Tactical Mauser Pistol

This picture has been going around social media over the weekend. Some think it is airsoft. Who cares? It looks very interesting and i commend the person or persons involved with making this conversion. I like the blending of the modern with a classic.

Here are some more pics. Han Solo can eat his heart out.


Nicholas C

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  • Stompy

    Yeah probably airsoft. No pictures of the barrel and the ejection port look really small unless chambered in 22lr. The mag looks very similar to a 9mm uzi mag. Would be cool to have a sbr broom handle with the wood buttstock that takes 9mm uzi mags.

    • Grindstone50k

      There are Airsoft C96s that are basically 1:1 scale.

    • Scott Esse

      if its a 7.62×25 the ejection port isn’t going to be very big, BUT for the life of me, I just don’t see anyone bastardizing a real Mauser of that era, knowing what their value is even if its just a parts gun.

      • Stompy

        I have only held not actually fired a real c96 and I also remember the exposed portion of the bolt and stripper clip guide on the top was also different than the one pictured above.

  • USMC03Vet

    If by “interesting” you really mean “crime against humanity”, I’ll agree.

  • My brain is having an aneurysm looking at this, because it can’t decide whether it’s an abomination or awesome. Someone call 911.

  • iksnilol

    “Mary, get the shotgun!”

    No, seriously. That thing is stupid. I am not a purist but that thing is stupid. If I were to pimp a Mauser pistol I would do it the right way. Integrally suppressed barrel (exposed barrels are begging for it IMO), red dot/diopter sights (probably both) and a target style grip with the shelf and all. Also, main thing is to not paint it tan. That really helps in the “don’t go full retard” route.

    • An integrally suppressed barrel would be a waste with standard 7.63x25mm loads. If the barrel was ported to reduce the velocity to subsonic levels, you’d be knocking it down to .32 ACP power levels. You might as well start with a vz.61 and add a conventional suppressor.

      The Chinese have an interesting subsonic, heavy bullet 7.62x25mm load for their suppressed Type 85 SMG, but I suspect that it is too long for the Broomhandle.

      • iksnilol

        I got the scrilla for the nine milla. I wasn’t thinking about using subsonic loads in 7.62×25. Though in 9×19 it is possible without problem.

        • For real retro fun, go with the old 9x25mm Mauser Export round. You could assemble subsonic loads with the Sierra 170gr FMJ and other heavyweight projectiles.

          Don’t forget that the Broomhandle is a short recoil design, so you’ll need to take that into account with your choice of suppressors or any other items attached to the barrel assembly. With a fixed barrel shroud like the kit bashed design shown, you could conceivably mount the suppressor to the shroud instead of the barrel assembly.

  • Ken

    Cool, it’s an M712 Schnellfeuer version. I’d lean towards it airsoft. Years ago, Federal Ordnance imported a bunch of M712’s from China I believe. They destroyed the select fire frames, and made new semi auto frames with the detachable mag feature retained. This does not look like one. The contours don’t quite match up with a Federal Ordnance frame.

  • allannon

    That’s neat, except the muzzle device. The fact that it’s not quite fully fit kinda bugs me.

    Definitely looks like something that’d be mocked up for a scifi movie.

    • Hikerguy

      Yes, this is true. I could see a new version of “Firefly” with this as the “new” Mal’s gun. Cool! (as long as it wasn’t a classic Mauser used).

  • Dracon1201

    I personally love it!!!

  • William Johnson

    The ejection port is looks the same size as my late post-war bolo, the selector and magazine design is 712 like. As a movie prop gun, I like it. I could see easily see this in the new Blade Runner movie. I would put in another vote for airsoft.

  • Nicks87

    If it was chambered in 9mm and as reliable as the original broom handle I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  • Gun ruined.

  • James

    Is this what Han Solo will be using in the new Star Wars?

  • Graham2

    There are a gazillion 1911s out there that have had this treatment and nobody bats an eyelid!

    • Scott Esse

      the 1911 is still in production, and by everyone ad their mother. the mauser C96 isn’t, So unless its air soft or a replica somebody was real stupid

      • Graham2

        I really don’t think any real 1911s were harmed in the making of this ‘firearm’!

  • Seth

    It looks very Borderlandish, i like it.

    • Zachary marrs

      Clearly a jakobs product

      • Burst

        Jakobs uses wood and brass. This would be more in line with a Dahl.

      • Xero

        Looks more like a Vladof product with Dahl finish.

        • Zachary marrs

          Dahl does more camouflage finishes, and I wouldn’t say vladof since it doesn’t look like an ak or have rotating barrels

    • Xero

      Looks like a Vladof handgun blended with Dahl furnish.

  • echelon

    Could be used as a sweet movie prop. I could see it easily in a near future dystopian epic…

  • Scott Esse

    looks like something from a retro sci fi flick

  • Tyson chandler

    I love this, too bad it is not real.

