To be honest, I am a plastic fantastic fan myself, but I cannot call a plastic gun beautiful … Glock guns simply are not beautiful. The 1911 is a beautiful gun. TFB reader Sean managed to buy this beauty for a very good price in the used section of his local gun store.

This is my favorite pistol currently, aside from my Dan Wesson. It’s a STI 2011 Custom with a bull barrel, stippled grip, double stack of course in .45. I thought you guys might enjoy this, I lucked out and found it in a “used” section of a local gun store (I live down the road from STI). It had never been fired aside from testing before I owned it.

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  • Bob

    I think I’m going to vomit

    • Leo

      Why? Because glocks are ugly?

      • ZZTOP


  • dan

    I like it and yet I do not like it. Hmmmm….

  • Zachary marrs

    Is that a 1911? Are you sure?

    • Mako_Dragoon

      Nope, it’s a 2011 (double stack 1911).

      • Sean

        Correct, they share a lot in common but it is technically a 2011, a variant made by STI and SVI. This particular one is a custom with a lot of features of the old STI 4.3 Hawk. Bushingless bull barrel, recoil master guide rod, stippled polymer grip, aluminum frame and a blued steel slide. It makes for a nice daily carry double stack .45 based on the tried and true 1911.

        • grunion

          1911 is the only gun that fits comfortably except for a High Power but not fond of 9mm, sooo, sticking with the 1911.

  • srsanbo

    Doublestack bushingless .45 with stippled polymer frame…ditch the grip safety and I would trade my all-steel custom for it in a heartbeat.

  • Tim Kelley

    that is one ugly pistol

  • Sean

    Thanks for the post! Now I just need to find another one so I can stop putting holster wear on this one.

  • SM

    “It had never been fired aside from testing before I owned it.”

    Seems like a common thing with the 1911 fans I know. They call it the greatest handgun ever made but they carry some form of compact polymer 9mm (the antithesis of a 1911) on a daily basis and let the 1911 sit in the safe. What gives?

    • The Truth of the Matter

      I leave my plastic at home, and carry the steel. There’s something comforting about 42 ounces under my belt that a lighter gun just doesn’t give me.

      • DaveP.

        It’s called “back pain”.

        • Not if you choose the right holster. If you happen to be prone to back problems get a 1911 with a lightweight frame. My Remington weighs in at 38.2 ounces and doesn’t cause me any grief from the weight.

          • Sean

            I carried a full steel 1911 for a while IWB, certainly never had issues from it, heavy though they may be. The 2011 is definitely much lighter with the polymer grip and aluminum frame though.

          • ihatelibs

            Neither does my Stainless Taurus 357 . And I have a very bad back . I can stand that bit of pain . Along with ALL the others I have . 100% Disabled Vet here . And I cant Fight . Or run . But by God . I can STILL Pull a damn Trigger

        • Hey, I weigh over 300 pounds, extra 42 oz is never noticed…..

          • ihatelibs

            not on my 180 lbs either

        • grunion

          He shoots, he scores!

        • ihatelibs

          Its called , Being SAFE . Anywhere . At least for me . I don’t mind the weight . Beats a pocket full of quarters , any day

      • There’s a place for plastic, I happen to believe it’s in the wallet, to pay for a new steel gun…..

    • I have polymer guns such as a Glock, S&W M&P but my daily carry in summer is a Sig C3 1911. Winter carry is a Remington R1 Carry full size.
      The polymers spend time in the safe.

      • st4

        What happened to your sexy OD MC Operator I saw up on here a while back? *If my memory serves right.

      • grunion

        Must be nice to be able to afford such weapons.

        • ihatelibs

          Save those pop cans

    • Sean

      Some people simply have too many to shoot, especially the 1911 guys that tend to collect them. They may have a favorite carry, but the others are safe queens, and some of them get traded in for the money, or toward another purchase.

    • Full sized steel 1911 everyday carry in a IWB Hybrid holster here.
      Rarely anything else in place of it, sometimes in addition though….

    • grunion

      Not me pal. My 1911 goes with me everywhere. I have no personal need for 14, 16, 18 rounds. 7, .45 rounds in the old Colt grouch has been a life saver. My guns work for a living and if they, can’t they are out.

    • SM

      I guess it’s just the guys I know then.

    • ihatelibs

      Ive been a Softy for a 357Mag , Ever since I bought my first , a Ruger single 6 , 357 Mag

  • Giolli Joker

    There’s more plastic than in a “real” 1911, but it’s ok, still a great pistol.

    • FWIW: STI/SV modular frame grips are now available in aluminum and steel, as well as polymer. You can buy the metal grips as direct replacements for the earlier polymer grips. The grip section is removable so you can access the trigger, which is sandwiched between the grip and the metal subframe.

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, I’ve been drooling on SVI’s website (and configurator) many times… I didn’t you could actually retrofit a production STI with those grip frames.

  • Laserbait

    That is absolutely gorgeous! I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I wonder what the “good” price was on it.

    • I wish I knew—

      • Sean

        It was right at $600. Less than a 1/4 of what I’ve seen new ones selling for around here.

        • Ira M

          good god

          • grunion


  • Flyingchipmunk

    “I cannot call a plastic gun beautiful”
    Shows a picture of a plastic frame gun and calls it beautiful. Just sayin…

  • derfelcadarn

    I am a revolver guy , but this gun is sweet.

