BREAKING: Will Hayden (Red Jacket Firearms) arrested for rape

This is just sickening. Will Hayden, founder of Red Jacket Firearms which was featured on the Discovery show Sons of Guns, has been arrested for aggravated rape. He has been accused of raping his 11 year old daughter. Hayden was arrested earlier this month for molestation of a juvenile. Discovery have cancelled the show. Fox News reports

Sons of Guns” star Will Hayden has been arrested again, this time for aggravated rape, according to documents sent to FOX411 by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

The allegations have prompted the cancellation of his Discovery Channel series.

“Given the serious and horrific nature of the charges against Will Hayden, we have decided to halt further production of ‘Sons of Guns’ and cancel the series,” the network said in a statement.

Hayden is accused of raping a minor “almost daily” since March 2013 and taking her virginity when she was 11 years old. TMZ reports the girl is Hayden’s daughter.

During an interview with detectives, the alleged victim said she did not report the sexual abuse because she was afraid Hayden would hurt her. The most recent abuse of the now-12-year-old girl occurred during July 2014, according to the documents.

Red Jacket posted this notice on their website …

Red Jacket Firearms LLC. has initiated and received full legal separation as an entity, from William M. Hayden.

With heavy hearts, we will be continuing to operate and ensure the fulfillment of new customer orders, back orders and to provide support to those affected by these new developments. WE are the Heart and Soul of Red Jacket and will remain steadfast in our committment to quality and our customers, for years to come.

Red Jacket Firearms is dead. Nobody is going to want a gun with their logo on it. I expect Stephanie Hayden Ford (and/or whoever else owns the company now) will rebrand it.

I was once asked by producers of the show if I wanted to appear on one of the episodes. This morning I breathed a deep sigh of relief that TFB and I never got involved with the company or show.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • pop

    old news, get on the ball.

    • New charges—-

      • HerrDude

        This story broke yesterday so I agree, the “Breaking” in the headline is not necessary.

        Also, bye Red Jacket see ya never.

        • It was the first thing on the AP radio news and Fox this morning.

          • J.T.

            They were behind the ball. This was first reported on Tuesday.

  • John Bear Ross

    Mossberg also dropped RJF from a co-branded product line they were developing together. See their FB page for more.


    • O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.
      13 hours ago
      **ANNOUNCEMENT** O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. has terminated its licensing agreement with Red Jacket Firearms, effective immediately.

  • NevabeendonebefoGameChanga

    Neva Been Done Befo

    • burkefett

      Every single episode of Sons of Guns made me cringe and hurl epithets (and sometimes small objects) at my TV.
      “herp derp, let’s bring a fake navy seal onto the show and pretend that the navy can’t afford belt-fed weapons or something, so they need a water-cooled M16 to put on riverine craft.”
      “herp derp, we don’t drill scope mount holes with a drill press, we freehand it with a cordless drill.”
      “herp derp, let’s use subsonic .300 BLK as a long-range precision rifle round.”
      “herp derp, let’s pretend we invented the AR-10!”
      “herp derp, this Beretta 92 that we’re calling a Desert Eagle sure has a lot of uncontrollable recoil!”
      “herp derp, let’s lose track of a pile of NFA weapons and catch shit from the ATF!”

      • Mr. Pink

        Don’t forget “herp derp let’s make a thousand yard AK Snipa raffle! Neva been done befo”
        Or “herp derp let’s go to the SOFEX arms show in Jordan but tell the audience it’s some super duper secret military contract we’re working on and pretend we’re in danger”
        Or “herp derp lets rig 3 saiga 12’s that spin in order to make the most useless device ever conceived”
        Or “herp derp let’s butcher this 1911/BAR/Browning 30. Cal so we can present it to a hired actor playing a ‘general’ who for some reason we’re meeting out in the desert all so it can for some reason be adopted by the military, because who needs a designated military weapons contractor like Cold Defense inc. or FN when we’ve got a Podunk Louisiana shit-shack of a gunstore to supply our ‘boys in the sandbox’ ”

        I’m glad that show is now killed, it hurt the image of the 2nd amendment community slightly less than your average mass shooting. If you want quality TV shows about guns, stick to outdoor channel or sportsman channel”. I loathe Red Jacket

        • UnrepentantLib

          That show was the worst possible public relations for the shooting sports community.

        • CrassyKnoll

          I cannot disagree with any of the noted herp-derp, but acting like this stuff hurt the “2nd amendment community” is entirely equivalent to thinking Miley Cyrus hurts the “1st amendment community.”

          Get out of the perpetual duck and cover mode, free your mind and your tail will follow.

          • Pseudo

            Analogy fail. If you’re really too dense to recognize the political reality of publicly-supported “reasonable” (and according to SCOTUS, legal) restrictions on 2nd amendment rights, then perhaps you should consider putting your mind back in its cage. There is no significant population in the United States that would support the blanket restriction of speech. The same cannot be said for gun rights.

          • WilliamDahl

            There is no such thing as “reasonable” restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment (as intended by the Founding Fathers) is ABSOLUTE. You can no more legally or morally restrict the arms that a person owns or carries than you can the religion that they practice. You can restrict the actions that they do with said arms, but not the mere possession of them. The SCOTUS is often wrong and if they think that the 2nd Amendment is subject to some sort of interpretation, they are wrong on it also.

