Strike Industries New 7 Position AR Receiver Extension

Strike Industries has always pushed the envelope on the innovation.  This time they are releasing a new 7 position buffer tube for a more fine tuned LOP adjustment.  As someone who shoots both with and without body armor, I often find myself adjusting my LOP to account for my armor.  But my stock collapsed for my armor always feels a little short.

The new buffer tube is also longer on the last notch then a standard M16A2 stock for people with a really long LOP.  Although being a big guy myself, I never find myself at full extension and prefer a shorter LOP.

AR_Receiver_Extension1 (1)

I have always been a fan of SI and what they make.  They really are a company that blows the lid off of innovating for different platforms.  Check out their press release and info sheet below for more info.

Basic Info

Item Model#:AR-RE7P-KIT

Item Name:AR Receiver Extension with 7 Positions – Assembly

Category: AR-Stock (new category)

Related product:

List Price: $32.95

Product Spec

Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Color: Black

Weight: 5.2 oz (Everything Together)

BT- Length:7.25″

Tube Dia. 1.145″


Package include

1x 7-AR-RE7P-BT




Strike Industries is proud to introduce our improved 7-position (That’s right not 6 position but 7) Aluminum receiver extension MIL-SPEC diameter buffer tube.  It will allow users to have finer control of their length of pull. If you have ever felt that your length of pull was in between two settings on a standard buffer tube, this is for you! The tube’s shortest length of pull position is as compact as a fully collapsed M4 carbine butt stock while its longest 7th position stretches the stock to be slightly longer than that of an M16A2 fixed stock. Our end plate is jam packed with loads of features. The first one being a quick detach (QD) build  into it for true ambidextrous shooting. It also incorporates easy attachment points on both sides for slings so you can use just about any sling on the market. This kit also comes with a receiver nut for collapsible receiver extension, also referred to as a Castle Nut. This mil-spec part with fit both the mil-spec and commercial receiver extensions


7-position MIL-SPEC diameter buffer tube

Extension end plate with QD swivel adapter

Fits onto any standard AR15 receiver.

Finer length of pull adjustment.



  • Nick

    The price is reasonable but I’d rather see one made of 7075 aluminum instead.

    • Zachary marrs

      But you cant run 15 different slings with those

  • gunslinger

    is this longer than a 6pos stock? or do they jam a position in the middle somewhere?

    • TITAN308

      Reading is for lazy people eh?

      “The new buffer tube is also longer on the last notch then a standard M16A2 stock for people with a really long LOP.”

      • gunslinger

        teething daughter, alergies and a sinus infection leads to sleepless night.
        i read the article 2 times and just have missed that.

        sorry for bothering you

        • BillC

          Don’t let it happen again.

  • Dracon1201

    Boy, some jokes to be made about that setup.

    • ChuckyTee

      so lets hear one!!!

      • 1leggeddog

        I guess now he can…

        pull out.

        • Zachary marrs

          Extends for your pleasure

  • Joshua

    Why all the talk of mil spec and then go with 6061? Mil spec is 7075 extruded.

  • dan citizen

    *insert “goes to 11” reference here*

  • Zachary marrs

    It needs about 7,000 more sling mounting points

    • Zachary marrs

      And the answer is “yes”

  • Nicks87

    Why not 8 positions? Why is 7 the key number?

    • C.

      7 is a lucky number.

  • Nik

    That receiver end plate is horrible.

  • NotoriousAPP

    That sling loop near the top on the left side (closest to the charging handle) is an awful idea. What do you think is going to happen when you charge your rifle under stress??….your grind your knuckles into this mount. I have GGG sling mount that is designed the same way, I threw that junk out after a few episodes of bloody knuckles.

  • NotoriousAPP

    …I do like the 7 positions though.

  • JT

    So you can put this thing on a pistol right? provided you don’t stock it