New Palmetto State Armory PA10 .308 Uppers

Remember the Palmetto State Armory PA10 .308 stripped lower receiver we posted about last month? Well they’ve finally released an upper chambered in .308 Winchester to go along with it. Dubbed the PSA PA10 upper, it features a 16″ stainless steel barrel, mid length gas system, 1 in 10″ twist rate, a Midwest Industries SS Series 15″ 308 Rail as well as a charging handle and bolt carrier group. So how much is it retailing for? A cool $599. Check them out over at

Palmetto State Armory is proud to announce its PA10 complete upper.

Barrel: 416 Stainless Steel, chambered in .308 Winchester with a 1:10″ twist, M4-style barrel extension, and a mid-length gas system. It is finished off with a Midwest Industries 308 SS series 15″ Rail, low profile gas block, and an A2 Flash Hider.

Upper: The forged 7075-T6 upper is hard coat anodized and comes with a forward assist and ejection port cover. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.

BCG: 9310 Bolt, phosphate coated. PSA 308 Carrier is chrome lined and phosphate coated. Includes charging handle.
Ready to mount to your lower and add sights.

Here’s a picture of their PA10 rifle I took at SHOT Show 2014.


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  • Turner

    Make that barrel 2 to 4 inches longer and I’ll consider it.

    • Chris S

      Why 2 to 4 longer? Looking for more long range accuracy?

      • Turner

        I would just prefer a 20 in. barrel on a .308, but would consider an 18 in. From my understanding, the extra inches aren’t going to affect accuracy much, if any, but for many loads the 2 in. between 16 and 18 are about equal to 75 to 100 fps and the 2 in. between 18 and 20 are about another 50 fps. I wouldn’t be buying a .308 to be a handy rifle, I would be buying it to do work at longer range so all things being equal, I would rather have the extra fps.

        • AK™

          Get a bolt action then. Most people who buy these aren’t setting them up for long distance shots. Close-moderate with a harder hitting round than the 5.56 is what they are looking for.

          My sister did a ride-along with a local PD,and the officer had an AR-10. Bear in mind this is a small community in bear country Alaska..They weren’t looking for distance shots,just a round powerful enough for bears,moose and people.

          • iksnilol

            If I wanted something to stop a bear quickly (grizzly or polar) I would go for a semi auto in 9.3mm. I heard Lothar Walther made/makes 9.3mm barrels for M1 Garands (adjustable gas plug needed of course).

            Though you guys like the AR-system it isn’t really flexible in regards to larger chamberings due to the magwell. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to have a magwell that is 3-5 inches tall?

  • echelon

    $599 actually ain’t bad…

  • gggplaya

    I’ll wait for an 18″, but an ar10 under $1k is a good deal.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Same here, I’d prefer an 18″ bbl but for the price, the 16″ bbl with mid-length system will do just fine.

      • f’n_hipster

        Hey I know you. I think I’m going to go for this 16″ too.

  • dubbs

    Was looking at a low budget semi auto.308 and almost pulled the pin on a PTR-91 UNTIL I saw the PA-10. 2-3 moa,on iron sights, and cheaper than the similar DPMS offering by $300.00.

    I am not a internet warrior or arm chaor commando, and I have accurate remington and savage bolt actions for hunting. I think for the price($599 for complete upper, $349.00 for complete lower) I’ve got a great range gun and wild hog blaster that complimentd my BCM, Spikes Tactical, and my PSA “frankengun” 5.56 ARs…..