          • nash

            There is significant life

          • Killa Pete

            Does that include nuclear arms, dimwit? None of the Bill of Rights is absolute. You don’t have a right to libel or slander (constraining the 1st), freedom of religion doesn’t mean you can sacrifice virgins and your rights of search and seizure can be curtailed owing to a terrorist threat (your bag can be searched for a bomb). Take a high school civics class then post.

          • Fox

            You do know this is a “Firearm Blog” right? It is bad to resort to name calling in an argument. Maybe you should go to college, they teach those sort of things. No single person would ever be allowed to own a nuclear weapon. That argument is simply invalid. We only want to own the firearms that the government and the wealthy have access to. Such as Machine guns, Sub machine guns, short barrel rifles and shotguns, and no limit on magazine capacity, or ban on year produced. Many are comfortable with “reasonable restrictions”, the only problem with that is who defines reasonable? Reasonable to the progressive left is no gun ownership at all. And let’s face it, you cannot buy anything without the government knowing about it anymore. If you pay close attention to the background of those who represent you, you will see those who protect only the benefits of the wealthy, or those who wish the country we know and love to collapse, only to rebuild it with a centuries old ideal that has failed over and over. There are however, a few rising stars who truly believe in fighting to restore your rights as the founders intended. Why not get behind them? Did you stop and ponder that feeling of disgust that you had toward William? That is the indoctrination talking. They have you right where they want you. Do us all a huge solid, and think before you post or speak. It would not hurt to turn the television off for awhile and read a credible source before you react. Good day to you sir.

          • asoro

            your talking to a dead brain,,, you can not get through to some one like that

          • Shooter613

            Fox, I agree with you in totallity! However, have you ignored, that whenever our commander and chief speaks of gun control, he references Australia. That countrys government banged on the doors of its citizens and took their guns by force if they weren’t given up freely. It’s not that farfetched considering how this president has ignored the constitution in the past. JUST SAYIN

          • JRJ21

            Can you keep and carry a nuke?The second amendment is about hand carried small arms.The same as the common soldier carries in war.Your inability to think stems from Govt. school indoctrination.Sacrifice involves a crime against another not really a religious freedom and to compare that with the right to keep and bear arms is just asinine. Infringed means just that “dimwit” it’s your civics class that needs infringing.

          • colt1911com

            In all States where there are shall carry laws you at least have to qualify with the weapon you want to carry…So if you want to carry a NUKE!!!…I KINDA THINK YOU GET THE IDEA???

          • dan

            I was able to hit the target with my nuke

          • phil

            Not really accurate, There are several “Shall Issue” states where you simply have to pass the background check, be of age, and pay the fee in order to get your license/permit to carry. No training, certification or etc required or even acknowledged. Research before you make a any sort of statement.

          • gunslinger

            PA is a shall issue state. Show up to the sherrif’s office. do the paperwork. pay, get your picture, and walk home with the new permit.

          • jay

            does the first amendment mean cell phones and email? you cant pick and choose what they mean .

          • Hank Seiter

            You’re the nitwit. Nuclear arms, battleships and artillery pieces aren’t “ARMS” which is to say smallarms … which the Second Amendment is addressing. The former are ARMAMENTS. And I bet you don’t see a distinction between “the militia” and the state or select militia either, do you? You’re engaging in relevant false equivalences to advance an absolutely stupid red herring argument.

            How about you get yourself acquainted with the real founding opinion and context of the Second Amendment instead of spewing prog nonsense. BTW, moron, can you carry a nuke (suitcase nukes are myths), battleships or artillery pieces? Stupid is as stupid says in your case.

          • britcom

            This is where liberals go off the rails because they don’t understand what rights are and they don’t understand what arms are.

          • asoro

            the founding fathers did say SHALL NOT BE INFRINGE ,, when it came to the 2nd, thats why these anti gun people like our great new Gov, is having a hard time trying to get around it,,, That’s why O is trying to use the UN to take control of our 2nd, which should never be pass, If it does get by, than you can a sure it will be the next step of all Americans losing more of there freedoms, If thats your taste for our future than please move to Canada..

          • Robert C Dare

            And infringed means waiting periods, checks, restrictions on carry style(CCW or OC), what you can own, where you can own it, magazine size, bullet type….All this can be counteracted by a simple piece of legislation. 18 USC 241 & 242. But that’s if you think papers will do it by itself. Maybe to a degree, but it takes humans behind that document. Without a human factor behind it , it loses its backing

          • JRJ21

            The armed American was seen by the founders as THE LAST DITCH CHECK ON THE DESPOTISM OF GOVERNMENT.It is our arms which keep these power mad politicians in check with the thought that we would stop any mad attempt to misuse any weapon system including nukes against American citizens or cities,Yes we have final say so IN ALL WEAPON SYSTEMS USE OR MISUSE.Our power was the acid test of true Americanism unknown to all other countries.Above the rights of kings and tyrants to infringe…..GET IT

