NY Compliant Rifle from MGI

NY Compliant Hydra

MG Industries (MGI) is now making a New York compliant AR-style rifle that is based on their existing modular Hydra rifle design. The NY compliant gun retains the ability to change calibers quickly.

Calibers the NY compliant Hydra can convert to include:

  • .22 LR
  • .223 Rem/5.56 NATO
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 6.8 SPC
  • .450 Thumper
  • .458 SOCOM
  • .50 Beowulf

MGI Hydra NY Compliant Rifle Specifications:

  • Caliber: .223/5.56
  • Overall Length: 34.75 inches
  • Overall Height: 7 inches
  • Overall Width: 2.5 inches
  • Barrel Length: 16 Inches
  • Stock Type: Fixed
  • Weight: 7.50 lbs.
  • Magazine Type/Cap: Standard AR-type magazine
  • MSRP:  $1,349

From MGI:

MG Industries, manufacturer of the modular MARCK-15 AR “Hydra” platform, is proud to announce the Hydra Modular Rifle is now New York State compliant and ready to ship. The NY Compliant configuration of MGI’s modular, multi-caliber weapon system, also known as the Hydra, is the base system for everything associated with MGI’s unique system.

The NY Compliant Hydra includes the Modular Lower Receiver with a 5.56 (AR) magazine well, a QCB-D Upper Receiver and a 16-inch barrel with a low profile gas block and MGI’s modified bolt carrier. This, the Hydra base rifle, accepts the rest of an ever-growing MGI system of rifle components including MGI caliber conversion kits.

The patent pending rifle stock offers the traditionalist the ergonomics and functioning of a traditional hunting rifle stock with aggressively checkered curved grasp and the solid shouldering capability of a fixed length stock. The NY compliant stock features multiple sling hard points.

To convert the MGI Hydra modular rifle system, only three components, at the most, need to be changed; the barrel, bolt and magazine well. For some calibers, simply change the bolt and barrel on the Hydra and the rifle will be able to fire seven plus calibers including .22 rimfire, .223/5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .450 Thumper, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf. There is no more versatile weapon system on the planet, and now, available and shipping to the State of New York. MSRP $1,349.00.

For more information, visit www.mgi-military.com or your local retailer. Retailers, contact MGI at MGI@MGImilitary.com to find out more about carrying the most modular pistol system in the world.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • northafrican

    that is one ugly ************ AR

    • Sam Pensive

      ugly it may be ..i sort of find the design intriguing
      and versatile… the Ares SCR page only shows two calibers.

      a 50 Beowulf will stop even a deviant NY Compliant baddie.

      • Sadler

        You can swap out uppers on the SCR, just like any other AR.

        • Just sayin…

          Are you sure? The SCR doesn’t have a buffer-tube so the bolt must be doing something un-AR like.

          (maybe you cans swap uppers, but not BCGs?)

          • Sadler

            You can swap uppers and bolts, but not BCGs.

      • Anigo Montoya

        Versatile. You keep using that word…

  • MemorableC

    No one should ever buy this now that the ares SCR is out.

    • Kurt Akemann

      Agreed. The Ares looks good, whereas this Hydra looks as ugly as Medusa.

      • J.T.

        Yes, but if you leave NY this is a lot easier to convert into a normal configuration.

  • Jomo

    All they did was take their standard gun and slap a fugly stock on it. Anybody could do that.

  • Not from NY

    That is an amazing looking turd, enjoy NY!

    • engjin

      That hideous monstrosity exemplifies the pure stupidity of the elected politicians all over the country that support “gun control”

  • Nandor

    I found the Thordsen stock to be a neat idea, but as a taller person, it didn’t fit right and obviously it’s not adjustable. It’s also putting all of the forces that would be put into the buffer tube (with a large threaded attachment point) into a flexing area attached via a single much smaller screw in the pistol grip hole. The Ares SCR is a far better solution.

    • Fred Johnson

      That makes sense when compared to fixed AR stocks. Yet, the adjustable M4 stocks focus recoil forces into a single position lock pin.

  • james

    You new yorkers need to get control of your damn state so these kinds of abominations can stop being made. So called “assault rifles” are only linked to about 5 deaths a year in NY so wtf? I don’t think its right that one city in your state can change the whole state but something needs to change. This gun fires the same round at the same rate of fire as any other ar so how is this safer? Uuuuggghhhhh! My brain hurts. Rant over.

    • This (upstate) New Yorker got the hell out of dodge when he realized he couldn’t outvote Albany and New York City.

  • gunslinger


    scary guns are scary!

    • gunslinger

      edit: but i guess the collapsible stock makes the bullets more deadly, and heat/human kill zone seeking


  • 1leggeddog

    so when are they repealing the SAFE act?

    • Thionite

      If Astorino beats Cuomo, and more than 17% (that’s how much of the eligible vote came out for DeBlasio) vote for gun friendly legislators.

  • Raoul O’shaugnessy

    It appears MGI is providing an excellent reason for NY’ers to buy Ares SCR’s.

  • Thionite

    I hate living in NY.
    I hope Astorino wins.

  • valorius

    The msrp is utterly ridiculous.

    • The MGI lower is $99, which is pretty average, except that it doesn’t include a magazine well. The magazine wells are $275 each! So $99 + $275 = $374 for a stripped lower. It’s an interesting system, but since I’m not limited to having one lower, I couldn’t find a way to justify messing with one of the MGI modular lowers.

  • valorius

    A much simpler solution is to move to america, where we are free.

  • Holdfast_II

    Hail Hydra! ??

  • Fred Johnson

    Doesn’t this retain the AR bolt release? I don’t remember seeing a bolt release on the ARES.