Mesa Tactical Introduces Urbino Tactical Stock System for Mossberg 930

The Shooting Wire reports:

Costa Mesa, CA – Mesa Tactical, designer and manufacturer of high quality tactical gear and accessories for law enforcement, military and civilian shooters is pleased to announce the introduction of the Urbino Tactical Stock for the 12 gauge Mossberg 930. More than just a pistol grip butt stock, the new Urbino for the Mossberg 930 is a complete stock system with a shorter return spring and housing allowing the shortest length of pull available. The Urbino has become the industry standard for a tactical fixed butt stock for tactical shotguns.
The Urbino has been the OEM stock on Benelli SuperNova, M2, M3, and M4 shotguns for some time now. The 930 stock is available on Mesa Tactical’s website for $155 or $180 for the Limbsaver version. No non-adjustable version appears to be available at this time.

Nathaniel F

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  • Giolli Joker

    Is the Urbino a Mesa design or a Benelli one licensed to Mesa?
    (BTW, Urbino is the name of the Italian city where Benelli Armi was born and still has its headquarters)

  • Fitz19d

    Fricking Finally, been waiting for this for years. THought it had turned to vaporware. Wish it wasn’t quite so pricy.

  • Andrew

    Wish they made a non pistol-grip version.

  • DrewN

    I thought the ninjas had decided pistol grips were not all that on pump guns and were now pushing the traditional style stock again.

  • Matt Lugo

    I purchased one at Harris Tactical two weeks ago and was easy to install. Love it!