U.S. Marines Occular Interruption Contract

According to Soldier Systems Daily, the U.S. Marines awarded B.E. Meyers a $49 million dollar contract for laser dazzlers. It is a non-lethal green laser that dazzles the target so their ability to shoot or fight back is greatly reduced because they cannot look at the source of the light.

Here is a video B.E. Meyers produced.


Here is a laser made in the UK.

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  • USMC03Vet

    That’s pretty cool. I wonder why they went with green instead of red though since red is universal with stop or caution.

    • jared

      Most green lasers are more powerfull and brighter.

      • Mystick

        …as is blue.

    • John

      The red spectrum is not as painful as green.

    • The human eye is more sensitive to the green wavelengths than the red. That is why green lasers for aiming appear brighter even though they are essentially operating at the same 5 mW.

      Green lasers tend to be more difficult to work with than red, hence the reason why we are just now starting to see them in the mainstream. Green lasers tend to be more sensitive to temperatures than red lasers, often require more physical space and tend to draw more juice to get to the same output levels when compared to red. So, moving from the large Brit version to the much smaller once shown in the article probably took a lot of R&D from the engineers. That ain’t cheap.

    • Blake

      Because red doesn’t screw up your eyes’ night vision much after the fact. Green does big time.

      I’m pretty sure that if you’re driving & you can’t see anything but a blinding green light, you’ll want to stop the car in a hurry.

      Another potential unmentioned use for this device: killing digital image sensors. Given the power & shotgun-like beam spread, if some special forces folks needed to disable all the external digital video cameras on a building before infiltrating it, this would do the job right quick without any physically noticeable damage or noise. You could probably even shine it at the camera from just outside its field of view and the refracted & reflected light inside the camera’s lens might even be enough to kill it (depending on the lens & the concentration of the laser beam), so you could take out a camera without it even seeing you.

    • USMC03Vet

      Thanks for all the great replies, Guys. I know nothing about lasers which is why I asked.

      Upvotes 4 all!

      • dan citizen

        The christmas version will have red and green alternating.

  • Cool until I saw the price, over 8K, why so expensive?

    • USMC03Vet

      Those DoD pockets are deep that’s why.

      • guest

        Powerful green commercial laser + lens to spread the beam just a few degrees and there you go!
        I am guessing an equal setup with IR laser will effectively blind NVDs. Just a guess, but I am pretty certain it will.

        • jared

          It would also make you look like a christmas tree in someone else’s NVD

          • guest

            True, but when the device is used the shooter has to be a) already aware of enemy location and b) already aiming at the enemy. This green laser also shines bright enough to be seen by the naked eye, so your point is redundant.

          • dan citizen

            The russian system when activated responds automatically to the reflection of lenses. It detects the glint of a scope and within a fraction of a second… zap. I would assume it gives a beep in the crew compartment or something to let the crew know it went off.

            Who knows if it actually works, I heard that it will accidentally target eyeglasses, bottles, etc. In addition the increase in antitank rockets in which the operator is not viewing the tank directly through a scope will soon change the dynamic, though I assume the tank crew would be happy enough if they burn out the ccd in the rocket launcher.

            I am interested to see how the green US laser designator is used.

        • dan citizen

          The russians are already fielding a 300 watt infrared that permanently blinds.

          They mount the laser vertically in the tank turret and have a little mirror that can spin around 360 and tilt to aim. If I translated what the guy was saying right (my russki is rough) the systems detects reflections from optics and rapidly responds. Children with eyeglasses would be advised to stay away.

          • guest

            IR is not visible and can not blind, if it does it will burn the face as well so it does not matter, and can not be focused the same way visible laser can so regular glasses (unless made from a germanium lens) will have no or very little effect.

