Hog Hunting With a KRISS Vector SDP

KRISS Arms Facebook Page posted up a customer’s hog hunt photos.

Here is what they posted;

Now this is awesome. Our customer Todd did some Father & Son hunting recently and managed to bag himself a pretty nice bit of Bacon using his Kriss Vector. – BW

“I believe this is the biggest pig ever taken with a KRISS.
We spotted it at about 800yds with thermal. Then got down wind and started moving in on him, we got about 8yds from him when I let the first round go. I put 6 or 7 rounds in him in 2 seconds and he dropped about 3yds from us. We were shooting 230gr Jhp and fmj staggered in the magazine. The pig was 440lbs.”

 From the pictures, it looks like they used a Vector SDP with a suppressor. Rather impressive hog they took down with a short barreled pistol Vector.


Nicholas C

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  • gunslinger

    nice size hog

  • DetroitMan

    If it took six or seven rounds, either your caliber is too small or you aren’t placing the rounds where you should. This is not ethical hunting, and we shouldn’t be praising this “accomplishment.”

    • echelon

      Hogs are like cockroaches in Texas. It doesn’t matter how you put ’em down.

      • Hog Dog


        • Tom

          Have to agree with everything DetroitMan wrote. This is not a great achievement, the only good thing to say is that no one was hurt during this stunt – apart from the pig of course 🙂

      • DetroitMan

        As an ethical hunter, it does matter. The objective is to kill the animal cleanly, regardless of how many of them there are.

        But let’s look at another issue. He let the first round go at 8 yards, and the hog was 3 yards away when it dropped. Hogs are dangerous animals that can and do kill and injure people. The hog closed more than half the distance to him – and presumably his son – before it dropped. That tells me he was an idiot for even trying this stunt, and that he either didn’t use enough gun or he didn’t place his shots well.

        • Dracon1201

          He wasn’t shooting cleanly, He was dumping the rounds. There was nothing wrong with his caliber of choice, Hogs are tanks, they can take a damn lot of punishment.

          • DetroitMan

            “He wasn’t shooting cleanly, He was dumping the rounds.”

            Hence my problem. If he was dumping rounds for the sake of dumping rounds, he should have been shooting at paper or steel, not a live creature. Or maybe he didn’t know the kill zone on hogs. Or his ammunition failed to kill. According to him, every other round in his magazine was FMJ, which tells me he doesn’t know or doesn’t care about proper bullet selection for hunting. It sounds like he was using .45 ACP (extrapolating from bullet description). Most hog hunters would recommend a magnum pistol caliber. In summary, it seems like he just wanted to kill something with his Kriss Vector and didn’t care about ethical hunting or safety with dangerous game. That 440 lb. hog got within 9 feet of giving him some new scars, and maybe his son too. This was a cruel and stupid stunt, and it almost cost him. It is not something that any of us should admire.

          • Sadler

            .45 ACP has very poor sectional density, I’m surprised that anyone would seriously hunt a 400 lbs animal with it. Running that diameter bullet, you should at least have 350 gr for pigs, which .45 ACP obviously cannot provide. People really need to focus on sectional density when choosing a round for hunting, not only for a clean kill, but for the safety of those hunting. Dumping 7 rounds into a charging pig just to get it to stop is not responsible in any way.

        • echelon

          You do realize that in Texas people go up in helicopters with ARs, AKs, etc. and find groups of hogs and just blast away right? This isn’t white tail hunting, this is vermin eradication.

          These things tear up soil, eat crops, do all sorts of damage and multiply like crazy.

          I consider myself an ethical hunter as well but I don’t see any problem here. Sometimes it takes more than a couple rifle caliber bullets to take some of these things down.

          As far as risk to himself or his son, well I guess that’s his call. We can armchair quarterback it all we want but the fact is we weren’t there and it’s not our kid.

    • ⊕RussR⊕


      • DetroitMan

        There’s a building the background. They’re waving that mini gun around like a garden hose. Great job guys. *slow clap*

        This is quickly turning into the “when rich mall ninjas hunt hogs” thread.

    • sapper

      So is is not ethical for me to bow hunt, since it usually takes more than one arrow on a hog? I’m sorry, maybe I’m a sick individual. I like to hunt hogs with an AR, that never kills em in one shot. Even if you didn’t kill it, the other hogs would probably finish the job.

      • Sadler

        It’s inherently more difficult to make an ethical kill with a bow. And, yes, taking multiple hits from a bow is 100% unethical. Same goes for running .223/5.56 for hogs, if you can’t make a headshot.

