TFB Reader Gregor emailed us these photos he took of a semi auto SIG SG552 with a short barrel.

The combination of the 8.9 inch barrel, Primary Arms TTO compensator and ordinary 55 grains .223 ammo produces a huge muzzle flash, accompanied by rays of hot particles. Much to the disgust of my shooting buddy, who usually complains after every CQB exercise about the heat and pressure of the SG552s muzzle blast.

The photos he sent me are amazing. I could not feature just one, so I am embedding two more below …




  • me ohmy

    Guess is what they mean, when they say: “flash photography”.

    • A can see the marketing for those ‘flash enhancer’ muzzle devices: “Don’t use a Speedlight like a fool, use the Ultra-Flash Muzzle Brake”

  • Kivaari

    It probably has a shock wave like a M2HB, enough to make the shooter felling he needs to puke. There’s evidence that having a suppressor attached really has value beyond quietness.

    • M2HB shockwave?

      • Kivaari

        Yes! The shooter doesn’t feel it being right behind the gun. If firing from a tripod with a crew members standing or to the side the blast makes most people a bit ill, with a feeling of needing to puke. The Really short barreled 5.56mm rifles (AUG-16 or M4-11.5) the wave hits even the shooters. Most rifles put the muzzle quite a ways from the trigger puller. The AUG brings the muzzle blast much closer than any full-sized M16 or G3.
        We would put 6 men on line with the .50s, and we (me) was the safety-instructor/coach. Having the muzzle over any barrier diminishes the effect. Like a shield on the armored trucks or in a bunker.

        • Bubba

          Kivaari….I find your assertions re: AUG-16 and SBR 5.56s “shock wave”, to be questionable at best. Loud when unsuppressed, yes. Your claim that these SBRs emit a shock wave felt by shooters and observers seems unusual.

          I’ve fired the AUG. Fire and own 10.3″ and 11.5″ 5.56s along with a 8″ Noveske 300 BLK and 16″ TAVOR. Weapons fired unsuppressed. And I, nor nearby observers, have not experienced your claimed shock wave effect.

          Perhaps I and my fellow gunners are immune to your alleged SBR shock wave. Or maybe the shock wave you allude to as being excessive, is actually so minimal, it constitutes a non-issue when firing the aforementioned SBRs. Either way if one can acquire, shoot and own SBRs I encourage one to do so.

          • Kivaari

            Well you go right ahead and do so. I am not the only one to notice. There is a pressure wave (sound shoving compressed air) as the bullet leaves the tube. Don’t wear your body armor when doing it. Stand upright behind the gunner on the .50 M2HB, no barrier between you and the muzzle. It’s there. Until I had shot the M2 had not experienced it. A couple years later I used the AUG. Why everyone I was with noticed it, I guess we are just special.

          • Bubba

            Yes, it appears you are “special”. From your 10,000 postings here it appears you are an “expert” on just about everything. But, what others experience, if different from your thousands of alleged experiences, are inconsequential as you are the truth and the light.
            Your “shockwave” remarks re: SBRs I simply call B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T !

          • Kivaari

            You’re real special as well. I guess you have never shot any of those firearms. You obviously never had friend or fellow soldier or officer with you. I’ve been there and done that.

          • Kivaari

            It’s the same wave that wrecks your hearing.

          • Kivaari

            Fine by me. You deny the physics involved. The non-existent shock wave is why you need to place a baffle between the muzzle and a chronograph screen. At a point the blast wave will get registered, and not the bullets speed.

        • Abakan

          Maybe the people who feel this shockwave are ‘highly sensitive people’, who have a more sensitive nervous systems, they makeup approx 20% of the population.

          Only way to be sure is ask the Israeli’s with their 13 inch barrel bullpups.

          • Kivaari

            I have used the AUG shorty and I felt it and so did all the other shooters. We did an instructors update in Bellevue a few years back. We had around 200 officers shooting every thing imaginable. The short ARs w/o cans did the same. I did ask my local SOT dealer about the issue, He has 28 machineguns including several shorties. He confirmed noticing it. Now, I shot the AUG with and w/o a can. It is quite real. Now, tell me a .50 M2HB doesn’t as well, then I know you haven’t noticed. Even a Barrett M82 does it.

  • Matt

    How many POTD can you have in one day? You should probAlly change it to P’sOTD.

    • Two on the weekend, because we don’t post regular posts. Normally just one.

  • Abakan

    I wonder how much less shock wave a SBR in 7.62x39mm offers

    • Kivaari

      I have not shot any AK’s with a short tube. I suspect it would not be so bad, since it runs at lower pressure than the 5.56mm. Like hearing an M16 and an AK from about a hundred meters away. I had always been in close where I could hear the blast. I couldn’t understand why guys were saying they sounded so different. When I finally heard them, there was a discernible difference. Years ago I took a friend shooting with an AK. When I shoved the safety to fire, it made the AK-Clack. He turned white, and said, “That’s what that noise was”. He had heard it plenty of times in the delta, and it preceded the gun fight. Now he lives in Vietnam. Go figure, I guess he really liked the place.

      • It’s not. I shot a Century PAP pistol and found it comfortable and the flash wasn’t all that bad.

        • George

          Depends on the brake being used. Using a cone booster that projects the blast forward is easy on the shooter. A chamber brake especially or nothing at all will cause you to get some blast in the face.

  • KestrelBike

    SG552 is my dream rifle-caliber SBR 😀

    • Kivaari

      Colt has nice gun in the M4 “Commando” with an 11.5 in. barrel. They sell for around $1,200 plus the $200 FET.

  • Andrew

    Says, “photo of the day”

    Posts half a dozen photos

  • Phil Elliott

    Got a 10″ T.C. in 7mmT.C.U., equally impressive. Of course it’s the same case.

  • Secundius

    Yeah, SHOWBOATING!!!

  • claymore

    And it’s VERY HOT. I had a 10″ colt commando and had just gotten in a nice new Valmet suppressor for M-16’s. Written in nice big letters were “do not use on full auto mode.”

    You can guess the rest I didn’t have a long barrel version on hand at the time so I mounted it on the 10″ shorty and shot a few rounds semi and it was nice and quiet.

    Then the little devil on my right shoulder took over by saying in my ear “what harm could there be in one short burst?”

    I did it get about 5 rounds out and bam loud bang. Stopped and observed a nice new hole out the side of my brand new suppressor.

    It seems the baffles were made of aluminum and the first few actually MELTED to slag after those few rounds out of a short barrel. The resulting blob of melted aluminum directed the next round right out the side of the barrel.

    After calling myself every adjective for stupid person I could come up with I got on the horn to Valmet and asked if they could repair it and I would pay because it was my fault.

    Did the paperwork for transfer back to them and sent it off and waited. They sent back a nice new one for NO COST. I had to ask why and they explained that I wasn’t the first dumbazz that had done it and couldn’t resist “testing” it so they were replacing all the baffles with Stainless steel.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    That looks like my PLR-16 with a prototype muzzle compensator that I was testing as the sun was setting.

  • Raguel A’septem

    Put a KX3 on that sucker before you set something on fire!
    My 7-1/2″ AR was like that until I “tamed the flame”… yea, KX3 does work!