          • Robert C Dare

            You can own a nuke. But its maintaining that nuke, hiring physicists, inspections, and huge costs that make it improbable. You sure do have a right to slander and perform libel. The Public Media does it, the education system does it, government does, private entities do it for a living. The question is whether or not YOU can do these things.
            Government education is indoctrination at its best. I know, I graduated High School then deprogrammed my brain years later.
            If the lawmakers( colleagues) can own nukes, use slander/libel as policy, steal from everyone, collaborate with terrorist organizations, launder illegal guns,…….then what would be the issue for one person to do this if a collective does it? Nothing would be wrong at all.
            Congress already does all this so it wont be much different if I do it. Except ill be in prison and Congress will be promoted.
            And the 2A targeted military arms designed to be carried by a person. So a Nuke cannot be carried either. Now a LMG, RPG, AT-4, Stinger, now we are getting places.

          • Theodor Herzl

            You absolutely have a right to libel and slander – and to suffer the legal consequences thereof. The Bill of Rights was designed to protect the people against an out-of-control government or it’s agents using “whatever” excuses they wanted to violate basic human rights. It appears that your indoctrination into the unthinking class has been very effective.

          • Rich


          • machodog

            Check out the cool, concealed carry bra holster for the ladies at It hides in the armpit and nearly undetectable. You don’t have to wear a jacket over it. Comfortable for all day wear.

          • I completely agree William. The Second Amendment is our right and nobody will take it away from us. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

          • Smiddywesson

            “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”

            It’s more precise to say that guns disuade people predisposed to kill other people by forcing them to think twice or be killed themselves.

            Better to ask the question why those people are predisposed to kill, than to restrict the one element outside law enforcement that keeps those animals in check.

            Guns don’t kill people, guns kill animals that threaten to kill people (and the animals know it).

          • Tangodown

            Don’t insult “animals” when you mean low-life scum that would hurt, maim or worse the innocent population. Animals, in my opinion, rate high up on the scale…as opposed to conscious-minded individuals who are at least MOST of the time well aware of what they are doing.

          • Smiddywesson

            Exactly. Any restrictions allow the rights to be utterly destroyed against the plain intent of the Amendment. The Amendment was drafted to protect the people from the government. Such a right cannot be logically trusted to the government to interpret and provide any interpretation at all. The people who say otherwise are either ignorant, stupid, or dishonest trolls, or maybe a combination of all three.

          • Steve

            It doesn’t matter what you think or if your right (which I think you are), the govt has the power to pass laws to basically take away your guns and leave you with a flintlock if the majority of the populace supports it. Just look at what guns New Yorkers can buy to see a sample of what majority opinion can achieve.

          • kingghidorah

            Agreed, to a point but the ‘hate crime/ hate speech/ racist/ sexist/ bigot/ homophobic’ brigade have taken over everywhere, save for the mosques and ghettos.The hetero white Christian male has been neutered to an idiot sitcom father.

          • Commissar Kirov

            Are you an idiot or an Obamaist? But then I repeat myself.

          • nash

            Lol Merca

          • nash

            Pseudo rebuttal fail. If you truly think there is no significant population that wouldn’t support more gun control ask the Clinton’s, congress, and every Democrat how gun control is going for them. Epic fail. Think with your head you insignificant fuck.

          • Hank Seiter

            Uh, analogy fail on your part. There is no restriction on the First Amendment. You can say what you want (equivalent to having a firearm of your choice) but if you abuse the right of free speech (shoot innocent people) by engaging in slander, libel or ginning up riots under false pretenses the that’s the legal restriction that comes into play. You abuse your right to free speech (owning any small arm of your choice including full-auto) by endangering other people or civil society, then you will receive the appropriate legal retribution for your reckless speech (actions).
            I hope I’m not misapprehending your nuance.

          • Robert C Dare

            But politicians aren’t held accountable for these offenses but I sure will be. Il be in prison while a politician will get blowback and reduced constituency. So it matters who does the acts not just the acts in itself.
            If you of high status, then the likely youll get off or not even reprimanded is pretty high

          • JeffH

            Pseudo fools no one and says “DUH”!

            The context of the word “reasonable” you used is nothing more than liberal progressive anti-gun political doublespeak, just the same as using the term “common sense”.

            The definition in political doublespeak means just the opposite of the Merriam Webster definition, nothing more than a “code”, aka, “smoke & mirror” talk.

          • Smiddywesson

            “There is no significant population in the United States that would support the blanket restriction of speech. The same cannot be said for gun rights.”
            Incorrect. The game is to dumb them down and leech away their rights. In that respect, there’s a HUGE part of the population that’s very willing to take away your First Amendment rights, just a little bit at a time and somebody else’s rights first.
            Maybe you are not a lawyer, but I sure am, “reasonable restrictions?” Really? “Reasonable” restrictions on Second Amendment rights are not reasonable, they are a slow strangling of your rights. That much should be obvious by now.
            No compromise, ever. The game is to undermine everything through “reasonable” compromise.

          • I’m really sad that this happened Crassy. I have always been a fan of Sons of Guns and taped most of the episodes. Will has gone off the deep end with this act to his daughter. I can only imagine how Stephenie and Chris must feel about this incident. I think the whole world has gone completely mad. This is my first check-in to this site and I like what I see.

