IDPA Bans CZ-Accu Shadow

The day before IDPA Nationals, IDPA sent out an email banning the CZ Accu-Shadow from SSP (Stock Service Pistol) division.

Caleb, over at Gun Nuts Media, explains why the CZ Accu-Shadow is illegal based on a review of IDPA rules.

To understand why the Accu-Shadow is illegal for SSP, you have to understand what the Accu-Shadow is. It is a custom variant of the CZ75 Shadow, which has an external barrel bushing fitting to it in order to improve accuracy. Barrel bushings are on the list of prohibited modifications in SSP.The Accu-Shadow is made by CZ Custom. CZ Custom is not a division of CZ-USA, but is in fact an independent company. CZ-USA may list the Accu-Shadow on their website, but because the bushing is not an OEM part made by CZ and fitted by CZ, the modifications to the Accu-Shadow make it illegal for SSP, and by default then illegal for IDPA. It’s the difference between a Roush Mustang, which is modified by a third party, and a Mopar Challenger. Dodge owns Mopar, Ford doesn’t own Roush.

It seems a rather ill-timed choice to announce the ban a day before a big match. The ruling could have been worse, but it seems they could have announced it sooner to give competitors more time to choose a back-up pistol to compete with.

Nicholas C

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  • USMC03Vet

    This is pretty hilarious. If they are so worried about said performance gains but only from select companies why not remove the x factor altogether and have competitors in that category shoot with the same pistol platform offered by them. Wouldn’t that really be a competition based upon ability?

  • Gidge

    Banning something the day before the nationals is rough. Shooters who were in contention to win prizes are now suddenly faced with a choice between switching guns last minute to something they haven’t trained on or competing in a different division. These shooters have put in many hours of training and significant financial investment in equipment and practice ammo. To be thrown out of contention last minute after putting in that much work would really piss me off.

    Yes it should be banned, as it is clearly a custom built gun and not in the spirit of the division. However instead of implementing it overnight it should be announced now and go into effect January 1st 2015 giving shooters time to evaluate their options, save up for new equipment and train accordingly.

    • bob_h

      The pistol was already illegal for IDPA competition based on the rulebook that was updated almost a year ago. All HQ did was send out a clarification on this particular gun because they had been asked by members to do so. They banned nothing the day before the match.

      That being said, I do agree that the timing sucked.

    • insider

      IDPA shooters practice?

  • woodman

    The IDPA is burdened with rules.

  • dan citizen

    After that timer-fixing scandal do you know how hard it is to skew results? fancy guns like this just make it tougher on range officers to ensure their buddies win.

    (that was IDPA right? if not, nevermind)

    • HSR47

      That was USPSA.

      • dan citizen

        My bad.

        I knew one of the fine readers here would set me straight if I strayed from the path of truth.

        crap, now I have to wait for the USPSA to ban a pistol to recycle that comment.

        • HSR47

          I’m pretty sure that this situation couldn’t happen with USPSA: IIRC, the comparable division in USPSA relies on a list of pistols that have been specifically approved, vs IDPA where it’s more nebulous, and pistols are sometimes specifically DISapproved.

          Frankly, stuff like this is a big part of the reason I don’t participate in competitive shooting events: I don’t have the patience to deal with the BS/Bureaucracy, and I don’t have the time or patience to study the rulebooks to find the loopholes.

          • dan citizen

            It’s a shame when rules get in the way of a sport.

            That’s why I always liked small informal shooting competition, more relaxed attitudes, good sportsmanship, no entry fees….

            My all time favorite was a local field stripping competition. What started as a small bet at a gun range evolved rapidly. I learned that with practice how fast a person can field strip and reassemble 2 glock pistols, simultaneously (one per hand) blindfolded. (20 – 25 seconds is a good time)

  • Car analogies make me happy.

  • I disagree with Caleb. This is an item available from the CZ catalog, this doesn’t compare to Roush Mustangs as no one at Ford would even remotely claim that a Roush is a factory option. This is no different than shipping a frame out to get anodized by a contractor.

    And the entire decision is hypocritical. S&W’s equivalent, the Performance Center, is allowed to do something specfically banned by CDP rules (slide ports), but it is allowed because it is a catalog item. While CZ offers something that isn’t explicitly banned, the work is done by their custom guys and it offered as a catalog item. But S&W is a major sponsor, so the rules don’t apply to them.

    • Laserbait

      S&W Performance Center is a wholly owned part of S&W. CZ Custom is not. If CZ Custom were to be bought by CZ, then it would be fine.

      Anodizing a frame is not accuracy enhancing, whereas a custom barrel bushing would be.

      I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you or Caleb, just looking at the rules. I don’t shoot IDPA either – too many rules, takes the fun out of it.

      Oh, and for a number of years, Fords Shelby Mustang was not built by Ford (built at Shelby America), but was offered on Fords website, catalogs, etc. as a Ford Factory option.

      • I disagree, that even if CZ Custom was purchased by CZ USA that it would still be banned. This is nothing more than a hypocritical decision my IDPA HQ.

        I should have mentioned that IMO the Accu Shadow should be banned from SSP, and USPSA/IPSC/NRA AP Production. But that under the decision that they made to allow the PC 1911, they should have allowed the Accu Shadows as it is a factory option that anyone can go to a gun shop and purchase. Both are limited production items produced by their custom shop.

        Like I said the only difference is the size of the check the two companies wrote. S&W is a major major sponsor of IDPA, if S&W wanted them to allow optics I am willing to bet that IDPA would seriously consider it.

        If IDPA wants to do the right thing they should’ve delayed the announcement by a week. But honestly IDPA doesn’t care about the high level shooter that would shoot this gun, they made a similar last minute rule change earlier this year.

        And when they did make the announcement they should’ve reversed their decision on the PC 1911s.

        • Robert Kalani Foxworthy

          if you cant beat them ban them

  • Blake

    Does this mean I’ll be able to afford one of these now?

    • Wangdoodle

      “If you have to ask…”

  • SM

    Banned a day before the match? That’s cold. I think they could have announced the ban and made it effective a few months later or at the beginning of the next season.

    • Nicholas C

      I think the problem with that, and this is from reading Caleb’s article, is that if you let it go for a National Match, that then leaves the gun open for further debate. “Hey you let us use it for that match a few months ago and now you ban it?”

      • SM

        At least any shooter using the pistol would have some time to get a replacement.

        If it’s against the rules, then it’s against the rules. I just think making such a sudden change is unfair for the shooters that it affects.

  • Giolli Joker

    I understand the reason behind the banning and I agree that it should have been done much earlier… what bothers me most is the term “illegal”, I feel that a better term could have been used…

  • Will

    That’s just chicken shit any way you look at it.
    There’s GOT to be more to it than this. Some whinny assed third rate shooter maybe???!!

  • kingghidorah

    So make a division just for shooters with this rig.

  • Rick

    tough, but fair. timing sucks though.