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  • Will

    I’m sure it will sell, but I have to ask: is this really a problem that people are having? I have average sized hands and can activate the mag release with the pad of my finger. Any other SCAR17 owners actually experience trouble?

    • USMC03Vet

      Scar17 is a luxury firearm, so of course spending $40 on some 10 cent piece of metal to increase it’s operator warfighting tactical baddie killing rating is viably legit..

    • Schlomo

      I’d rather just leave the original in to keep it from inadvertently dropping the mag, but running the SCAR 17 as a race gun, I would absolutely want that mag release.

  • James Kachman

    I got excited because I thought it was a new magazine for the 17S, so that maybe my three choices weren’t the factory mags, the Molon Labe mags (which I hear aren’t worth the money) or the SCAR-25 lower which takes SR-25 mags, and costs more money than you save in the long run.*

    As a prospective SCAR-17S owner, this doesn’t seem worthwhile, but hey, good on them!

    (7 factory mags (1 comes with rifle) are $40 each, so 280 for 8. Handl Defense SCAR 25 lower receiver in High-Accuracy Black is $420, Magpul SR-25 20 rounders are $20 each, so 580 for 8. The Handl Defense lower breaks even with the factory lower in terms of mag price once you hit 21 magazines, which some people do. Plus, you do have to factor in the worth of the weight savings and cross compatibility with some of the military’s modern DMR’s. For myself, having an FAL, I’ve gotten used to having a bit of extra weight, due to lol.308, and I don’t plan on pilfering military magazines. Hopefully.)

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Good pricing analysis. The SCAR-17 is a really excellent rifle and I sincerely hope that you will get maximum use and enjoyment out of yours. Having said that, I have to admit that I still like my FAL better ( and not just because of pricing issues ) — just a matter of personal preference, of course, and no offence intended.

      • James Kachman

        Well, more a bit of simple math, but thanks. I do enjoy my FAL quite a bit, and there are some features I’d rather have on the SCAR. For example, if the SCAR had the FAL’s mag release system, I’d be a happy camper, and I’d be happier with a SCAR if it had bayonet provisions. A SCAR that fed from FAL mags would be fantastic, but unlikely.

    • Sil

      Have you tried the ASC 25 round SCAR 17 mags?.

      • James Kachman

        I haven’t tried any SCAR mags, though that is the first time I’ve seen the ASC mags. Look good, and they’re cheaper than the factory 20 rounders, though I’d be hesitant to take an extra 5 rounds in exchange for having to find pouches that could fit the things. Though I don’t know if this is an issue. Like I said, no experience, only theoretical stuff. My current magazine carrier is a Chicom Type 63 vest, which fits 5 FAL mags snug as a bug in a rug. I was planning to get a plate carrier before the SCAR, though, since surviving being shot comes a close second to not being shot.

        • Sil

          Have you looked at the open top type mag pouches, the tacos or the ones with bungee cords to hold the mags in?.

          • James Kachman

            Cheapest one in green was an ATS SCAR mag pouch which cost $21 for a single mag. The standard AR500 .308 mag pouch which holds 4 magazines (and which I just noticed is adjustable to hold different mag lengths. I am an idiot.) is $15.

          • Sil

            They look good.

    • Schlomo

      The SCAR 17 can be modified to accept SR-25 mags. Magpul 762 mags run 100% with unbeatable reputation, are tough as nails, much lighter than steel mags, aaaand… Magpul makes them in a 25 round variant.

      If u got da balls to take a steady dremel to your lower, you can have it all. I’ve read it’s only a couple of milimeters in specific places where it’s shaped wrong-ly, and it only takes about 10 minutes to fix.