          • asoro

            at least you have some sense

          • JeffH

            Rick, pretty much agree. It wadn’t my favorite gun related show but I never missed it, found it interesting, informative and somewhat entertaining although I never cared for all of the drama…but I guess it’s the drama, more than the guns, that sells these reality shows to the public anyway.

            As is said, never judge a book by the cover.

        • Will Hayden

          herp derp, let’s git summa dat ‘levin year old poontanyng! yeeeehaawwwww!

          • Hudspeth

            He should have stuck with molesting weapons

          • jay

            lmao thats funny

          • john huscio

            “Neva been dun befo”

          • Tangodown

            THAT”S SOOOO WRONG idiot…

          • rob.308

            Wilo my name is robknoisoyallnow if you did it or not i am not going to sit here and pass judgement upon you.. i just find it funny when ppl become critics and judge s. I also find it funny when people know that you did it before the judge as read her statement O wait if yall know he did it then that makes all of y’all people guilty by association So go turn yourself into the police.. also i usually Don’t call people names but y’all have ran this mans name though the mud without knowing if he is guilty or not guilty of the alleged charges against this gentleman.. O wait y’all did know he was guilty because y’all were there thats how y’all know.. also all of yall are the first to throw the stone at mr.heyden but none of y’all Would take the time out to apologize For all the rude comments name calling And everything else yall are doing to this man… have a great day mr. Hayden i wish the show was still on the air i enjoyed the laughs it was and how you ran it like everybody was family to you…

          • rliss

            levin year old poontang is delicious….anyone who has had it agrees….whoever disagrees is either gay or ignorant or stupid

        • TBW

          Based upon all the comments I realize this guy is guilty but, whatever happened to “innocent till proven guilty”? We as avid 2M supporters ignore this basic legal premise?

          I know a guy that went thru hell, locked up and bankrupted because his wife and 2 daughters claimed he raped them. It took ten years for this completely innocent guy to clear his name. I know the story well cause it was my crazy sister that destroyed the kindest man I ever met. INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty!

          • Travis Fisher

            WTF?? Yours is the only comment stating innocent until proven guilty. Doesn’t anyone else believe that anymore?

          • JBM

            Indeed! Innocent until proven guilty! Now, the main problem is simple. If he is innocent, his personality and situation doesn’t help his cause. Personalities aside, he did hack work on guns. He was a very bad spokesperson for guns on the whole firearm debate, period. Surely not the face I’d like to see associated with anything effecting John Q Public’s view on my rights to bear arms. We all know the heated debate on firearms in this country. He should have been petitioned long ago to be taken off TV. He was on TV because the DRAMA bought ratings to the network. But now it has backfired in their face and us responsible gun owners too. When you are in a situation where your influence affects potentially millions of people you have to be above reproach, meaning there should be nothing that anyone can bring into the equation that could destroy you or bring a bad name to your cause. If he is innocent, then the truth will come out. If not, then he needs to rot because I can’t think of anything worse than molesting a child, another human or especially your own daughter! What ever happened to us dad’s being the good example for our daughters to find the best guy possible for their own husbands? I’m sick and tired of the word “Man” being almost a bad word. If a guy is a pervert, “Oh he’s just a man” or if a guy checks out another woman when he’s married or dating, “Well, he’s only a man, what do you expect”. Men, be honorable in the face of a perverted world! Be the ones to change things for the better instead of perpetuating the bad example. Being a Real Man should be an honorable position to aspire to. We’ll never elevate the human race if we don’t realize this.

          • TBW

            I watched 5 minutes of a show and disliked it so much I never watched again. I understand all the sentiment but, considering what a hard line I take on certain Constitutional and common law issues close to my heart, I must hold them all so dear or be fairly called a hypocrite.

          • dan

            TBW where are you from I know that flag, in your profile pic. Oglala?

          • TBW

            You win the prize; first to ever comment, even amongst other redskins (I love that name)! Lakota Sioux – Blackfoot.

          • dan

            Lol, majority of our students are from Oglala so I knew it looked familiar.

          • rob.308

            Its not that way with the Systems,court police.. once any girl speaks the word (molestation) and says a name or closes her eye and points at anyone there life is over because ppl making comments, the news posting your face everywhere… not to top it off your Arrest record your criminal record. Because the cops will issue a felony warrant for your arrest That shows you right there that they have no interest In what you have to say about it.. she is right and the guy is wrong and never given the chance to say i dont even know that girl..

        • Colt1911com

          Excellent response, but you forgot about the left handed AR-15 ??…I knew this guy was a sleeze ball but I never thought he was Evil incarnate!!.. He and the mother of the child should be punished to the full extent of the law!!!..THEN TAKEN OUT AND SHOT!!!(preferably with a real weapon,not from redjacket)…Again what a shit show, just like the owners.

          • Cymond

            The mother? I admit I haven’t looked in to this case very deeply, but from what I understand, the mother (Hayden’s ex-girlfriend) is the one who reported him. Unless she knew it was happening and allowed it to continue, then why should she be punished?

