3D Printed Glock Light Mount

An ingenious Redditor 3D printed this pretty sweet light mount for their Glock. In case you’re wondering if it will hold up to recoil, the designer made the video below to show it in action. It’s pretty sweet if you ask me, the only issue is it wouldn’t fit in a holster obviously.




Yes, it comes in black.


Ray I.

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  • West

    Can he make a bayonet holder??

  • Fred Johnson

    Did I hear it snap in place? What releases the mount for removal?

  • sianmink

    He should make replacement sights so he can take off the factory dovetail/hole protectors.

  • herb

    It’s a ghost mount, 30 magazine clip in half a second.

  • Zachary marrs

    And he used one of those flashlights you get at the front counter at cvs or walgreens.

    Of course, im not a flashlightophile, so im probably wrong

  • jeff

    wave of the future . soon it will be possible to print glock frames and just buy slides. imagine downloading and printing a plastic frame in many diff designs and just having to buy slides and slide rails/internals … sweet !!!

    • gunslinger

      glock 7?

  • wildbillb

    here’s a printed video camera mount… used on Glocks, AKs… much smaller and cheaper than a GoPro. It even fits in larger holsters. these $8 video cameras record IR as well up to 60 fps.


  • JohnnyBGood

    I 3D print stuff like this all the time with my Makerbot. Harris Bi-pod mount for pic rails, 556xi handguards, etc. If you’re can design it in 3d CAD software you can print it (with in size and structural limits).

  • David Sharpe

    Very cool idea, but for a bedside gun, I’d rather have even my NCStar light. Looks more durable.