Teacher Shoots Himself In the Foot

In a report on the Daily Beast, an Idaho State University Professor shot himself in the foot. Back in July, Idaho joined 6 other states that allows conceal carry license holders to carry on campus. The decision was met with enthusiasm for and against it.

According to the article, the professor was pocket carrying his pistol. There was no mention of what kind of pistol the professor was carrying. It does mention he did not have a holster. However, I wonder if the reporter even knows about pocket holsters? I am not a fan of pocket carrying even with a pocket holster. While we won’t know the details, I surmise he fingered the trigger and the gun went off.

I would recommend seriously thinking about pocket carry guns and the potential risk of shooting one’s self.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    HEH, Remember when DEA Agent shoot himself inside class full with school kids? Watch out! we got badass over here….

    • DEA_agent

      I’m da only one here profeshno enuff to carry dis here Glock fawty-*BANG*

      • dan citizen

        He should have been fired just for unholstering his gun in a classroom.

      • n0truscotsman

        yeah and those are the only people, according to the fuckwitted anti-gun crowd and mainstream media, that can be entrusted with firearms…supposedly…

        No comments about SWAT team members shooting their buddy in the thigh with a MP5. Nope. Silence.

        Because only authority figures can be entrusted with guns…supposedly…

    • USMC03Vet

      One of my all time favorite vids.

    • binyam

      That DEA agent got rich from that. When the video was released, he sued and won. If I remember correctly, he got 10 million for it. He proved that it can pay to be a dumb ass.

      • Yellow Devil

        Oh it pays, but have to be (mostly) hot and female.

  • gunslinger

    without any other details, it’s only speculation as to what really happened.

    did he Finger fu.. the gun? did he have something in his pocket keys, pens, ect?) that may have hit the trigger? did he brush up against the edge of a table and that engaged the trigger?

  • MattW

    Are you against pocket carry because of a higher risk of ND? Or because if you have an ND while holstered, there is an increased chance the bullet will strike the pocket carrier?

  • M.M.D.C.

    With the right trigger, a good holster and common sense, an ND in the pocket is about as likely as anywhere.

  • Will

    Having an advanced degree does NOT make you immune to dumbassedness. As we all know firearms do not just “Go off”.
    Yep, he was playing around with the pistol or there were keys or some other item n he same pocket.
    Yep, pure dumbassedness.

    • dan citizen

      Do you keep your keys or pocket change in your holster with your gun?

      Right, no one does. just like it’s a bad idea to pocket carry with other objects.

      Many pocket carry discharges track back to a foreign object getting in the trigger guard.

      • Blake

        I don’t even keep my *phone* in the same pocket with anything metallic so that it doesn’t get scratched or pry off a button…

    • n0truscotsman

      and why the fuck would you pocket carry when there are a variety of quality kydex or leather holsters to appendix carry?

      The solution is for us gun owners to kick it into overdrive and start getting training, then start training new comers the right way. Those that are unsafe and stupid should be rightfully ostracized and made fun of until their behavior is modified.

      • M.M.D.C.

        “and why the fuck would you pocket carry when there are a variety of quality kydex or leather holsters to appendix carry?”

        I’m not trying to be smart, but you’ve answered you own question. Slim as the chance of an ND might be, I ain’t gonna point a pistol at my… pistol.

        • n0truscotsman

          I dont like my pistol being “flagged” either…but, rationally speaking, its better than having my femoral artery flagged I suppose 😛 (but still, shoot that before my equipment)

          • M.M.D.C.

            Yeah, I guess either way, you’re hosed. 😀

      • dan citizen

        I sewed a custom pocket for my carry gun. It works great.

      • B.

        Because pocket carrying a LC9 is more comfortable than IWB.

        Use a good pocket holster, like a Sticky or Remorah, keep other objects out of that pocket, and don’t play with it and you won’t have to worry about NDs.
        It’s really that simple.

        • n0truscotsman

          Im trying to figure out just how he could have ND’d. Keys in pockets was brought up and is extremely plausible (and ive heard of that happening before too).
          It can be determined with accurate assumption that he wasn’t using a holster either. From my experience, ill make that assumption, although I may be in the wrong.

          • Billy

            However the trigger was pulled is secondary to the question of why carry with a round chambered.

          • Darrell Harbin

            Because it’s a paperweight otherwise.

          • Wow. You just made my brain hurt.

          • B.

            More than likely he was carrying without a holster, or maybe a soft leather one that was misshapen. Either which way, not the best choice in how to carry.

      • Appendix carry actually takes training. It’s not for noobs.