        • Donnie Robertson

          Oh Mister Pink stop trying to BS the masses; your are failing miserably! Reality follows:

          So? I take it by your discriminating comments you watched many of the shows ……………… because you, “…loathe Red Jacket”?

          You watched because it presented situations in which you had NO interest? You watched because you knew someday the gun community would hang on your every biased words? You watched because you found the show interesting (very likely). You watched because your impotent self became semi-aroused as you longingly stared at the beautiful Miss Stephanie. You watched and felt relief on a weekly basis as your flailing hands allowed you to making those warts on your palm grow ten times over;

          You hated the show ………. so you watched it time and time again so you would not forget you, “…loathe Red Jacket”. Yea right! Such BS you spew forth!

        • Casey Perry

          Yeah, the “General” out in the desert was over the top. And the spinning shotgun….yeah…

      • kingghidorah

        more please!!

        • burkefett

          “herp derp, let’s pretend Will Hayden is trapped inside an M36 Tank Destroyer because DRAMA.” Ya know, the ones with the open-topped turret. That’s like a cat jumping into a box and not being able to figure a way out.
          “herp derp, let’s randomly discharge firearms in our shop, because guns totally do that when you work on them.”
          “herp derp, let’s take random discharges a step further, and shoot blanks at each other because it’s totally funny and promotes a great image of gun owners!”
          “herp derp, tripping over smoke grenades sets them off! That’s because the US Military uses munitions that come from only the lowest-quality chinese firework sweatshops.”
          “herp derp, let’s pretend we’re the first people to invent the under-barrel shotgun.”
          “herp derp! This AK-47 needs to be modified to accept 30-round magazines!”
          “herpty derpy derp, this SWAT team can’t stand using modern firearms! Let’s rebuild a 1921 Thompson SMG.”

          Seriously. I can make one of these for literally every single episode.

          • kingghidorah

            LOL! I always kept a barf bag handy while watching this wreck. How about
            herp derp, we are assembling a piston driven AR and can get it to work. That episode made me chuck.

          • Andy

            lol, you guys sure have seen a lot of episodes considering how much you hate the show.

          • kingghidorah

            I know! I have basic frickin cable, hate sports and short of dumb shows like house hunters and pawn stars, not much to see on tv.

          • kingghidorah

            …and they took the show off with that guy who looked like a time share closer living on a reverse mortgage with maxed out credit cards, milf wife, nymphett daughter, fratboy son and the fat gunsmith in their basement. Now there was some entertainment.

          • Nicks87

            I loved that show! Maybe they will bring it back now that SoGs is officially dead.

          • OldSchool 02/07

            They might consider it if it weren’t for all of his legal problems too.

          • american gun shops

            not with all the trouble with irs, two condos, 700,000 home wheatridge,while they make less than 15,000 year. also, whos the real owner. read this story, there as bad as rjf, and he was a cop, makes gun owners look like criminals, as so many are. also the breakin and theft of auto weapons. it just gets better. great 2nd amendment reps for us

          • big daddy

            Considering how bad TV/cable is especially for gun enthusiast what do you expect?.

          • I’d like Discovery to bring back American Guns and keep Outwest Alaska.

      • Gun Smoke

        What the hell is wrong with these people who think it’s okay. God dam sickening. .That’s the Real Deal..

      • Donnie Robertson

        BURKEFETT……….. another “hater” who watched EVERY EPISODE because he did not want to forget he disliked S of G.

        Normal people avoid watching that which they “hate”. So many of the individuals posting here seem to repeatedly watch a show they “hate”! These people appear to own firearms and that scares the heck out of me!

        Hate mongers who are not intelligent enough to avoid television shows they “hate”? You know who you are; perhaps it is time for therapy and relinquishing your “rights” under the second amendment. You are a danger to yourselves and society as a whole.

        BOTTOM LINE: You fools crack me up!

      • Anon. E Maus

        T-they actually used a cordless drill to mount scope-rings?

    • Carvey

      Dat eyes in the last pic….

    • Porty1119

      “I can count to guns…”
      Dammit man, I’m lucky I can still breath after seeing that…

      • 1leggeddog

        I know that one cracks me up everytime.

      • w.f.r

        If the charges are true, he should pe prosecuted to the full extent of the law. However we should at least remember that he be given a fair trial before we condem him. Lets at least give him a chance to hear his side, Isn’t that what justice is all about ?

    • herb

      Yep, they were dingleberries. Good thing it’s over.

    • brobertson

      well let see you all can fight about the laws and gun ownership i pass a background check when ever i buy a gun i believe in open carry. i believe if i want a gun i should be able to buy it.lets get real a nuke why? you would only shoot once because you would be killed from it yourself. now i have owned alot of guns over the years and never once pointed at someone then again i am not a whacko. and for you mr herp derp if the show bothered you that much why did you watch it? if our government try’s to take our guns i believe we will have a war on u.s grounds and who is going to knock on peoples doors and ask for our firearms cops our service men no i really do not see that happening as all of them would have to give up their guns as well. and in most states you have to take a handgun course before you can get your ccw now i am all for that. but now lets get real do you have to take a course on how to drink booze no and more people are killed that way then with guns or how about tose who stab someone outlaw knifes. you can take it all away but if someone is sick enough to kill someone they will find away. lets teach people thats the way this should be done

      • Ethan

        Paragraph breaks. Learn what they are.