          • dan citizen

            “Infrared lasers are particularly hazardous, since the body’s protective “blink reflex” response is triggered only by visible light. For example, some people exposed to high power Nd:YAG laser emitting invisible 1064 nm radiation may not feel pain or notice immediate damage to their eyesight. A pop or click noise emanating from the eyeball may be the only indication that retinal damage has occurred i.e. the retina was heated to over 100 °C resulting in localized explosive boiling accompanied by the immediate creation of a permanent blind spot.[2]”

          • guest

            OK my explanation again, in case you totally missed it: the reason low powered (5-15mW) visible lasers are dangerous to eyes is because the coherent light emitted by those lasers will be focused on the retina and cause damage. An infrared laser will NOT be focused by the eye because IR requires different medium to focus it because it requires Gallium Arsenide or whatever other lens materials that can be used. So if the IR laser of 300 watt range strikes ANYWHERE on the human body it will make severe burns and eyes will NOT be suffering more than the rest. This is saying that if a 155mm shell lands next to you you should of all things be fearful of your eyesight… it won’t really matter. You whole body will suffer.
            In other words: a 10mW green laser may very well make you blind, a 10mW IR laser… MAYBE. That is the very reason why there is an international ban on using permanently blinding VISIBLE lasers in combat, while IR is still “ok”.

          • dan citizen

            “IR is not visible and can not blind” ….Let’s break it down….
            “IR is not visible” -True
            “can not blind” -False

            As to damage to the targets face… Honestly, I don’t think the russians are going to lose any sleep if they cause a little collateral facial toasting while burning somebody’s retina out. I actually would go so far as to say they might soak the area with a helping of 12.7mm love after their system alerts the crew.

          • SD3

            “Iron sights”, baby. I *knew* there was a good reason…

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Probably because it’s the latest technology fashion of the military world and much smaller than British counterpart.
      Latest ones…those latest gadgets always cost…like high-end PCs…

  • Samson

    Just shoot ’em.

  • David W.

    Does anyone else think this is just a little silly?

    • Blake

      no, it’s really useful. much better than a “warning shot” (as discussed here several weeks ago).

    • morty diamondstein

      On a gayness scale from 1 to Elton John this comes in at a Freddie Mercury.

      • Nicks87


      • El Duderino

        I dunno. Maybe Richard Simmons.

  • Juice

    “Military lasers”
    Hell yeah!

    • morty diamondstein

      Can these laser beams be attached to sharks?

      • iksnilol

        Forget it.

        It ain’t the same.

  • Thracian Beast

    I had one of these 1st GEN variable focal flashlight units to go hunt coyotes and hogs at night. The new ones are way better and (not 8K, like this offering from BE Meyers) . $300 -$600. http://www.lasergenetics.com/nd3x50-sub-zero-laser-designator.aspx

    Get ready to get laser blasted

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Looks too weak to “dazzle”.
      Adopted model(GLARE RECOIL) has outpot power of 250mW. http://bemeyers.com/product/glare-recoil/
      That ND3 subzero outputs only 50mW.

      • Thracian Beast

        Sure good point. But there are hacks you can do to the unit to get in the region of 200+mW. But at the same time the stock units are pretty effective. Go stare into one.
        I’m not trying to “dazzle” a 250lb feral hog or coyote, I spot and shoot them. That seems to take all the dazzle out of them rather quickly.

  • Zachary marrs

    My inner geardo is active, what gloves are those?

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Oh, fierce geardo, take my offering and put your supernatural wrath down…
      It’s Outdoor Research’s tactical gloves…maybe now out of production.
      (You could barely see that “OR” logo on glove, also in B.E.Meyers’ website, all actors are using OR gloves.)
      Sorry I couldn’t find certain model.
      Old ghost ring gloves look similar, but not exactly the same.

      But other Outdoor Research’s tactical gloves are tacticool too.
      You will find another favorite here.

      • Zachary marrs

        Thank you, geardo in arms

        • Thracian Beast

          You got DAZZLED BRO! Snap out of it !!!!!!!!

