s per minute. They were saying it was almost as powerful as a machine-gun. (I seriously doubt it had anywhere near the ft/lbs myself).

      • mikewest007

        The Baikal Drozd? I’ve seen an Umarex BB gun (note, not airsoft) that had a hopper mag and was automatic, but IIRC the Drozd had a real magazine.

  • guest

    So does this mean criminals can build their own guns, even if civilian guns are banned? Somebody, do something! Probably ban even more civilian guns, it will surely help!

  • jamezb

    Fusil Automatique …grease gun?

    wow just wow

  • PK
    • Giolli Joker

      I was about to point out the same.
      Part of me is hoping that it’s chambered in .357 Mag (cool factor)! 🙂

    • Cal S.

      If we can trust that the ammunition went to the gun, which can be reasonably assumed. The only semi-auto .38 spl we have in the US is a unicorn M1911 that shoots wadcutters. Don’t think there’s much of a market for it.

    • Reminds me of that Owen submachine gun prototype, reportedly chambered in .38 Special. I believe that was canned because it was too unreliable.

  • bbmg

    Looks like a Beretta M12 in the last picture, possibly the Taurus version made under license.

  • derfelcadarn

    Clear proof that the People will NEVER be disarmed. I’m not worried about the “bad guys” it’s the government that alarms me.

  • Lance

    The gangs agree Gun Control works…….. For them!

  • Absolutely love these posts!

  • Hudson

    I wonder how many of these “guns” have a rifled barrel, but come to think of it since the users have a “spray and pray” reputation does it really matter?

    • Abanak

      Most are without a stock, so it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have rifling. I’d say those with stocks have rifled barrels. In anycase, it’s not difficult to rifle a barrel at all.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Oh god Mount Narco

  • mosinman

    mock these if you will, but are you operator enough to run one??

    • Dan

      Bruh I operate in my sleep. I operate while simultaneously operating in a different direction. My operability shall not be operationally denied with one of these weapons.

  • Fer

    Please note

    That says this is a special ammo to outwit homicide, someone know what ammo is this?

    All this guns and articule is from Brazil, I know this because Im from there. This is the Norteast of Country, but, in the Souteast all guns is like here in US, AR, AK, HK all them come from Paraguay, contraband. In Brazil is very dificult to have a permit to carry a gun, only police, judge or rich person can carry, and yes, the life over there is cheap, if a bad guy steal you, he steal and kill you because he deserve and no jail, no law, nothing work, maximum is 3 years in jail, maximum.

    • Cal S.

      Most of these are 9mm Luger chambered.

      And that’s a shame, sorry to hear that. It’s so easy to lose sight of what we take for granted here. Think you might ever move to the US?

      • Fer

        Cal S.

        According to statistics, only 2% of murders are solved by the police, so 98% of the murders the police not solve, no holds and no takes the killer. Believe it or not, kill it and allowed. I already live in the USA precisely because of that. Everyone knows someone that it was a victim of violence. I did not want to live here, I wanted to live it, however unfortunately I wanna die old than young.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like Detroit. The Official Truth is, 70% of murders in Detroit go unsolved. But it is also true that corpses and skeletal remains are found quite frequently in Detroit, and beyond a search for identifying documents, given only the most cursory examination. “We think this was a homeless person and he, uh, died of exposure or something.” Right.

    • Andrey Martim

      You don’t say, I lived close to a shooting range and never made it to ENTER the place… Brazilian gun laws are ridiculous…

      • Fer

        It is extremely difficult, almost impossible to have a firearms legally. But all the bad guys have your weapon, the weapon of choice of them is the 9mm. Over there you are your own luck because when the bad guys are not wanting to rob you and you want the police to extort you.

  • Matrix3692

    I don’t quite understand, is there anything special about the last picture……

    • Zachary marrs

      Its a grease gun

  • Graham2

    One actually has a shoulder thing that goes up!

  • R

    I see that that the various police forces are pretty good about getting a unit patch or logo into the bust photo but haven’t figured out how to run a zip tie through the action.