  • RyanJ

    I wonder if my $9.99 Red Jacket floor plate marked AR mags I bought I academy will be a collectors item now? 🙂 😀

    • Secundius

      @ RyanJ.

      Right now, my guess is, your sitting on a “Celebrity Time-Bomb”. With no count-down timer on the bomb, which could go-off at any time. That you have no control over

  • tazman66gt

    if its true hang him by his testicles and have a public stoning

    • juju

      How about maybe a fair trial before we start all this hanging talk.

      • David Sharpe

        He DID say “If it’s true”

      • Laufi

        I say hang me by the balls even if he didn’t do anything, he deserves it anyway for being on such a terrible show

        • Phillip Cooper

          You might want to double-check what you’ve written. Just saying…

    • Phillip Cooper

      No, if he’s guilty, give him to me, and don’t ask any questions.

      He will NOT go quietly, or humanely. I will sleep VERY well, too.

      • YSS

        Signing a petition to send him to you.

      • Burst

        Shit’s creepy, son.

      • colt1911com

        If you get him use a pistol, he does not consider them a weapon,only a way to get one…

  • Antagon

    Dude shoulda converted to islam and moved to england if he wanted to do crap like that. What a sick dumbass. Hated the show the one time I saw it.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    “Nobody is going to want a gun with their logo on it”

    …As if they ever did! In all seriousness, they didn’t do anything impressive. They attempted a shotgun silencer but SilencerCo sure as hell beat them to it. Maybe if Hayden hadn’t spent so much time raping children he could have gotten to the 12ga. silencer market.

    • Örn Johnson

      SilencerCo didnt beat anyone to it. Shotgun silencers have been around in Europe for decades.

  • ColaBox

    No kidding? Wow. I already thought the guy was a prick but this is just icing on the cake.
    Anyone know why it was called Red Jacket anyway?

    • No I never heard how they came up with the name. Maybe it was because they specialized in AK’s at first??

      • Secundius

        @ Phil W. “Associate Editor TFB”.

        Two possibilities. First, a variation on the British Red Coats that fought in that area. In the War of 1812. And, second, something to do about the Seneca Indian Chief Sagoyewatha (Keeper Awake), aka. Red Jacket. Buy, your guess is as good as mine.

        • Yes indeed it’s a hard one to figure. Maybe it was an indian tribe reference. Now I’m curious to know.

          • Secundius

            @ Phil W. “Associate Editor TFB”.

            I really feel sorry for the older daughter, a you wife with a starting family of her own. Now, have the extra burden of have too take care of a “brutally” savaged, mind-scarred 11-year old sister. With probably over a decade’s worth of psychiatric therapy, too through ahead of her. And raising hear own family at the same time. My suggestion to her, is to move. And with knowledge about weapons, start a new business. Because with a decade’s worth of psychiatric therapy, its going too be expensive.

          • Secundius

            @ Phil W “Associate Editor TFB”.

            There’s also a reference, to a Uber Ultra Right “Winger” Nazi group in, or around the Boston, MA. area calling themselves the Patriots. But wearing Red Jackets. I don’t if that means anything, or is even related to the William Hayden, story.

          • Grim

            He patterned himself after napoleon, the evil conquerer, that used to put his hand in his red jacket uniform, hence the name red jacket, will has a portrait of himself dressed up as napoleon, not the English redcoats

          • Secundius

            I Thought for a while there. He fancied, himself as a “Zouaves”. But Zouaves don’t wear Red Jackets/Coats.

    • sianmink

      Has something to do with the red military overcoat they kept in the store lobby. History something.

    • I found it for you—- This came from a Hayden interview:

      “on my mother’s side of the family, we’re Choctaw; it’s an Indian tribe from down here. In the Choctaw language, it’s Osguma. But that doesn’t spell out very well on a sign. It’s translates to Red Jacket”.

  • Secundius

    I hope he get’s life! And, I hope the other prisoners in the prison know about is. It will give him a whole new prospective on the meaning of PRISON SURVIVAL.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Look into the eyes of evil.

  • Dan Nunn

    you can’t believe everything a 12 yr old says. I’ll give the man a chance to explain before I start this Hanging Crap.

    • J.T.

      Ya. His ex accused him, they arrested him earlier this month, they interviewed the girl, and didn’t find anything suspicious. Now the girl has changed her mind and is saying he did do something way worse than he was initially accused of. Somebody is manipulating that girl but I don’t know which parent.

      • B

        Please read earlier posts! His older daughter has accused him as well. I don’t think this can be chalked up to an angry ex an manipulation.

  • Gwolf

    Arrested and convicted are two different things. If he’s guilty, let due process take its course, if not, then maybe not be so quick to say “I knew it!” Just because you might not like the show or his goofy guns.

    I’m no fan, but let him have his day in court.

    • Mark

      Well his own daughter wrote a lengthy release on the arrest saying her sister wasn’t the only victim but she thought he had overcome his desire to do this. Sounds like his older daughter got the same treatment when she was younger.

