Terry sent us this nifty photo he took at a AZGO Forum shoot. The revolver being fired is chambered in the .41 GNR, a wildcat designed for hunting large game. Reloading equipment for the .41 GNR is manufactured by Reeder Custom Guns

41 GNR#2..This is a very easy cartridge to load and is very powerful. It has the capability to take anything on the North American Continent up to bull elk and moose and has done very well in Africa and Australia. The Encore in a 8 to 10″ barrel gives optimum performance. The 210 grain Sierra bullet will easily do 2200 FPS and the 255 grain LBT will do 2200 fps also. The cartridge does very well in the stretch frame revolvers too, putting a 255 grain LBT bullet out of a 7″ barrel at almost 2000 fps.

Thats 2265 ft lbs of energy from a 7″ barrel! This is almost twice the energy of a .223 Remington, 30% more energy than a heavy .44 Magnum load and about 25% less energy than a .308 Winchester.

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  • Gollum

    Pretty gun…

  • JesseL

    I watched that gun hit a hanging steel plate and wrap the chains around its support. All the other pistols were just swinging it a bit.

  • dp

    That flash around barrel inlet suggests that there is more potential if it was one unit barrel. Yet, big bore pistols are not big sellers.

  • Out of their revolver cartridge lineup, it was the .300 GNR that looked most interesting.

    • In retrospect, it would probably be easier to form the .300 GNR from 6.8mm SPC brass. With the shoulder, you really don’t need the rim for headspacing, nor do you need a rim for extraction in a SA revolver.

  • Judging from the frame and cylinder length, the revolver shown is probably chambered for the original .41 GNR (a necked down .44 Magnum), not the .41 GNR#2 (a necked-down .445 SuperMag). The .445 SuperMag-based wildcats require a longer frame and cylinder patterned after the discontinued Ruger .357 Maximum.

    • El Duderino

      Well hello boutique gun. Why not simply neck down an X frame cartridge? I can go into most gun shops in America and there sits a .500 S&W. I am aware this will be a heavier gun than the Ruger depicted.

      • It should be easier to machine a new cylinder for a SA revolver than a DA revolver. Note the massive difference in price between Reeder’s DA revolver conversions where he modifies an existing cylinder versus where he has to fabricate a new cylinder.

        I suppose if someone wanted to inexpensively wildcat a X-Frame, you could shorten and neck down a .475 GNR case down to 0.451″ or 0.458″ for the Model 460. Likewise, you could do a .475 GNR variant that was short enough to fit the cylinder, yet long enough to clean out the .460 S&W Magnum chamber. A .50 Alaskan case reduced in length and necked down to 0.475″ might also work.

        As for the Model 500, I’m not certain that there is a common case that you could neck-down to 0.500″, offer signifcantly greater case capacity, and still fit within the cylinder. Sure, you could convert it to .500 Maximum, but would that really offer enough of a performance boost to be worth the cost?

  • An Interested Person

    I want to see the picture showing how high that pistol rose from the recoil.

  • Jeff

    I bet it’s loud. I SAID LOUD!

    • When I was a teen, I shot a .357 revolver (probably 12 or so rounds) without hearing protection … it was the last time I ever went near a gun without ear pro. Lesson learnt.

      • me ohmy

        I did that exactly one time with a friend capping some off.. I lifted off one cup of the hearing protector.. three days of tinnitus going WHeeeeeeeee and some permanent loss later..don’t do that.

        • Kivaari

          Wait it gets better, it becomes 24/7 the rest of your life, if you are a serial offender.

      • Kivaari

        What was that you said? I use the NRA salute, which is a cupped hand to the ear. I’m using it again as my wife’s dog chewed my right ear device. Lucky she didn’t swallow it. Still it’s $3,000 each side.

  • me ohmy

    the trick is to make all six chambers fire at once, like this photograph depicts..it’s a true powerhouse

    • Cymond

      … those flames are coming out of the cylinder gap …

      Maybe my sarcasm detector is just off today.

      • me ohmy

        yeah.. way way off..
        I think we all know how a revolver functions.. thanks for sucking the fun out of my intended humor.

        • Cymond

          Sorry dude, maybe you should work on your humor a bit. It’s a bit too dry. Your humor is indistinguishable from some people’s serious comments.

          On the other hand, maybe Lance is actually a master comedian, and I just haven’t noticed for years.

          • DW

            It all make sense now. Lance is THE master comedian.

          • me ohmy

            actually.. I’ve got a weekly podcast and almost 1.7 million views on youtube.. I think my humor translates pretty well. your snarky attacks on the other hand, don’t.. so why you just cut to the chase and stop being a jerk.

  • Chris

    As an Aussie, curious about ” and has done very well in Africa and Australia ” statement. Have the creators of the round had a long arm built to suit ( to my way of thinking something along the lines of Rossi or H&R single would be a quick and easy path for development ). As said, just curious because ridiculously enough, Handgun Hunting is Strictly Forbidden in Australia -,no exceptions or exemptions.

    • LongBeach

      Maybe they meant that the gun had a relaxing vacation and acclimated well to the conditions and cultures of Australia.

    • Laserbait

      Thompson Contender.

  • Lance

    Naw I saw the newest shotgun news they now make a 30-30Win Cal revolver that seems to be the new hand buster of handguns.

    • Someone has rechambered the Magnum Research BFR for the .50 Alaskan. That’s a .348 Winchester case blown out to a straight wall, and was originally intended for use in the Winchester Model 86 lever-action rifle. The case alone is roughly the same length as a loaded .500 S&W Magnum.

  • big daddy

    The tendons in my damaged right elbow hurt just looking at that gun. But I sure would love to fire it a few times.

  • Cherryriver

    1977 called and it wants its’ Weaveresque stance back.
    Lord, that has to hurt.

    • DrewN

      Weaver works great for big bore revolvers, at least in my experience. Unless you’re being charged by a bear it’s usually “one and done” in the field or from the line.