  • Burst

    Safe action- isn’t.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Did anyone notice that in the last two years (and definitely this one)
    news like this get more and more mainstream coverage?

    It’s natural that TFB reports on these regulary, since it’s a firearms blog,
    but recently there’s a firearms related accident in mass media for every week basically.
    A lot of them even reach the other side of the world, like my country.
    The recent range officer accident for instance, the trash media was all over it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying these events, of course they are very real and saddening, but every once in a while there’s an accident with all sorts of things.
    Making -often tragic- mistakes is human nature.
    The fact that the mass media is chewing on these accidents on an increasingly regular basis is repulsive.

    After the failure of the AWB 2013, suddenly the media cares very much about firearms.
    Strangely only about accidents, tragedies and operator errors, or anything negative that is related to the sporting arms and self defence industry: shootings, range accidents, accidental/negligent discharges, manufacturers accused of rape, companies raided for legally manufacturing parts etc.
    It’s like seeing (most of) Europe all over again.
    And now they go even after ballistic PROTECTION, level III plates and up. Wonder what percentage of the gun community knows about this.

    • allannon

      All of us. Media hostility and selective coverage is nothing new.

      • big daddy

        I wish they reported people driving while drunk, while texting or talking on their phone then having an accident. That is what should be in the news constantly.

        • allannon

          I wish they’d do a lot of things. Among others, I wish that there was a law compelling not just truth in professional media (which often isn’t the case anyway), but complete truth.

          E.g. instead of saying “eleventy dozen people were killed or injured by guns last year”, they should have to break down people _murdered_ by guns from accidents and suicides, and also report the number of times guns were used defensively.

          The media likes to present facts (correct ones), but do so in ways they know will be misleading. E.g. if you say “37 people were killed or injured; 4 killed, 33 injured”, most people (it has to do with the way our brains are wired) will remember “37 people killed”. On the other hand, if you say “4 people killed, 33 injured” they’ll remember the two separate facts.

      • Blake
    • n0truscotsman

      Yup. They focus on gun accidents even though gun accident deaths are very rare statistically. Anything that bolsters their talking points. They always omit statistics.

      Yet when a doctor used a gun to stop a potential mass shooting in Pennsylvania I believe, you hear the media strain like hell to ignore or bypass the fact that indeed, a “good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy”.

      • Bill

        As above, anything that is rare is by definition news.

        As gun owners we need to stop acting like everyone is out to get us and acknowledge that, just like any activity, gun usage can end badly. Knee jerk defensiveness doesn’t help at all.

    • Bill

      Selective thinking. Mishaps with firearms are relatively rare. Tonight’s news covered I don’t recall but a number of car crashes, including a check-up on the condition of a victims from one weeks ago. Same thing with construction accidents, trench cave-ins, fires and so forth.

      Not thinking that an incident like this is news-worthy is naive at best.

    • Cymond

      I’ve noticed that as well. The ‘homepage’ I use has news-links on the side, and it seems like I see a news story about a violent shooting every few days. No, I’m not talking about local news, these are minor/local incidents that are being reported as national news. Gun violence stories that were previously only reported on local news are now pushed to the national level.

  • Eugene Berman

    Reminds me of that old joke, How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot in Any Programming Language

  • Pete Sheppard

    Oh, great…

  • mosinman

    mistakes happen, i hope this doesn’t give too much leverage to the anti-gun folk.

    • dan citizen

      they might get a foot hold, you know, a toe in the door….

      They’ll say “this is the first step” in their right against armed teachers.

      I’d say, walk a mile in his shoes.

  • big daddy

    If you pocket carry I would not have a round chambered. I would also not have anything else in the pocket. Too many people without enough training, too many people do not think things out and practice even getting the gun out safely.

    • dan citizen

      If you do not have enough training/practice, don’t carry a gun.

      If you have a gun that can discharge too easily with a round chambered, consider a different weapon.

      • big daddy

        IMO that’s total BS. Most all guns can be fired easily with a round in the chamber, a safety can come off very easily and many guns no longer have a safety. Who makes up these so called rules? One person says something and everybody just agrees. Yes Cooper came up with the basics but really, how many people are that good with a gun yet carry them. I’m talking about the NYPD for instance. Some very qualified people say a handgun should have a safety and if they don’t you should not have a round chambered. Yes it’s better to have a round chambered but it’s safer not to. The idea of a pocket carry is stealth, you must practice that goes with anything. I practice removing my gun and racking it quickly. If I have to take out my gun I’ll probably have to use it. So what you are saying if you’re not an expert’s expert you should not carry a gun……that’s moronic.

