UZI PRO Mud Test

uzi pro

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently posted a video of them running the current version of the UZI PRO through some mud torture testing. I recognize that any promotional video can be edited down to just the parts that make the gun look good, it is nonetheless interesting to see that the gun can run in these conditions.

For those that are not already familiar with the system, the UZI PRO is a 9mm SMG that fires from a closed bolt and weighs about five pounds. Due to its compact size, it can make for a good weapon for protection details.

Richard Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    no editing…no visual effects.

    ok. everything on the internet is true 🙂

    so he covered the gun in mud. after he made sure the bolt was closed? look at how clean the mag is. so really nothing got in the mag well. or the rest of the gun. best place would have been from the bolt to transfer into the chamber area, or the trigger.

    • Tim U

      If it’s a closed bolt design, how often is anything else going to happen with it?

      I don’t get the tests that lock open the action and pour in crud. How exactly would that be simulated in the “real world”? It doesn’t happen.

      • SentMKG

        I don’t think it’s supposed to replicate likely things that could happen. At least realistically for civilians. I mean unless you play war-games with blanks or something odd like that lol.
        I think it is more or less supposed to demonstrate that in “war time” conditions, where someone may not have time to clean a weapon for multiple days while expending a large amount of ammunition in less than ideal conditions, the weapon in question will live up to the need of the soldier/combatant. While that amount of dirt and crud is not likely going to get into the action in a single day, over the course of protracted high intensity possible conflict that firearm may not get the attention needed to continue functioning.
        Sorry if that isn’t worded perfectly. Got my caffeine high going…so concentration is spotty.

      • Phil Hsueh

        Realistically, anything is possible, you know the old saying, sh*t happens. Although for this test I’m not sure that the mud would really affect anything on any gun given how thick it was, I’m not sure that mud that thick and goopy would get inside and gum up the works that badly, if at all, but then again, I’m no expert on these things. I think that loose dirt or sand would have been a better test, something that’s more likely to get inside the weapon, plus a dirty mag would have helped too since if you’re in a situation where you’re likely to get your weapon seriously dirty then there’s more than a fair chance that your mags are too.

  • mechamaster

    UZI PRO.. I describe it as Micro-uzi with built in front-grip and picatiny rail, plus left-reciprocating charging handle and longer barrel… ( not a fans of left-side reciprocating charging handle but can’t be helped especially for robust forward-assist function )

    • sianmink

      It’s a lot easier on the optics than a top-mount reciprocating charging handle.

  • Jeff Smith

    Why is that guy so angry? He’s getting to shoot an Uzi!

    • mechamaster

      He feel ”yuck ! the dirty mud splattering all over my clean face” when the gun start shooting.

    • USMC03Vet

      We think it’s mud. He knows it’s poo?

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Another episode for “Dirty Jobs”, perhaps?

        • Polska

          A Gun TV show with Mike Rowe is something I would definitely watch

    • Patrick Mingle

      I thought the same. We get it. You’re a super secret Israeli commando. Thats no excuse for a bad attitude

      • Jeff Smith


  • hydepark

    All that and no mention about a release date for the Uzi Pro in the US??? It was supposed to release shortly after or alongside the tavor. What gives? Every LGS I call is completely ignorant about the Pro and Uzi reps act as if they never even mentioned it. Anyone have any info at all? Is the BATFE holding things up?

    • They are available. The first one I shot was just before the Tavor was released.

      • hydepark

        Awesome. Any leads on places that have them in stock? Thanks Phil.

      • hydepark

        Hey Phil, I guess this is a recurring them with us haha! I was wondering what you meant by saying they are available. Every dealer I have spoken to has confirmed they have not ever been available as of yet, and none have any idea if / when they will be. Just so there’s no confusion (or a repeat of the MPX conversation) I’m talking about the Uzi Pro SEMI AUTO PISTOL in 9mm available for retail sale in the United States. Thanks.

      • erwos

        They are not available. They scrubbed them straight off the website – there is no way to get to the page you linked except directly through the address. Rumor on the street has it that they got removed because the first batch received wasn’t up to quality spec.

        This would be a nice story for TFB to look into.

      • hydepark

        Not sure where Phil got his info but once again here we are. Just got off the phone with IWI and they said most likely next year sometime due to a design or performance flaw as mentioned below. THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEASED FOR SALE UP TO THIS POINT. Just so nobody comes along and confuses what’s posted by the writers here as truth.

  • hydepark

    Called Knesek and a few other usual suspects including my LGS. As far as I can tell they have not been available yet and nobody has an ETA. I’ve already got a separate bank account ready to go whenever I find one for sale. I don’t know who is saying they’re out cause they’re not.

  • Bill

    The original would run in mud, sand, entrails, probably space, lava , septic sewers and Secret Service limos. I doubt this one will be any less reliable.

  • SM

    Someone get that man some fiber or some laxatives.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I was about to say that if this latest-generation Uzi is anything like it’s highly-venerated and reputable ancestors, it would come as no surprise that it functions reliably under really adverse conditions, but Bill beat me to it and said it better than I ever could.

    Good comment, Bill — and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • M

      I wonder how making it a closed bolt system, combined with its high RoF changed the performance of the weapon though. The heavy telescoping open bolt system chopped through most dirt/grit and ignited cartridges with authority, which, barring dud rounds, gave the Uzi much of its reliability.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        That’s a very good counter-point, M. Thanks for bringing it up! Since I haven’t laid my hands on this particular model of Uzi, I’m in no position to provide an accurate personal assessment. The best guess I can come up with at this point — if this weapon proves at least reasonably close to being as consistently reliable as its famous predecessor under similar adverse field conditions — is a combination of a sufficiently heavy, well-sprung bolt system and slightly looser tolerances acting in concert.

        Perhaps the best way for us to find out the truth is for a neutral party ( such as TFB ) to obtain a sample and subject it to thorough testing and objective reporting.

  • Will

    IWI. great stuff!!
    Israel’s version of Glocks…
    THAT should start a discussion.