Sid, a reader from Belgium, sent us a photo of his VZ58 rifle (with a number of aftermarket accessories installed), his Glock G17 Gen4 (30 round magazine), his CRKT Hisshou knife and a bottle of a Glenmorangie single malt Scotch. Sid mentioned that buying a gun in his country takes a lot of paperwork and a even more patience.

Until I saw this photo I was not aware of the CRKT Hisshou. Now I need one.

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  • Deunan

    The best thing in life? But thats not Laphroaig.

    • IllTemperedCur

      Laphroaig. You can get a similar taste experience by licking a hospital ash tray.

    • C.

      I beg to differ……Buffalo Trace.

    • Squirreltakular

      Love Laphroaig.

  • FYI

    TFB, James Williams the designer of that blade has a video with Pantaeo Productions, he goes into great detail about his models.

    • It’s a great knife. I’ve owned one for years and it’s very well made and holds a good edge. It’s also balanced enough I have no problem using it as a throwing knife.

      • MrPotatoHead

        If you’ve owned one for years, then you’d know that the knife in the picture is not a Hissatsu… It’s a Hisshou. 😉

  • Love that SBR Vz58

  • echelon

    Some would say that this photo is missing a human of the female type persuasion in various states of undress holding or donning these other four “best things in life” to make it five.

    I’m not saying that I’m saying that. I’m just saying that some would say…some would say.

    • Porty1119

      Some such as myself would be in agreement with you…

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        I like your sentiments.

    • supergun

      Yes indeed, the female is the most dangerous creature in the world. Put a gun in her hands, and you have the ultimate weapon. Add a Harley to the picture and life is good.

  • USMC03Vet


    Chow, Libo, P……

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Replace the bottle with about an ounce of Durban Poison and the knife with some type of high-performance automobile.


    That rifle is the most tacticool thing I’ve seen in a while (other than that Broomhandle a couple of days ago)…

  • jamezb

    That VZ58 is one seriously transformed rifle. I didn’t recognize it for a minute there!

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Yeah, the vz.58 really works well, both functionally and aesthetically, with high-quality aftermarket accessories ( such as FAB Defense products designed specifically for it ).

  • Some Guy

    Yup. Just swap that knife out for some bud and we’re golden. And we’ve got intoxicants around should probably swap that rifle out for a beautiful [insert preferred gender here], and maybe the pistol for an original cut of star wars…. Well I got off topic pretty fast. Anyway, that’s my weekend plan.

  • Errr…

    I don’t agree with this list; now the author has to choose between crushing his enemies and seeing them driven before him as #best thing 5! and he’ll never get to hear the lamentations of their women…

    • SM

      If you collect all 5 we’ll throw in the “Lamentations of their Women” soundtrack, a $25 value, for free!

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    That’s a very nice vz.58. It clearly shows that Sid put a lot of careful thought into his build. I also agree with him about the red tape involved in gun ownership in Belgium, which also generally applies to most of Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Still, they are relatively mild compared to the very strict gun laws in most modern, advanced countries in Asia, eg., Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China and India.

    I have a similar set-up on one of my D-Technik / CSA vz.58’s, which is a full-sized rifle rather than an SBR ( FAB Defense adjustable buttstock with adjustable cheek riser, FAB Defense ergonomic pistol grip, QD side-mounted Picatinny rail, Czech Special Forces quad-rail handguard, FAB Defense 7-position folding foregrip and YHM Phantom flash hider ). The only other differences are an MSE AQC-1C red-dot sight, and a UTG 200-lumen long-range multi-mode LED flashlight working in conjunction with a UTG green laser. The pressure pads for the flashlight and laser reside in Mantarail momentary switch control rail covers, and Mantaclip wire management rail covers keep everything neat and tidy. I am happy to say that this set-up works extremely well and with 100% reliability in difficult and demanding all-weather field conditions. The overall price point for these modifications is in the mid- to mid-upper range, and will provide the end-user with very high-quality accessories at a fairly reasonable cost.

  • Tim U

    4 of 5? Am I to assume that the thing missing is a good dog.

    Women are not in the top 5. At least, not if you’re sane.

    • Jacob from Upstate NY

      You, sir, sound like a married (or possibly formerly married) man. Female is not in my personal top 5 (and neither is male).
      Good beer, now a good beer, that would be nice.

  • Excellent choice of rifle.

  • Verner

    What, no cigar?

  • Blake

    Glenmorangie’s not bad, but in whiskey I prefer Crested Ten.

  • RaunchyDawg

    Except alcohol is garbage and society needs to dump it.

  • Prime

    No womenz? Where’s your fedora you beard slinger?!

  • pino

    to be honest… im from Belgium… im not allowed to have a 30 round magazine unless i can prove i bought it before the new law ( who keeps a shopticket for that long???) and the paperwork…well he the Publisher is right… months and months and months of sending letters back and forth with the gouvernment to finally obtaint a weapon…. SOOOOOO much paperwork 🙁 newbies would get lost in it

  • guest

    Was the picture made by a grownup kid who never let go of COD etc?

    • Tukka

      i don’t think so, i know the author, he’s may be much more involved in “real action” than a anonymous trolling pussy like you. I own a great photo of them teaching his girlfriend to shoot with a suppressed SR25 (and the video too just in case of steroid pumped troll) if you want to cry alone naked in fetal position.

  • GVD

    I’d like to point out that the 30 round mag in the Glock is considered illegal unless he purchased it pre-ban and has proof of purchase.
    Be careful with this!

    (The 30 round mag in the Vz 58 is fine though 🙂 )