        • Bill

          Name one person who recommends carrying a defensive pistol with an empty chamber who isn’t from a different country. What about revolvers? Should we go back to carrying them with the first chamber up empty, so it takes 2 trigger presses to fire. If you carry with an empty chamber because it’s safer, would it be safer still to carry the magazine separately?

          Defensive gun are carried in case they need to be shot. To be shot they need to be loaded A gun isn’t loaded unless there is a round in the chamber. If you can’t be trusted with a round in the chamber, train smarter

          • big daddy

            That’s narrow minded thinking. Yes it’s better to have a round chambered but look at how many NDs there are. They happen for the same reason. Better safe than sorry. How many defensive situations where you in? Police and civilians are different and require different approaches and tactics. Rules for engagement are also different so to draw your gun and start shooting is just wrong and you will be viewed as wrong in many cases. The whole Trayvon Martin case should have never happened, yes the shooting was justified but could have/should have been avoided. I have been in some very dangerous situation unarmed having lived in NYC and worked in very bad hoods, grew up in one also. In most all situations you have fair warning well before you have would have to draw. Unless you’re living in oblivion danger does not take you by surprise. I’m sure rural is different, I know the city. So YES, YES, YES it’s better to have a round chambered but not for everybody and not for every situation. A person who practices a lot by all means but for the average person who does not practice and uses a pistol without a safety like a Glock or MP no. They have more of a chance of shooting themselves in the heat of a battle with the adrenaline flowing. Awareness is your first line of defense, be aware and get out of there before there’s trouble. A man lost his life recently in a shooting of 2 police officers by a man and wife anarchist duo. He had a carry permit and drew his gun before he should have, he did not know the wife was there armed and she shot him. If you’re jumped there is more of a chance of them getting your gun and using it on you. If you do not have a round chambered especially if you do not have a safety it gives you a chance to fight back, run or whatever to defend yourself or getting out your back up gun. Real life defensive situations for a civilian is different and unless you have been in one you don’t know. I’d say practice the situations as much as the use of the weapon. Be aware of your surroundings and people. I’ve given this a lot of thought and have been in some dangerous situations, unarmed, I’m lucky to be alive.

          • dan citizen

            Shooting situations vary tremendously, sometimes they are predictable, sometimes not. I have been in professional and civilian encounters, here and abroad, where lethal fire exchanges occurred.

            Sometimes you have lot’s of time to react, I have been in a couple of messes where our first hint there was trouble was somebody getting shot.

            Big Daddy, I think you’re right. If someone practices they can draw and rack a firearm very, very quickly. Unless the situation starts with a struggle, but you seem to guard against that with experience and situational awareness.

          • big daddy

            Exactly, my head is on a swivel at all times. From experience since I was a child living in a dangerous place. I’ve been in riots, gang wars and not by choice. Those times I wish I was armed by law nobody but police had guns, of course so do the criminals. I’m in Texas now so I’m armed, but my experience will prevail. I can smell it……seriously. Like a sixth sense, from being in so many situations. Awareness and keeping out of harms way is your best defense, run, walk, drive get out of there!!!! Park your car in a well lit area, have your keys out and don’t be cavalier about your actions. Practice, practice, practice and if you do by all means have a round chambered. If you are not sure it’s best not to unless you have a revolver. Also if your gun is not on your person and you have children that’s a factor too. Like I said it’s situational. The best situation is the one you did not have. Always be ready these days especially. Most people if they had to get their gun and use it would be dead because they do not practice. Trayvon Martin should never have gotten close enough to Zimmerman to duke it out with him. That was poor tactics by Zimmerman. He called police and should have got into his car and went home, that’s what he should have done. Instead he played it aggressively just by staying around and look what happened. I will say it was a justified shooting that could have been avoided. Call the police and let them do their job, go home. Be aware people just don’t pop out of thin air. If it looks like a potential bad situation walk on another street, go back, move away, anything other than put yourself in a potential situation.

          • dan citizen

            Agreed on all points 100%

            Most situations I got into that ended badly, I was unfocused, did something stupid, just ignored that instinct that says to get out of there,

            I especially like the point you bring up about children being present and taking a little extra caution.

            People often think there is one carry solution for each situation, I prefer to think that people work to find their own way that works for them.

        • dan citizen

          “too easily” ….not “easily”

          Are you seriously recommending people carry a gun that isn’t safe for that method of carry?

          I have carried very few guns unchambered. It is not my preferred carry condition. It was always because of a work regulation, or because that particular firearm was not safe to carry chambered…

          I for a brief time I was stuck with an older tokarev, single action, no safety. carried it holstered, chamber empty. I was then able to swap it out for a newer tokarev with a crappy afterthought safety that was not reliable. Same carry method.

