Henry Repeating Arms Made In America

Here is a commercial released a few years ago for Henry Repeating Arms. The focus is to illustrate that it is Made in America. The commercial is a little bit silly but gets the point across.


Nicholas C

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  • Zachary marrs

    Can you stop doing this? Just writing a couple of sentences and tossing up a video? Why not a tour of Henry? Maybe a review? This is filler. Site was better when it was just Steve

    • StopBeingABabyZach

      “I demand what I want when I want it from a website that has provided me with many years of free content! How dare TFB not post costly-to-produce factory tours and weapons reviews every single day!”

      • Zachary marrs

        Oh, this agian, “”how dare I demand better from a once great website, instead of a hight quality post, I should be happy with these endo-quality YouTube comments”
        Also, cute name, you come up with that all by yourself? Mom must be proud

        • mymommaisproudbutzachstillcryi

          It’s just a commercial they never said it was anything spectacular, I would never have clicked on it until I seen your comment

      • J.T.

        I would rather get 3 or 4 good posts a week than a bunch of garbage used as filler. The staff has expanded and they are able to post more than that but that doesn’t mean that junk should be posted for no other reason than to boost the number of posts. POTD isn’t needed and neither is stuff like this. The blog just needs to stick with quality content, even if it means there are less posts per day.

    • What you irritated with me to 🙂

    • I will do all the reviews you pay for.

      • Panzercat

        We are paying for your reviews. Our eyeballs for your advertisers.
        But I guess pointing that out would be bad form. Or something.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Henry manufactures excellent-quality firearms and virtually everyone knows they are 100% made in America, including a surprising number of non-firearms enthusiasts. Whether this is a result of Henry’s exposure on outdoor sports-oriented cable TV in recent times, simple word-of-mouth, or both, remains to be seen. With their reputation, the advertisement featured above may be quite unnecessary, although I fully understand and appreciate the great pride the company takes in its products and traditions.

    • They are also very good people to deal with. Many times you’ll deal directly with the owners. Just nice folks with real pride in the products they put out.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Quite so. Sometime ago, I made a very small purchase ( a couple of spare magazines for a Henry Survival Rifle, which is the latest version of the AR-7 Explorer ), and was pleasantly surprised to find that the President of the company, Mr. Anthony Imperato, had himself taken the time and made the effort in spite of what must have been a very busy schedule to answer my questions. That was, and still is, first-rate service and common courtesy by any standard, bar none.

        I know a lot of people either don’t like New Jersey or are inclined to make fun of it, but I have found that it is generally a wonderful state with really decent, hard-working folks, and a real admixture of commercial, industrial, agricultural, rural and suburban landscapes — take your pick. Unfortunately, the general ( and incorrect ) perception, made worse by the media and Hollywood, is what a lot of people have of New Jersey. There are parts that are vibrant, unsullied and well-balanced, and other parts which are crime-ridden and where the citizens just want to leave — just like any other state. A lot of it has to do with changing socio-economic and political circumstances, and with changing times that put people in difficult situations. In spite of this, I have noticed that the people have generally never lost their sometimes world-weary, sometimes self-effacing sense of humor that belies an enduring spirit and sense of place.

        And I say this as someone who lives in a quiet, rural part of old Florida, but who has been fortunate enough to have traveled to and worked in many different places around this country and the world.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Thankfully, the font on the barrel isn’t quite so large as reflected in the video.

    Not only made in America…but made in Bayonne, N.J.. Go figure.

    Anyone besides me familiar with Bayonne?

  • mosinman

    too bad there can’t be more items made here, most of my household would end up on the road like in the commercial….

  • ATman

    Ahem caught sneeze removing something made in Canada are we.
    We have a few good companies Lakefield, PGW, Colt Canada, Cadex, Para Ordanace, part suppliers I cannot mention by name. I know that about 90% of our firearms industry is owned by people south of the border but I still take pride every time I take that Cooey out for a spin.

  • Chris S

    I have to agree with Zach. What’s the point of posting a video that was originally released in 2009? I clicked the article thinking that surely there must be something to the story that I’m missing, but there wasn’t.

  • ozzallos .

    Back in 2009…