      • ProperModulation

        Where did you pull that out of???

        • Tim U

          A screenshot off of Facebook was posted on where the daughter from the show posted on her personal page. She never directly said there were other victims, but that was strongly implied from what was said.

          • Commissar Kirov

            In other words the sole source for this is some minor?

          • I would guess that Stephanie is in her mid to late 20’s, so, no, not a minor.

          • Tim U

            No, the adult daughter. Not the minor involved in this round of charges.

          • Adult daughter, aunt and other family members are coming out and speaking about it.

          • Cymond

            Link please? Arfcom is far to large to go digging through blindly. Even a link to the right thread would be great. I found references to that thread, but not the thread itself. That seems to contradict what I read elsewhere:


            Following the initial allegations, his daughter Stephanie Hayden Ford, who appears on the show with her dad, took to her Facebook page to deny reports that the hit series was in trouble.

            “Guys the show is NOT cancelled! We so appreciate the outcry of injustice but [it’s] not true, I guess some [people] just need ratings… We are on a hold with filming while my family takes care of a few things. You guys are the best fans ever & we love you so much! Thank u for standing strong with us!”

            She has since deleted her message.

    • 1leggeddog

      Exactly my thoughts. There are so many haters of this show (and understandably why) but it IS innocent until proven guilty no matter what. And that right is just as important as the 2nd amendment.

      If he is guilty, may he be hanged him by his balls and be eaten by rats.

      If he is not guilty, his life is ruined just by the allegations alone.

      Either way, this man’s life is over.

      • Colt1911com


    • Commissar Kirov

      Good points. Who is making these charges? The wife involved in divorce proceedings? A social worker? Can we have some details before rushing to conclusions?

    • I can certainly agree with that Gwolf.

  • sianmink

    Innocent until proven guilty and all that, if this IS a work, the damage is huge. Steph has a ready-made brand with IAC they could transition to, Red Jacket just isn’t viable as a brand anymore.

    • Andy

      Yep, doesn’t matter if it’s true. The taint of a child sex accusation never leaves you regardless of the outcome.

  • KM

    I wonder what evidence they had. You can’t condemn someone without knowing the evidence against them

    • Militarygirl

      Yes, let’s hope an 11yr old girl who was getting raped nightly had the good sense to keep some semen or something. Really??? What kind of evidence do you auppose there is? If im giving anyone the benefit of the doubt it is the little girl. children very rarely lie and this is the second girl to accuse him. A grown man will lie on his parents grave if he feels it is for his benefit.

      • Blastattack

        And young children have been coerced to “tell the truth” because that is what they were told to do by a person with power over them. If these allegations are untrue, it would not be the first time a child has lied to the police and medical practitioners because one of their parents told them to. A tactic used by soon-to-be ex-wives and feminist lawyers is to try and paint the husband or father in a bad light in order to milk more form the divorce settlement. I’m not saying this is or is not what is happening here, but it is as likely a scenario as anything else.

      • dan

        Um, As someone who works with children, they lie better than any adult I know. Children are easily manipulated, they lie to benefit themselves, we have documented many rape allegations from females at our facility that in fact did not happen, most of the time the accuser did it because she felt it would get her what she wanted or out of some percieved trouble. For the record I am not defending this douche just pointing out yea kids lie.

    • kingghidorah

      He has rape in his eyes in that picture, oh wait that ‘s red eye from the flash.

  • bigkracka

    For people that claim to hate the show you sure know every episode. Just sayin’……

  • Sam

    Just don’t believe everything the cops say or the apparent rape victims. He’s got an angry soon-to-be ex and the rest of the siblings are siding with dad on that one.

    95% of rape reporting is just bunk…women are never prosecuted for lying about it (or if they are, it’s a slap on the wrist compared to what the man is risking if convicted) and so it continues. If not for gain, then for attention:

    • Gregory Markle

      Guess you haven’t seen the Facebook comment Steph made…

      • lurpy

        Not to mention Kris’s Facebook post, and both Flem and Vince’s posts on

    • lurpy

      “95% of rape reporting is just bunk”

      [citation needed]

      The largest available study suggests about 3% of rape reports to police are false (67 out of 2,643 in the study’s sample). Those who claim most women are lying about being raped are generally those with a vested interest in others assuming that rape claims are false.

      • Those stats seem about right. I can think of one that was a false allegation out of all the rape and attempted rape cases I worked.
        False accusations just aren’t that common.

  • Andy

    This whole time I never knew RJF stood for Rapes Juveniles Firearms.

  • herb

    They should give the show to Royal Nonesuch. I mean, he’s funny, professional, informative. His format could be extended indefinitely without resorting to hokey drama. He’s edgier than Red Jacket because, you know, zip guns (ha!), yet remarkably pleasant. The perfect person to present the idea of firearms to the unwashed masses.

    • dan citizen

      I agree. Royal Nonesuch would be great with his own show. His channel is going to go far.

    • David Sharpe

      RN is awesome, I’ve been following him since he was 1Fungunguy. But he doesn’t have the “pizzazz” for a reality TV show. Also, I bet his content quality would go down if he was given a reality TV show. They always start off cool but turn to crap when ratings and profits come before content.