      • DetroitMan

        Even ethical hunters make bad shots sometimes and need another round to finish the job. Sometimes you do make a good shot but the animal takes some time to expire. I have no issue with bow hunters. They choose the weapon and have to work within its limitations.

        This guy is a different story. He chose a marginal cartridge (for 400+ pound hogs), then selected the wrong bullets. His mixed bullet selection was the kind of nonsense you read in forums from people whose firearm experience comes from Call of Duty. I think his goal was to kill a hog with a Kriss Vector so that he could brag about it on the Internet.

    • USMC03Vet

      Define “ethical hunting”……

      Although the practice of hunting is universal it’s done differently throughout cultures so there is no set supposedly “ethical” way to do it. He’s not torturing animals, so beyond that the act of killing the animal seems legit as hunting.

      • DetroitMan

        Ethical hunting: To kill the animal as humanely as possible. That should be the intention, at least. That translates to:
        1) Shoot accurately.
        2) Use enough gun.
        3) Use ammunition capable of doing the job.

        The Kriss Vector and the .45 ACP are not up to the task of taking a 440 pound hog cleanly. He chose the weapon because it has a high cool factor, so that he could have a few seconds of fame on the Internet. The animal suffered a more painful death than necessary as a result. I call that unethical.

        • USMC03Vet

          Well according that then, why even use firearms?

          Why not bait the animal with food being with enough tranquilizer to kill it?

          “ethical” is completely subjective. When you’re killing something it’s almost comical.

          • Tom

            What is and what is not ethical is up to personal interpretation. Some would say that no hunting can be ethical other more reasonable people not so much so.

            Whilst I am sure no one wants to go down the line of saying that EBRs have no place as hunting weapons there are limits. Its not about the gun so much as the ammo. And whilst no one can guarantee a one shot kill that should be the aim (especially when hunting for sport). The .45 ACP is simple not a very good round to go hunting large game with. If this had been some sort of self defence situation and a .45 was all he had then fair enough, if it was some sort of survival situation and he needed to hunt for food then again fair enough.

            But it was not. This gentlemen went out with the express intention of hunting an animal with a weapon that was far from ideal for the task, he was not hunting out of necessity (and anyone who can afford that sort of set up can afford a gun in calibre suitable for their needs). As a result he put both himself and his son in unnecessary physical danger.

          • USMC03Vet

            Again with the self imposed authority to prescribe something as “ethical”.

            “hunting an animal with a weapon that was far from ideal for the task,”

            So nobody should bow hunt or for that matter not using the largest caliber to always hunt?

            As for the “necessity” comment that applies to very few people today.

            You remind me of a pro gun youtuber I got into with claiming that hunting at all was abhorrent. Guy isn’t breaking the law and people are going to do things you yourself may not do. Trying to label them unethical though based upon contradictory logic isn’t making your case. Hunting next to procreating being one of the most legit actions anything alive can do. The whole “ethical” argument to make certain people feel as though they have a moral high ground is just silly.

          • DetroitMan

            I wouldn’t want to eat an animal that I had poisoned. Also, I have no control over what eats my poisoned bait. I might get a skunk, or a hog, or my neighbor’s dog. I use firearms because they are the best tool for the job. They allow me to select my animal and dispatch it cleanly. Pretty basic stuff.

            The argument isn’t about whether to use firearms, it’s about using the right firearm for the job. Choosing the .45 ACP to kill hogs is like choosing the .25 ACP for home defense. It might work, but there are much better options available. Why choose the inferior tool?

            Ethics are subjective, but they are a big part of what make us human. If we don’t consider the pain and suffering of an animal that we put to death, then we are no better than the animals.

  • constanza

    >wears a helmet when he hunts

    • echelon

      That’s for the thermal since he’s hunting at night.

      • KestrelBike

        It *is* also hogs that they’re hunting (the son should have had a helmet, too)

  • William Johnson

    KRISS, thermals and suppressor…outside my price range.

  • SM

    6 or 7 rounds? Either bad shot placement or the high and mighty .45 acp isn’t as great of a hunting round my redneck friends claim it is (I don’t think it is).

    • Sadler

      .45 ACP is not a good choice for hunting anything larger than bobcat or coyote.

  • Hanover Fiste

    It shames me that this…well calling him a man seems to generous…particular individual did this in my home state of Texas. This is not hunting, it is playing Call of Duty with potentially dangerous animals.

