Maglula magazine loader

This image is taken from an expired user entry on Armslist.

This invention is several months old but is notable because I’ve never seen it until now. It’s a box like device made by Maglula where you place an AR15 30 round magazine inside, and load up 30 rounds in the loader and the contraption automatically loads the entire magazine within seconds. At a price tag of almost 400 dollars on Brownells, it’s not for the casual shooter but for a company or a group that shoots thousands of rounds in a normal setting. DPMS has one for example and uses it in their rifle testing stations.

This is from a review on the Brownells product page for the loader.

I used this product at work for some 223 Rem testing we were performing. We had to fire over 4,000 rounds in this test. This loader is simple enough an infant could use it. All you do is lay the mag in it’s place, lay the ammo in a row and push the guide towards the mag and you are loaded and ready to go. I have not experienced any reliability issues with this product so far. If you frequent the range, this is a must. It’ll save your fingers some grief. It is a bit bulky, but if you are going to the range, that won’t matter. This isn’t something you would want to carry with you hunting.


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  • some guy

    Several months old? What?

    This thing was around in 2008.

    • gunslinger

      i thought there was another version of this/brand.

      must not have been.

    • John


    • Phillip Cooper

      Well, 60 is several….many several…

  • david

    NO reason for that crazy price. Shame on Magula. Surprised no one has come out with a less expensive competitor yet

    • gunslinger

      gotta recoup design costs, right?

    • sianmink

      It’s a very specific kind of hardware. They’re machined one at a time out of massive blocks of dense polymer resin stuff. They are really well put together. I’d expect one to last forever, regardless of volume of use. It’s not the sort of thing that 99% of shooters have any need for though.

      • David

        There are different materials and processing techniques that can bring this well under $100. No need for individual milling for a simple product like this

        • Phil Hsueh

          Agreed, I don’t see why this thing couldn’t be made through injection molding, seems to me injection molding would be cheaper and easier.

          • patrickiv

            Probably not a big enough market to justify the molding setup. What casual shooter is going to drag this thing to the range?

          • Rusty Shackleford

            For THAT price, no there isn’t. If you made a whole lot of them and sold them for $100 or less, it could justify the cost of an injection molding cast and additional set-up/production cost. In the time it takes to line up the loose rounds and charge the mag with this you could just as quickly load stripper clips and charge the mag with them, and save $400.

          • Phil Hsueh

            True, but from the looks of it if you really wanted to you could probably make one at home using a silicone mold and some high quality resin. You’s be surprised at what people can do at home with a silicone mold and casting resin.

    • John

      Nice, cheaper alternative… or you can just use the Striplula

  • Grim

    It looks nice and everything, but doesn’t the Caldwell mag charger kind of make this obsolete? It’s under $100, they’re universal fit with all magazines out of the box, and I’m sure in the end it’ll load faster. Not trying to rain on the parade, just more or less looking to hear from both sides of the fence

    • J.T.

      This is what I was thinking. Why pay almost $400 when you can pay under $75?

    • Cheap Olaf

      And the Caldwell charger can be used with 40 or 60 round (Surefire) mags and 100 round drums. Maglula requires you spend another $400+ on a second unit if you want to load Magpul or synthetic 30rd mags and has no capacity for higher rounds. Finally, the box to charger feature of the Caldwell makes it faster than individually sorting rounds into the Maglula feeder. This contest was over before it started.

  • sianmink

    I’ve had one of these at work for over 3 years. It’s not new. It’s nice, I personally don’t think it’s worth the price, but I suppose if you had to load dozens of mags at a time it would be really handy. . The standard only works with GI pattern 30 round mags (though you can make it work with 20s).

    • John

      Might as well get one of these


  • me ohmy

    wonder when somebody is just gonna make them in polymer for 79.99 and clean house.. 400.00 is bloody insane

  • WRF

    Watching the vid, it took the guy longer to load the mag loader than it would have to load a mag by hand. I see no use.

    • I noticed that as well. The 5 round loader I got for free at the Pat Rogers class could probably load the magazine faster.

      If you really need to load magazine fast, I would just get the ammo on stripper clips and use the StripLULA.

    • Marshall Price

      Yeah I don’t see any real time saving here. It certainly takes longer than loading magazines via stripper clip. And if you have to load many magazines for a group function just get some of the lazy jerks to help and I bet you’ll quickly outpace the $400 doorstop with loose rounds.

      A neat idea I suppose but nowhere near enough time/labor saving to justify the price. I think it would need a hopper to align the rounds for you to work any faster.

  • powerwiz

    Stupid this thing is 400 dollars. Its a simple device.

  • Mystick

    $400??? Really? Maybe if it automatically counted and organized the rounds from a loose hopper, automatically mated a magazine to itself when ready, and automatically fed said magazine with rounds…. all at the touch of a single button. …and it had an HD TV attached to it.

    This thing doesn’t have to be precision-milled to ultra-perfection and made out of gold. $400 is an insane price for something like this. Hell, $100 is paying too much.

  • Graham2

    Stupid device is stupid!

  • USMC03Vet

    Are people really this lazy?

    • Yellow Devil

      Or if you don’t have a bunch of E-1’s to E-4’s at your disposal…

  • 1963 is calling.

    It is so innovative that Cadillac Gage did it with the Stoner 63 back in the 1960’s.

  • 1leggeddog

    Way too expensive. It should be something like 69,95$.

  • joe

    This has 3D printer project written all over it.

  • Rick

    looks too big to stuff into the range bag. Plenty of smaller mag loaders that will, for a lot less. If for some reason I find myself in a situation where I need to have a base operation loading mags, well, I have a wife who knows which direction the pointy end goes.

  • Keith Melton

    Way less expensive, will load mags with loose rnds, metal stripper clips, and plastic stripper clips, and at about the same speed as this (total speed)

  • maglula

    maglula here,
    Below you’ll see our upcoming 5.56/.223 AR Range BenchLoader, due Jan 2015.
    Priced at $225.

  • Thedude

    I have this;
    It loads 5 rounds at a time, takes about 45 to 60 seconds too to load a 30 round mag and costs $8. Worth it.