    • Sean

      I also can’t get over wheel guns. I found a good deal on a Dan Wesson .357 mag modular revolver. Way ahead of it’s time when it came out, and it continues to put bullets through the same hole with practice. One day I will find another and bob the hammer for CC, they are just getting harder to find though.

  • Pete in Alaska

    Nice clean lines, no nonsense exterior, hi-cap, all steel, designed and built to be a solid platform and from what I know of it, a solid preformer. If this is ones taste in carry hardware then its a fine choice. I know that if I’d found it in the “previously” owned gun case at one of my favorite gun stores that I would likely have added it to my collection too!
    If plastic is your choice there are also a number of excellent platforms out there besides Glock. The Springfield XD and XDm’s are my choice within this category but Sig, S&W are also great representatives too.
    None of the so called “plastic” or “polymer” platforms are what one would call “pretty” ….. more utilitarian words and phrases such as serviceable, functional, purpose designed, reliable (for the most part), inexpensive, etc. are more likely to be better descriptors of this category. “Pretty” . . . Not so much.
    As much as I am a lifetime fan of the 1911 platform and its many variants, have several, including my Bill Wilson Combat that my dad gave me before going to Vietnam, and his that he carried thru WW II, I’ve come to rely on my “plastic” XD or XDm for every day carry. Why? Because they have great ergonomics for my hand, easy carry, accurate, good caliber choices, function very well in all environments used in to date, great aftermarket parts availability, comes as a complete shooting system and is relatively inexpensive.
    The only exceptions are my secondary platforms which is either my 9mm Browning Hi-Power or .40, IMI, Baby Desert Eagle Compact (all steel) both being solid performers. I’ve used both for a number of years now and just can’t seem to find a good replacement platform for them. There more akin to being an old and reliable close friend. As comfortable as that old worn leather jacket one has had for twenty years or that denim long sleeve shirt that after years of wear and travel is like a second skin, each patched tear or fray, the worn cuffs, thread bare collar, the permeant stains here and there. Each a story in itself.
    So too is each nick, scratch, worn bluing and wear smoothed grips of these long time companions.
    Everyone has an opinion or three or four on the subject(s) of …. Steel or Plastic, 1911 or …. something else, .45 or .40 … or 9mm …. or 10mm …… .357 Sig(?). And on and on it goes.
    The only truth is … Its a personal choice. What comfortable and serves my needs or what another finds meets their requirements is only one persons opinion. There is no single be-all end-all answer, each must meet their own needs as they see them.
    From my POV the only questions that should or do matter should be; Is it a comfortable, natural feeling platform in my or ones hand? Is the caliber and capacity sufficient for my or ones needs and requirements? Does it meet or exceed my or ones envelope of expectations as they translate to the needs and requirements that have been determined for a platform. (Such as defense, or hunting, a “backup” or primary service platform, maybe something for a smaller hand?).
    Point being. . . . Its all about each shooters personal choice.
    THIS 1911 is a very nice choice indeed. I’m pleased that its in the hands of someone who will appreciate it in the years to come. Perhaps it will become close friends with that favorite old jacket or shirt? Well, it could happen!

    • Sean

      Just like whiskey, clothes and cars, CC weapons are definitely a personal choice. Each will have one he swears by. Of course growing up loving the 1911 and following competition matches with folks running the STI 2011 I was always intrigued by the ergonomics and accuracy. (Not to mention the bonus pride in being Texas made)

      I’ve tried many smaller “pocket” pistols, but I have large hands and a large frame. (I do carry a M&P Shield in the car for quick access, or when it’s just too hot to wear enough clothing to conceal the 2011) The grip on the 2011 is much more accessible for a quick draw, and fills my hand much better.

      Also, every winter, it does indeed get reunited with my favorite old leather jacket.

  • andyrutledge

    If you don’t find the Glock beautiful, there’s something wrong with you, not the gun.

    • gunslinger

      if you are attracted to a gun, there’s something wrong with you, not the gun 🙂

    • grunion

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Stop with the accusations already!

  • ATL

    I always hated 1911s without every holding one(didn’t say bad things about them, but just generally dislike their “big” look) until I held one. Those things feel DAMN nice in the hand. The only thing about as good I’ve ever felt was a Lone Wolf Glock 19 with the flat back strap. I almost regret ever holding a 1911, since I just can’t look at an XD or Glock-produced Glock the same way again.

  • grunion

    Practice, practice, practice, perfectly.

  • ihatelibs

    Wheres that Gun store ???

  • scaatylobo

    To any who scoff at the ‘plastic gun’ ,I say good for you.
    Carry your pistol no matter what caliber,and no matter that you possibly do not edc a reload,so you have 8 or 9 shots.
    Long as you dont stop me from EDCing my Glock.
    My 3 slabsides sit in the safe,about 99% of the time [ Kimber’s & Para ].
    I own and CARRY 6 Glocks and I will stake my life on the one that has gotten me this far with NEVER a ftf,ft feed,if you claim that for your edc = good for you.

  • Chris

    There’s one glaring fact that puts 1911s over any polymer…it can be used as one effective hammer if the magazines run dry! lol

  • Rancher

    Kimber Pro Carry II/45 ACP, like American Express, don’t leave home without it