LordStickMax sent us this photo of his first NFA acquisition, a Rifle Dynamics Tula Krink chambered in 5.45x39mm. He has since added a Colt Commando and 5.56mm suppressor to his collection.

According to the Rifle Dynamics website, they can no longer obtain the parts to build this gun. There are two left in stock, which are selling for $3,000.

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  • echelon

    Want so bad…but I’ll wait for the inevitable cheap Romanian “pistol” and then but an SB15 brace on it and call ‘er a day!

    • big daddy

      Exactly, that’s what I’m going to do or something similar.

    • look into the polish hellpup

      • echelon

        I don’t believe I’ve seen any in 5.45…not on this side of the Atlantic anyways…

  • David

    Supposed to care that they will no longer have $3000 AKs ?

  • mikhail gorbachev

    for goodness sake will you learn at last that this gun is called AKS-U. Also acceptable names are Ksu-ha (Xu-ha), Suchka not krink or krinkov. it’s like calling M1 Garand – Betty Boop or micky the mouse. only because those are american icons it doesn’t make it ok to call it that.

    • Doug73

      Meh, the English lexicon is what it is. “Your” is also not an acceptable substitute for “you’re”, and never has been. Yet, most gun owners don’t seem to care one bit.

      Let’s tackle basic, elementary school English first. Then we can move on to worrying about proper gun nomenclature.

      • guest

        Then perhaps you are fine with the popular media-spun term “assault rifle” that they use for every semiauto carbine that just might look scary, but is not a select fire?
        Doubt that. The name is AK-74U or AKS-U.

        • Actually “assault rifle” has a legitimate meaning. “Assault weapon” is media BS.

          • guest

            So it is a legitimate term, and it is misused. Here is phony name as it is also misused.

        • Doug73

          Actually, using the term “assault rifle” to describe AR-15’s didn’t originate with the media, as so many gun owners desperately wish to believe. The term started being used by the gun industry itself in 1984, for the predictable reason of trying to sell more guns. The media is just using the term we gave them. Reminds me of those cheesy 1980’s anti-drug commercials, where a father questions his son as to why he was using drugs: “I learned it from watching you, Dad! I learned it from watching you!” Ha!

          As for nonsense words, do you get just as upset about the term “Chilean Sea Bass?” ‘Cause guess what…there is no such thing. It’s a made-up term used to sell a hard to pronounce fish. Again, the English lexicon is what it is.

          • Well “assault rifle” was coined by hilter with with the stg 44. After that ever full auto rifle in intermediate cartrage (5.56,7.62×39,etc). “Assault weapon” was made in the 80s as a bs term that gun grabbers use for guns they don’t like.

    • dude, chill. Rifle Dynamics labels it a tula krink.

      • mikhail gorbachev

        i’m chill until i see stupid, ignorant or some dude that urges me to chill. mind your own business buddy and ‘chill’ your own kids.

        • The point is its American nomenclature for short barreled AK. It was our first introduction to the gun by SOF mag. So what if we found out what the soviets called it?

  • Tahoe

    This is a full-auto weapon, right? I can’t imagine 3 grand for just an SBR.

    • Paladin

      It’s an SBR. You’re not likely to get a registered full auto of any variety for $3k, much less an AKS-74u.

    • try and find an OG tula kit cheaper

  • guest

    I find it strange that the AK-74U is called “krinkov”. I can not find any actual reference to anyone/anything named “krinkov”.

  • jim

    Whats so special about it? Tried to google something about it but google didnt really come up with anything interesting

    • n0truscotsman

      Nothing much honestly, besides collectors value.

      The “U”s weren’t particularly a favorite among Soviet, and later, Russian, troops. The 5.45 loses much of its kinetic energy from that short barrel.

      The 104, 105, and 106 are much more practical weapons if the standard length is an encumbrance.

    • its an original Russian kit made to factory spec. very rare. then i got the green finish and optic rail upgrades. love the gun

  • Fox

    Well then. Better start working on an american made version.

  • Doug73

    I’m not sure what’s so special about a Tula Krink, that they’d cost $3K. You can get a brand new, factory-built Bulgarian version right now for $2K from K-Var. I’d much rather have the Bulgarian gun, and for $1,000 less to boot.

    • they weren’t available when i order mine. i started the process of getting it almost 3 years ago. also, it was $2500+extras+tax stamp+dealer fee when i got mine.

    • David

      The price difference does make one think, but RD makes one heck of a rifle. It would be a hard choice, but I think I’d go with the RD.

  • holy crap haters gonna hate.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    Guys stop freaking out about the price. RD is a top-end custom builder that hand-fit everything. Their AKs are equivalent to the high-end custom 1911s build by Wilson or Nighthawk.

  • ChuckyTee

    That guns needs to be 3 more colors. WTF? Three grand and you cant even get matching wood? Its not even close.