          • GearGuy

            Dazzled or bedazzled …

  • jason

    Here’s the problem. Sure it will bother a guy, but what if he’s a suicide bomber in a car and just ducks while flooring it? The laser cant stop that.

    • Risky

      These aren’t really meant to actually stop someone (enemy) attempting to get to/through a checkpoint. They’re another tool in the box to stop a civilian with a van full of kids from flooring it when he drives up to a check point because he can’t read and getting everyone shot to hell.

      • morty diamondstein

        When he’s trying to bust his kids out of a FEMA camp?

        • Risky

          Yes. That is precisely what I was alluding to………………………

  • Bill

    Beats throwing water bottles at cars. Next, barf rays

    • Paul Epstein

      Specifically tuned strobe lights, sounds, or a combination might be capable of causing debilitating nausea at range without the risks associated with a chemical agent. If they could get one to work, I can see it selling.

      • Jow Blow

        Never mind that whole little seizure risk issue……

        • dan citizen

          The seizure causes less risk than a bullet wound.

    • morty diamondstein

      Or just hold up a picture of Ellen Degeneres.

  • Nicks87

    Is that what our troops are doing these days? “Dazzling” the enemy? No wonder we are still in Iraq… Oh… wait.

    • dan citizen

      Are we flying air strikes in iraq, yes
      drones strikes… That’s an affirmative.
      Boots on the ground? um, yep.
      private contractors? oh hell yeah.

      Are we “in” iraq? Nope.

      Because if another country did this to us we would totally not consider it an act of war.

  • mechamaster

    Can’t wait until someone tinkering the laser dazzler into pop’n-burn laser. Lol !

  • Paul O.

    Wonder what the countermeasure to this is? I understand protective goggles and visors are frequency specific, so it should be a matter of having the proper “shades” to deal with this “weapon.”

    • Dave S.

      Carry a mirror with you and send it back at them……gotcha!

      • S O

        Actually, a 90° cone or other 90° angled mirror would work like that (if the mirror surface is actually a mirror at the laser’s wavelength = highly reflective, not absorbing much).

        And Paul O. was right, some armies have already adopted protective goggles with at least the option of using an insert that protects against common laser wavelengths.
        The German Heer uses this, for example:

  • Patrick Mingle

    Those are some pretty impressive numbers they through out there in the video

  • dan citizen

    After hours parties at the old fire base are going to get a lot more festive…..

    The russians prevented recreational fun with their tank mounted 300 watt anti-sniper system two ways:
    1. laser is infrared
    2. Permanent blindness is effectively instantaneous

  • Thracian Beast

    I think it’s time to start operation PRANCER-CISE,

    Prancercise® is defined as: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. http://prancercise.com/

    Sounds like a legit 500 Billion Dollar program to win hearts and minds.

    ISIS will crumble in no time!!!!!! Dazzle them with Prancercise!!

    Oh-bama Says ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ for Fighting ISIS

    I think they think we don’t think we think we do. But that’s just fancy think tank talk.

    It’s time for HORSEPOWER!!!

    • Thracian Beast


  • Spot

    It reminded me of a conspiracy theory (as if there was such a thing after the Snowden leaks 😉 surrounding Princess Diana’s death. There is accounts of bright lights coming from the tunnel before the crash, or so it goes.


    • dan citizen

      Those were headlights…

  • Cory

    Now if they could just figure out how to make this on a large scale and send it into orbit to dazzle the entire Middle East.

  • steveday72

    Wouldn’t a simple red filter block most of the green laser light?

    A parabolic mirror could also be used as a countermeasure to collect and redirect the Dazzler light right back at the users own face.

    Combine the two on a rifle scope accessory and you could block the green laser and refocus some of it right back at where your scope is aiming.

  • raz-0

    OK, honest question. Other than being mil-spec ruggedized stuff, does this differ significantly in some technical way form something like a laser genetics nd3?

  • jeff

    wow someones stock just went up . another pointless overpriced device. im sure somewhere in govt someone has interest in this company !!