New SureFire Weaponlights with IR Capabilities


SureFire announced two new weaponlights with infrared (IR) capabilities: the X300V and the X400V. Both model lights are rated forĀ 150 lumens of white light, and 120 mW of IR illumination. SureFire states the lights’ lens creates a beam with “significant reach.”


The X400V adds a 0.7 mW IR laser sight to the unit.

The lights were designed for handgun use, though SureFire advises they are capable of handling the increased recoil of long guns. The X300V retails for $389, while the X400V carries an MSRP of $875.

SureFire X400V

Richard Johnson

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  • Quach

    In before people complain about pricing on SureFire products.

  • USMC03Vet

    That’s a premium price to pay for easy identification by The Government when they come knocking.

  • mrparker1

    Street price for x400v-ir is a little over $600.