    It is also a shockingly unethical way to put down an animal, nuisance or not. What a poor example for his son.

  • iksnilol

    I wouldn’t hunt hog with .45 acp. Doesn’t seem safe due to hogs being thick and .45 acp not penetrating well.

    At 8 yards you should go for a brain/spine/heart shot and you shouldn’t need more than one shot.

    • Phil Hsueh

      That’s why if I ever had the opportunity to go hog hunting I’d first make sure that whatever I’m using to do the hunting with will be good enough to take a hog down with without having to resort to pumping 6 – 7 rounds in it to take it down.

      Since we’re on the topic of (ethical) hog hunting, what’s the smallest caliber that you would all suggest to hunt with on foot? From some of the comments here I’m guessing that 5.56/.223 is marginal at best, what about 7.63×39 or 7.62×51/.308?

      • iksnilol

        I don’t hunt hog but 7.62×39 or 7.62×51 should work well. I am not sold on 5.56 due to hogs being harder/stouter animals.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say 5.56 is a more suitable hunting round than .45 for game animals. However, a magnum round is more appropriate for the single shot. I’d rather a 5.56 rifle when facing a bear over a 1911. Probably personal preference.

  • The Golden Goy

    I never leave the bar to go “hoggin'”- 2am is prime hunting time and beer vision goggles are mandatory.

    • Out of the Fray

      I like this guy…………………

  • Mike

    So for all you ethical hunters out there griping about how many rounds it took; would you have qualms about machine gunning hogs from a helicopter?

    • Hanover Fiste


    • DetroitMan


    • Sadler

      I’ve got no issue with either the helicopter or the machine gun, as long as they’re running high SD rounds. The issue I take with it is the way everyone seems to go about it. They don’t take care with their shots because it’s an automatic gun, and that leads to wounding a lot of animals, instead of killing cleanly.

  • ClintTorres

    I just dropped $3K on a really cool suppressed Vector but I haven’t figured out what it is good for…wait a minute…maybe if I can get close enough…

  • BryanS

    I seem to remember a contributor here hunting hog with a submachinegun and do not recall as much griping.

    I see most of these hogs as vermin, not game. Given how the vector shoots, 6 rounds in that amount of time is easily in a standard kill zone for that animal.

    • iksnilol

      That’s for the full auto version, that isn’t the full auto version.

      • BryanS

        Does it make a difference if he shot 6 bullets with a press of the trigger, or 6 presses? In a firearm that has known low recoil impulse and a suppressor ( which makes muzzle climb even less) and cycles, IIRC, 1200 RPM?

        Sounds like a lot of the same arguments that keep me form being able to harvest a medium sized deer with my M1 or an AK in PA… there is some deep seated fear of changing platforms when it comes to hunting.

        • iksnilol

          Yes, it makes a difference. Even Jerry Miculek can’t fire at 1200 RPM on semi auto (he does about 480 IIRC). Plus when you fire as fast as you can accuracy takes a strong hit.

          I don’t mind what you use to hunt. But if you can’t see why hunting a 200 kg animal with a PCC in .45 ACP (low sectional density + low velocity = bad for hunting) is a bad idea and unethical then I can’t really have a conversation with you. Do you think that hunting coyotes with a .25 ACP rifle is a good idea? “It’s okay, we will shoot a lot of bullets”.

          For the record, I don’t care what people hunt with as long as it brings down the animal ethically. Personally I like the AK with good soft-points but that is against the law where I live (sorta).

          • BryanS

            Would the powder load for the .45 make a difference?

            (would love to use my AK with a 5 rd mag up here, but no dice in PA> We love to legislate and regulate)

          • iksnilol

            Powder load wouldn’t make much difference if you still use the same bullet.

            I would go for .44 magnum or .460 Rowland instead of .45 ACP.

  • micko77

    So would my buddy’s 11-year-old grandaughter would be unethical, having used an 11-inch knife for her 250 lb. hog? And I’m bad if I use glue traps for mice? Sometimes it’s hunting, sometimes it’s eradication.

  • RickH

    Next up: Hunting hogs with a Ruger 10/22 & 100 rd. drum magazine.

  • mosinman

    let him hunt how he likes, if something happens it’s his fault.
    but i guess spear and bows are too unethical as well.

  • MR

    Not exactly Dem/Rep politics, but this debate is tedious enough to be labeled “hunting/pest management politics”. Btw, I’d be running FMJ to maximize penetration, and firing multiple rounds to maximize ventilation of the circulatory system. Best of both worlds for a given caliber.