Magpul AR wrench and Bev Block

Magpul has an AR armorer’s wrench and a barrel extension vise (BEV) block. The Wrench is investment casted with a phosphate coating. It has all the tools necessary to build an AR upper and even has modifications to install a castle nut with an ASAP. The wrench retails for $79.95.


The BEV Block is Magpul’s version of a vise block.The BEV Block retails for $49.95.


Nicholas C

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  • Marty Ewer

    Looks good. A bit pricey though.

    • Ross

      I was going to say… better than a $20 wrench? Doesn’t look like it. Never heard of anyone breaking them, either.

      What’s next, a $50 delta ring tool to compete with the $8 ones?

    • Nicks87

      Yeah I dont know what MagPul is thinking with the price on these. I was like “hey, kinda cool.” Then I saw the price and was like “F*** that schizz.”

    • gggplaya

      The wrench yes, but the bev block is priced right.

  • Thracian Beast

    What country is it made in?

    • Zachary marrs

      Its magpul, so id guess in the usa, still not worth it imho

      • Thracian Beast

        They just need to write OPERATOR TORQUEMASTER on the side.

        BUST EM!!!! ;]

  • Mike N.

    The block looks pretty cool. I like how it’s reversible, and that it engages the barrel extension and doesn’t cause your to apply excessive force to the barrel extension pin as with normal upper receiver blocks.

    • mig1nc

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I could take or leave the wrench, but that block is pretty nice. The engagement with the barrel extension reminds me of the KAC tool.

  • me ohmy

    yeah.. but 80 bones for stuff already out there.. WAYYYyy late to the party MAGPUL..

  • You gotta be kidding. 80 bucks just because it says Magpul?

    • gunslinger

      lifetime replacement?

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Looking at the wrench from a handtool industy standpoint,
    it’s roughly twice as expensive as it should be.

    Considering it’s just a cast part, not dye forged and milled, heat treated, like hand tools normally are, it is way overpriced, as others mentioned.
    Of course for this particular tool being a cast mild piece is not a disadvantage,
    because you can’t work on sensitive aluminium and mild steel parts with heat treated steel tools, but there is absolutely no reason why this tool should cost more than $40,
    even considering its “specialized tool” nature.
    Even if it’ll run around $60 it’s too much, I’m not feeling the usual Magpul bang for the buck ratio here.

  • Guest

    Now I can be a super cool combat tactical tier one operator gunsmith!