Remington Outdoor Company and Pelican Announce Partnership

The big green is announcing a partnership with Pelican Products for branded cases and other accessories. Unfortunately at the time of the press release, there are no photos of examples.  But they are slated for release by Q4 this year.  It would appear that the cases will also feature pre-cut foam for specific products.

I have always been a fan of Pelican cases.  I travel with firearms quite a lot and rely on them to protect my investments from disgruntled baggage handlers and the inevitable drops and spills that things are bound to take.

I also like them because I can lock all four of the lock grommets and know that without a sawz-all or explosives the contents will be protected from someone opening the case to steal something.  The only downside to Pelican cases is storing them while not in use, they are big cases and take up a lot of room.

Madison, NC – Remington Outdoor Company (“ROC”), America’s oldest firearms and ammunition manufacturer with brands including Remington, AAC, Bushmaster and DPMS, among others, today announced a strategic partnership with Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in high performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems.  The partnership includes the creation of custom gun and accessory cases for each ROC brand, as well as Remington/Pelican branded outdoor gear including coolers, flashlights, and luggage.

“Our Pelican partnership extends our lifestyle reach by equipping our consumers with the greatest accessory products on the market,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ROC.  “Remington is a symbol of a larger culture that extends beyond firearms and ammunition to the entire outdoor lifestyle; it is an integral piece of our American heritage, and we’re proud to be partnering with a global powerhouse like Pelican.”

The ROC – Pelican line of products will become available in Q4 of this year and will feature a selection of Pelican’s signature hard cases to enable gun owners to safely and securely transport their firearms and accessory pieces.  Each case will be customized to carry a specific model firearm and accessory.

“When you bring Pelican Products and the Remington Outdoor Company together the consumer wins with the best of both worlds – legendarily tough protection for advanced weaponry and accessories,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO, Pelican Products. “Pelican has been the preferred brand and relied upon for more than four decades by professionals operating in extreme environments. We look forward to providing our professional-grade equipment protection to Remington customers.”

“We are committed to bringing only the finest quality products to America’s hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Kevin Graff, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Business and Consumer Development, ROC. “Pelican is a trusted brand with experience in making products that can stand the test of time, no matter what the conditions. Combining our expertise makes good sense for both companies.”

About Remington Outdoor Company

Remington Outdoor Company headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods and products for the hunting, shooting sports and self defense markets, as well as solutions to the military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816, the Company is the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturer.  Remington is privately-held and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. The Remington Family of Companies has 23 locations across 14 states employing over 4,200 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries and includes some of the most globally recognized brands on the market including Remington®, Remington 1816®, Bushmaster®, DPMS®, Marlin®, H&R 1871®, The Parker® Gun, Mountain Khakis®, Advanced Armament Corp.®, Dakota® Arms, Para®, Nesika®, Storm Lake Barrels® and Barnes® Bullets.

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About Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company operates in 19 countries, with 28 offices and seven manufacturing facilities across the globe. For more information, visit or






  • Marc

    All those marketing buzzwords…

    • Jack Morris

      Dang, someone needs to clean their house…

      • KestrelBike

        hahaha the cans of bud light all over the floor in the last split-second sealed the deal for me. I’m gonna go buy a remington shotgun.

    • Zachary marrs

      Mimics my experience. I gave up on remmy and moved on to mossberg

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    As long as Pelican is allowed to continue manufacturing their already-excellent products to the traditional and long-standing level of quality they are known for, things should be fine. There is a possible element of risk, however, that they could be coerced into compromising on quality for the jointly-branded products if the Remington Family Of Companies behaves as it sometimes has in the past regarding companies it has bought out, eg., Marlin Firearms.

    Hopefully, this will not be the case this time around.

    • dan

      Pelican takes all the risk in this joint venture.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Good point — thanks.

  • Marc–the language was a bit over the top there man.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I hope Pelican’s QC doesn’t go down the crapper like Remington’s has. I don’t think I’ll ever own another Remington product.