Nifty Gun Art

Beretta 92FS © brandon edgar allen

As many of you know, I love gun art, especially gun photography. Toronto based photographer Brandon Edgar Allen has photographed a number of guns using lasers as the light source (a technique known as light painting). The results look amazing. Brandon is offering the photos for free for use as computer desktop wallpaper. I encouraged him to add prints to his store, and he obliged, adding a number of 11×17″ prints for $50. The free desktop backgrounds are available here.




Steve Johnson

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  • Pretty neat looking. I wonder if these are all actually firearms, or even photographed in Toronto. The SCAR, and suppressor are all prohibited devices up here, and an FNH 40mm has got to be near unobtainium too.

    • An Interested Person

      Probably airsoft replicas. FNH licenses out the SCAR and EGLM design to a couple manufacturers, and multiple companies make a Sig replica.

  • Woah, these are awesome. Wallpaper officially changed.

  • Blake

    These are really slick. Thanks a lot for posting this.

    BTW Brandon might want to check out PhotoShelter. I know several professional photographers using them for online sales/marketing/prints/rights management & their service seems to be top notch.