A European reader emailed us a photo of his first two guns which he purchased earlier this summer. A Ruger 10/22 is the perfect beginners rifle and an AR-15 is a solid choice for any shooter.

Earlier this summer I got my first guns and went out to the range to try them out. Ruger 10/22 Sporter Deluxe with a Harris bipod and 2-7x scope. The black rifle is an Oberland Arms OA-15 Black Label M5, a German made AR-15 clone with 16″ barrel and almost milspec except a non-standard threading for the flashhider.

Johannes my friend, prepare to have a lot less disposable income now that you have been bitten by the gun bug.

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  • whskee

    Congratulations to the new shooter on a first purchase. Excellent choice, I think that’s a winning combination for virtually anyone.

    • Johannes Axner

      Since that photo I’ve gotten a Romanian AKM and a MKE G3A3 clone too. I’m in the process of importing a Tula made AKS-74U converted to semiautomatic too. No silly SBR rules or demands on domestic parts here. Going for a shotgun and something in 9x19mmP after that, probably a MKE MP5 clone.

      • whskee

        It would be nice if we could adopt similar rules for weapons based on logic instead of emotion and fear. The SBR rifle vs pistol rules are pretty nonsense, as are the suppressor limitations.

        Sounds like you’re springing up a respectable set of fine weapons worthy of a little envy! Hope your aim is tight and smile’s are wide.

        • Johannes Axner

          We have our fair share of stupid rules too. Pistols (or rather “one handed firearms”) are subject to 5 year licenses that need renewal with motivation of need. I’ll write a longer post about the legalities and quirks and submit to TTAG or TFB. 🙂

          • Michael Pham

            Please do. I’m always curious about how gun laws are in other countries.

          • Yellow Devil

            Yes please. Heaven only knows the amount of misunderstanding or falsehoods that go on around the internet about European countries’ laws with firearms.

      • Ira M

        Lets see some more Hi Res pics of your growing collection!

  • Ken

    Is that the AR that is specifically made to take only their proprietary parts?

    • Jon R.

      The Magpul CTR stock and single point receiver plate indicate that is probably not.

    • Johannes Axner

      Nope, only the muzzle thread is off. It’s a metric thread instead of imperial. Everything else is milspec AR-15 dead on.

  • valorius

    What country does he live in? Germany?

    • Johannes Axner

      I live in Sweden. 🙂

  • Grindstone50k

    I wonder what the .22LR availability is like over there…

    • Johannes Axner

      It’s a pain in the ass to even find .223R at the moment but .22LR is easy. I could go to any of the gun stores in Stockholm and buy a couple of thousands.

    • Schadavi

      Here in Germany, 22lr is cheap and easy to find. I just bought 5000rd of CCI SV for 250€, which currently is about 325$.
      If the American supply dries up, we have own manufacturers who make enough comparable ammo, Geco for example.

  • Hikerguy

    Congratulations on your new rifles. Two wise choices. Hope you have many enjoyable days at the range.

  • Guest

    First i bought a Charter Arms 357 Mag For home Defense . An next Tec 9 it was just a Pistol i like to get out an shoot. I Hate that i sold it. At one time i had 35 Guns.