New 7.62 Non-Lethal Training Ammo Now Available

UTM Worldwide is now making the first ever 7.62mm man marker NLTA (Non-Lethal Training Ammunition) in existence now with their new 7.62×51 and 7.62×39 rounds.  Both rounds will be available in a loose and linked rounds which will help to spread the training opportunities over several platforms.  The man marker is only one part of their whole line of new 7.62mm rounds.  Also available will be silent blank rounds, battlefield blank rounds and target bullet rounds.

If you have not done any reality based force on force training, I would highly recommend it.  Find a local class or training facility and take a class.  It will teach you a lot about how you react and blow a lot of holes in what you thought would work in a volatile situation.  I learned a lot running full speed drills as both the attacker and victim.

For the training I was part of we as students were split into two groups.  One group was the bad guys, who were given a weapon and scenario and told to do what we needed to the would be victim to win.  On the other side we were the victim, or armed citizen and had to think through situations and read them and react accordingly.  It really is an eye opening experience to have to react to lethal situations.

Check out the press release from UTM Worldwide for more info.

NEW 7.62mm NLTA!!!

NEW UTM RBT 7.62mm Non-Lethal Training Ammunition – to include the only 7.62mm Man Marker Round in existence!

Introducing the brand new 7.62mm NLTA line, to include both 7.62mm x 51 and 7.62mm x 39! The 7.62mm is available in both loose and linked rounds and all four types of UTM RBT NLTA, Silent Blank Round (SBR), Battlefield Blank Round (BBR), Man Marker Round (MMR) and Target Bullet Round (TBR).

In conjunction with the new 7.62mm NLTA, UTM RBT has also developed weapon conversions for the M240B, H&K 417 and FN Minimi and will be announcing the availability of a new UTM RBT dedicated AK47 weapon soon!


  • Zachary marrs

    Soooo…. blanks and simunitions?

  • USMC03Vet

    Is this indication LE has upped their caliber?

    • It probably indicates more of a military demand. The US Army adopted the UTM Man Marker Rounds and conversion kits for the M16, M4, and M249 as part of the Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK).

    • Bill

      No. LE has used 7.62 for decades, primarily for precision rifle, but smarter open-country/rural cops have used it for increased range, penetration and putting down the occasional road-struck bison or cougar that’s decided to stroll through a suburban neighborhood eating poodles.

      Or we’re going to use it take over the world, because .300 Win mag is too expensive.

  • Thracian Beast

    “Also available will be silent blank rounds, battlefield blank rounds and target bullet rounds.”

    Please enlighten as to WTF a “Silent Blank Round” is?? Does it propel a marker??

    Is there a EURO or Asian weapons expo going on at the moment???

    • The Silent Blank Round is more for indoor CQB training. It cycles the weapon, provides enough recoil to trip MILES units, and requires no standoff for the safety of bystanders.

      • Thracian Beast

        That is actually very interesting. It cycles an SR-25 , Mk17, M14, M240, MK48 ????? For the purpose of utilizing MILES, and is silent?

        • It appears to me that you use the same conversion kits with the Man Marker Rounds and the SBR/BBR blanks. So it is just a matter of someone ordering enough units for a specific weapon.

          It is my understanding that the Mk17 has already been adapted for marking rounds via the 5.56mm conversion.

    • LKB

      UTM silent blank and battle blank rounds utilize a blocked barrel, so there’s nothing coming out of the barrel. (The UTM barrel is swapped with the one from your duty weapon, and the chamber of the blocked barrel is shortened so that it cannot even chamber a life round.) These UTM rounds cycle the weapon and provide a modicum of recoil (e.g., a Sig 229 with a UTM kit feels about the same as shooting it with a .22 conversion kit).
      One particular use for them is with an IR laser marker that is then used with either a computer simulator or a shock vest (the latter for FoF training, where a hit to the vest triggers a pain penalty to the target — think laser-tag that hurts when you get hit). This allows the trainee to use his own weapon, magazines, etc.
      Downside of UTM’s is that they are more expensive than regular ammo — about $1/round.

      • Thracian Beast

        Interesting thank you.