Magpul MOE SL Line

Magpul has recently released a new line of AR accessories called the MOE SL Product Line.
They have an updated handguard, grip and stock. The handguard is compatible with Magpul’s new M-Lok and has the M-Lok slots at 2, 6, and 10 O’Clock positions. At the moment it only comes in black and carbine length.


MOE SL handguard 3



Here is the MOE SL Stock. It is made in milspec and commercial sizes.

magpul-moe-sl-stock-lead MOE SL 2 00_PRODUCT LINEART TEMPLATE_MISC




The MOE SL grip is similar ergonomics to the K2 grip.

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  • USMC03Vet

    Not a fan of the plastic enclosed handguards due to melting, but at that price, damn.

    • Zachary marrs

      It has a heat shield, I would get one, if it came in foliage and in mid length

      • Sam Schifo

        I’m sure it will eventually.

        • Dan Atwater

          I think Magpul is discontinuing Foliage, actually

          • Paladin

            Please tell me they’re making more OD. Nobody makes things in OD anymore. It’s like everyone is pretending that all forests have disappeared off of the face of the earth.

          • Gwolf

            Exactly. I would also appreciate more OD. I would love it if rails like the VTAC or things like Troy sights came in OD and not just black or FDE.

            I know, I know, a lil Rustoleum will fix that, but still

          • Tony

            They made an announcrment not too long ago (around the time of announcing stealth grey & pink as colors) that foliage green was done for mags & all other accessories, and that all other color mags would not be sold after the end of 2014

          • big daddy

            You’ll probably be able to get the foliage green mags on gunbroker in 2015 for 3-4x what they sold for. I remember some of the outrageous prices for colored mags during the Magpul move and the hoarding. I found that I really liked Lancer mags a lot and the Troy mags were pretty good too. I just bought a few Lancer clear smoke mags for a .300 blackout so I don’t mix them up with any 5.56/.223. You can see the rounds easily enough.

          • Sam Schifo

            Yeah, you’re right, I just googled it. I wonder What’s making them drop foliage. I’ve never used it personally but it seems really useful.

          • big daddy

            I have one rifle with foliage and I like it but it seems a little off. IMO OD Green is too dark, almost black and the foliage is too much gray mixed in the green. I’m thinking the sales of foliage wasn’t enough for them to keep it and ODG did. As far as I know they will not be making mags in any color, just black. They’re pushing this gray thing now. I wish they would introduce a real olive type green or something called mil-spec green and a real khaki color more in the brown family. Those are true military colors and would blend in better with any kit than the foliage and their ODG. I just find black boring.

          • Dan Atwater

            Probably just because it wasn’t selling very well, most people know to ask for FDE or OD but Foliage is kind of an oddball for a lot of people. It’s too bad though, great color

    • Dan

      Never heard of any of Magpul’s polymer products melting (except when idiots put a polymer sight on a gas block rail). With millions of part solid if melting was a problem I’m sure we’d hear about it. Remember, mil spec handguards were plastic before the military started using mostly quad rails.

      • noob

        it takes a bit of doing, but it can be done

  • dp

    Nice piece of kit. What is material on that foreguard? It is modified thermoplast such as glass filled nylon?

    • Paladin

      It’s Magpul’s Dupont polymer, the same stuff they’ve been making all of their gear from, it’s really tough stuff.

  • Patrick Mingle

    Good looking stuff. I like that stock

    • BillC

      I don’t like that stock, but they still make their legacy stuff though. I have magpul vomit all over my AR, except the stock, where I run a Vltor Modstock.

  • Mike

    does not look like it will accept bayonet

    • Paladin

      Because we totally still do bayonet charges.

      If it’s a priority I’m sure a dremel could fix that problem.

      • Some Guy

        If I recall correctly the British have had at least a couple of successful bayonet charges in Afghanistan and Iraq

      • Zachary marrs

        I will admit to clearing my house with my mosin with the bayonet attached

        • Paladin

          We’ve all done that at some point, if only for s**ts and giggles.

          • Zachary marrs

            But I do like bayonets, my mid length ar has a m7 on it, on it, just because it looks cool

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Damnit. Now I’m going to have to build another rifle. Not a total loss I suppose 😀

  • Benedict Tan

    I wonder if these will have enough clearance for piston systems.

  • big daddy

    I have 2 pistols these are going on. They seem to give you the ability to move your hand more far forward for a better grip and mounting of an AFG. Also when firing a lot of rounds those SBR/pistols heat up pretty good even at the FSB. It looks like they might lock in tighter too. I just ordered a FDE one, waiting for an OD Green one, they discontinued foliage green.

  • big daddy

    Just got a FDE carbine handguard today, it went on a PSA 10.5″ upper. I had to remove the sling attachment, just a pin. It fit tight and locked in a little better than the regular MOE. It’s a bit slimmer and my hand found a better place immediately to hold. That extra length is great. It also protects you from a hot FSB, they do get hot after a short while on a SBR/pistol. It looks great and makes the gun more ergonomic for me. I just have to find an OD Green one now for my 12″ pistol. It saved me a lot of money, I was thinking of a rail to get a little more room for my hand.