  • David Sharpe

    Wow………….that’s kinda cool but I hope it’s not an Original.

  • Tsutomu Jimbo
  • j


  • jamezb

    While I am inclined to think this is an airsoft gun, mainly due to the shallow lightening cut in the side of the lower, it WOULD be possible to have built such a gun without “ruining” a valuable antique.
    In the early 1990’s thousands of broomhandles and bolos were imported from China in NRA good, fair, and poor conditions. About this same time I believe Navy Arms was making Mauser 712 style weld-on magazine wells adapted to take a 30 round (SARCO found) 9mm largo magazine of indeterminate origin.
    Not many years back, I recall SARCO having uncovered a few of the Navy Arms 712 “kits”…the way SARCO is, they might even still have some.
    The lower grade Chinese guns came in with little to no finish remaining, some without grips, and all with varying degrees of pitting from “serious” to “omigod”. A cottage industry sprang up for a while filling and machining pits and reboring and relining barrels. The import marked Chinese guns were historically signifigant as they were real guns from the warlord era/ revolution era, but condition wise, they were crappy, and the prices reflected this.
    ….you could buy a complete fair condition gun out of Shotgun News ad’s for less than $100, – NRA poor for $69.95

    Even refinished nicely, these guns are altered from original (which was “crap”) They quit being “untouched” the moment they were import stamped.
    While these guns are worth considerably more than the 1990’s prices today, they are nt worth nearly as much as pre 68 imported examples, and would be quite suitable for such a project.

    • jamezb

      I wish I had bought a crate full of the damn things back when they were less than a bill, too!

    • jamezb

      Under magnification, I believe I can make out the word “airsoft” above the right side grip.

    • If memory serves it was Navy Arms.

  • kingghidorah

    Neat, but I would have gone the steam punk route, like with a K31 style sniper muzzlebreak, and stabilized wood grips.

  • sianmink

    I’d like to see a real junk mauser converted exactly like this.

  • justme

    I think it’s titties.

  • Mystick


  • Is this something found in anime or a comic book? In Japan and Hong Kong, airsoft replicas of guns from fictional sci-fi series are not uncommon. This tacticool “broomhandle” appears to be along those lines.

    I pretty certain you can still find airsoft copies of the Auto9 from RoboCop.

    • mikewest007

      No gun like that was in any anime or comic book that I know of, however there was a cooler design in the anime “Deus Machina Demonbane”.
      That and, I’m sorry but all copies of the Auto9 have been sold out years ago.

  • st4

    The modernized take on the FG42 a few months back was way more badass.

    Oh! And the Ohio Ordnance modernized BAR, can’t forget that one too.

    *must win lottery*

  • Wetcoaster

    Legends has a metal C96 bb gun as well, but the image watermark is for a Chinese site so my bet is airsoft


    I’d be fine with it if it didn’t have the full-length bottom rail and the glass-breaker.
    Whenever I see a glass-breaker on a rifle or a pistol, it just screams tacticool to me. If you REALLY need a glass-breaker, get a knife or a tomahawk.

    • valorius

      The other name for a glass breaker is “skull crusher” you know.

  • valorius

    Han solo would be envious

  • Anonymoose

    Judging by the Chinese watermark, I’m going to guess it’s one of those “electric dogs” which are supposedly banned by the Beijing government but in wide circulation nonetheless.

  • Giolli Joker

    I’m quite ashamed to say it, but I actually love it…

  • strongarm

    Breechbolt seems stepped at sides. Airsoft.

  • Sneaky

    Can answer this one, it’s made by a Japanese guy who makes custom airsoft or replica guns, he has a website, which cannot remember for the life of me, but someone linked it when airsoft international shared the photo. Hope that helps slightly

  • mechamaster

    Well, it’s cool.. but somehow the barrel shroud need more hole to vented the heat. LoL.

  • That’s pretty cool looking.

  • 1leggeddog

    I like it, i really do.

    But i love seeing old designs brought to modern times

  • George

    It’s either airsoft or from a country where people gave easy access to Schnellfeuers. The fun switch behind the trigger on the left side is the selector between semi and full automatic.

    That being said, I would LOVE to take a junker C96 and refinish it to look like this. But it would be prohibitively expensive to do – easily upwards of $2000 for custom frame creation. But hot!

    • mikewest007

      Airsoft. The image originated on a Japanese website, as part of some airsoft gunsmithing contest.

  • dan citizen


  • Jim

    Neat prop, and if someone were to make something as a new production of this (thus not worrying about antique value) then I would bet there would be some customers interested. It would not operate with the flashlight in the position it is in though because the action would need room to slide back. Whoever did it put some time into it though even if it is plastic.

  • Tim Pearce


  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Me too,Tim…………now wheres my drool bucket……….

  • Common Sense

    That’s awesome! I’ll take two!!

  • Deunan

    I thought this image was old, no idea it was trending. /k/ is so bad with sources.

  • plumber576

    10/10. Would operate.