          I’m not sure how NYPD comes into this, they are a group with a horrific firearms safety and performance record.

          As to training levels I said “enough training/practice” not “expert’s expert” If a person cannot be bothered to practice sufficiently to safely handle their firearm, they should not carry it.

  • maodeedee

    All guns are dangerous.

  • dan citizen

    I have both holster and pocket carried for decades. Each requires practice.

    I currently pocket carry a 6906. To do so I have a specially modified right hip pocket in several pairs of pants. The pistol stays in position well.

    Due to the DA first shot, there is no way to accidentally discharge a round. I of course keep nothing else in the pocket, just as I don’t keep my keys in my holster when I holster carry.

  • dan citizen

    Obviously, it just went off, as guns often do.

    Often I am asleep and am woken up by the muffled pop of a gun in my safe deciding to discharge itself.

    Frequent police reports where an unarmed citizen is accidentally shot by an officer they testify that the gun “just went off”

    Also, keep your guns dirty. Because so damned many go off while being cleaned, even when unloaded.

    • Blake

      yeah, someone even built a webcam to keep an eye on these scary things:

      • dan citizen

        great website!

    • Bill

      “Frequent police reports where an unarmed citizen is accidentally shot by an officer they testify that the gun “just went off””

      Frequent? Source please? Maybe 6 examples, if it’s that frequent?

      • dan citizen

        I was being sarcastic.

        • Cymond

          I wonder how long it will be before the people here at TFB recognize that you frequently use an extreme level of sarcasm.

          I admit that sarcasm is difficult on the internet, but yours is so far over the top that I don’t understand how anyone could think you’re serious.

          • dan citizen

            I have several ideas…
            1. People are skimming the thread and only really read a single sentence,
            2. Since I don’t always post humorously they give me undue credibility.
            3. People are just really gullible/stupid.
            4. People have such a deep trust in cows that when they see a cow posting things, they believe it.
            5. People are so used to the internet’s standard fare of 14 year olds posting stuff they learned from MW2 and watching CSI that they really think on that level…. ie:

            Poster #1
            “I’m a rapid-response-anti-terror-task-force-tactical-operator and I dual wield M4s with 80 round surefires loaded with alternating AP and hollow points, I always head shot perps so they can’t double tap me with their CZ 10mm”

            Poster #2
            “you’re full of crap, you are just an ordinary army seal team 6 member. PROVE IT”

            Poster #1
            “Since I work for a secret organization that the government disavows I couldn’t show you proof, the NSA would read the data and would send a kill squad to neutralize me, and my brother who is also an orphan is on the kill squad, so, no proof for you, nice try NSA”

            Poster #2
            “OMG, you are real!”

          • Yellow Devil

            I was surprised that was the only “claim” he was concerned about. Particularly in light of your first one.

            Than again, Sarcasm is a lost art on the internet. You should see how many outraged comments the “Duffel Blog” site gets.

  • ghost

    This would be funny if it were not so serious. Playing pocket pool with a firearm is not the thing to do. A teacher? Of what? How not to? (Full disclosure, I had one “accident” with a firearm, years ago, it had to do with my finger on the trigger. Fortunately, no one was at home but me. I knew better, I did not do better. I “cleared” an M-1 Carbine, took the magazine out, pulled trigger. Funny thing about a round in the chamber, it goes bang.)

    • Cymond

      My stepfather damn-near did the same thing. I was just lucky that he realized the mistake before pulling the trigger!

  • MrSatyre

    Cops are shooting themselves in the foot (and other body parts) all the time, and the public doesn’t get in a twist about that, so why should they over this?

    • David Sharpe

      Police have magical powers that make such transgressions okay.

      • Nicholas C

        It is the belief that Police (authority figures) are trained more than civilians.

    • n0truscotsman

      remember everybody in law enforcement and the gun circles shitting their pants because of Glocks? (omg they dont have safeties!?!!?!???? officers are shooting buddies and themselves!?!?!??!!!)

  • BenJamin

    I bet he’s one of the professors who fought against allowing guns on campus. As one Boise State professor said (And I’m paraphrasing this) “I’ll have to bring my own gun just in case a student doesn’t like the grade I give him and pulls a gun on me”

  • Well, if you only pocket carry a SA pistol with an external hammer that can be safely carried hammer down on a chambered round then this will never happen either.

    • Nicholas C

      True, but lowering a hammer on a live round seems a bit sketchy to me without a decocker.

  • swampwillow

    Bet he never had any training with it, either.

  • And the recommendation you should take seriously is to use a pocket holster. One that prevents you from fingering the trigger.