  • MisterTheory

    Remind me to never get accused of anything around this group of people. Some of us have been in situations where we have been accused of things we didn’t do, but the damage was done by people like Steve “this is just sickening” Johnson. I guess Steve has some inside information that has clearly convicted this man for everyone. For all I know, this guy is a scumbag. For all I know, this guy has been falsely accused of this crime. Why do people on the internet seem to think they have clairvoyance in these matters. If the legal system decides he did this, then I will be the first in line to suggest we lock him up and throw away the key. Until then, I will try to keep an open mind, because there is no way I or any of you can know if he did this or not.

    • Either way it is sickening. He was a scumbag before any of this.

      • B.

        Why before this?

        • Huge Ego, narcissist in the extreme, throwing people under the bus to show how intelligent he is or thinks he is.

          Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and … you get the idea—

          • Phillip Cooper

            While I agree he’s not a person I’d want to share space with (I never watched the show, largely because of how he came across), I have to wonder if you’re qualified to make armchair psycho-analytical diagnoses?

          • big daddy

            It’s very basic text book stuff. You don’t need a degree to figure it out.

          • Commissar Kirov

            Big Daddy:
            Well that’s a relief. Who needs a medical degree when you’re around?

          • It’s not a medical degree it’s a doctorate Phd in psychology.

          • big daddy

            Try reading a book Kirov, it’s not that hard to apply knowledge once you acquire some. This ignorant attitude if you don’t have some degree you are not able to do anything that requires one is just that, ignorant. Tell that to my mom who was miss-diagnosed by a doctor, I found out what was wrong by reading and got her the proper medication over the counter, all is well. All it takes is to have enough intelligence to understand and apply knowledge just like the doctor does or in so many cases doesn’t do. Typical internet trolling & baiting.

          • ProperModulation

            And you believe EVEYTHING shown on TV??? Perhaps it was the writers for the show that had NPD.

          • Almost nothing I see on TV. He did a good job on his own making himself look like a fool.

          • Secundius

            @ ProperModulation.

            One thing I found ironic, about his show. Was all these thing he tried to either push-to-sell to the military and/or license/manufacture for the military. Under military guide lines, you first have to have a seven-year association with the military. Before becoming a military vendor of arms. In which case he didn’t have. As a owner/operator/
            manufacturer, he should have know that fact.

          • big daddy

            Even going along with the BS on the show says something about his personality type, even if he was told to do it. He’s a lowlife, just how low the courts will decide.

    • guest

      “The Legal System”… couldn’t help but burst into laughter! You’re not referring to the same system that allows Corporations to buy out our congressional whores, decides that fat cats on Wall Street deserve tax dollars from the most deprived portions of our society, signing 30yr non-disclosure foreign trade agreements, killers whom serve less time than pot heads making a buck. I’ll just stop here. Feel free to add to the list ladies and gents.

      • guest

        The same system that will allow this man to never see a day behind bars because he can afford “The Red Tape”!… I gotta gut feel’n he’ll OJ outta this just as many in our society with stacks of declining value green paper have ALWAYS done!!

        • guest

          The same system that uses the Constitution of United States of America as SH!T PAPER….

      • MisterTheory

        Unfortunately, it is the only system we have. Do you want to be tried by the internet? I am not arguing with the examples you have given. But what else is there?

      • Ratcraft

        When we tax corporations, we see them as individuals. Hence the court ruling. Stop, end all corporate taxes and tax the shareholders. Bye bye to corporations being people. It’s not the legal system, it’s the laws, the tax codes. it’s as always the lawmakers at fault. Unless you want activist judges, and who wants that.

      • colt1911 com


  • Nicks87

    I always thought he kind of had a strange relationship with Steph but this… Ugh, makes me regret defending the show against all the haters in the gun community. I’m thankful for the people that the show brought into the world of firearms and shooting but I’m glad to see it come to an end. Especially if these accusations turn out to be true.

  • John

    The most terrifying aspect of this is that sometimes…kids lie…they lie for their parents, their friends or just because they’re mad. I don’t know the truth yet, I only know about the accusations. If they are true…hang him….and if they are not…this little girl needs serious therapy and the mother needs prison time. Getting to the truth is all the matters in cases like this. Let’s hope we can get to the truth….

    • Commissar Kirov

      People need to remember the child abuse hysteria of the 1990s and all the lies.

  • Red Jacket Firearms shared a link.
    August 26 · Edited
    The Red Jacket Firearms entities have received complete legal separation from William M. Hayden, He will no longer take part in ANY aspect of the Companies. The owners and employees of Red Jacket Firearms, LLC will continue will continue to operate, and promise to do everything in our power to fill customer orders, back orders and provide support to those affected by these new developments.

    Please direct any media inquiries to:
    See the website for updates.

  • Fruitbat44

    Errr . . . he hasn’t been convicted yet, and all we now of the facts of the case is just what’s been reported in the press so far.

    • Korn

      There is a 20+ page thread on right now with contributions from cast members of the show, and all indicators are pointing to this charge just being the tip of the iceberg. Even will’s older daughter admitted being raped

      • If you look around a bit you will find more as well as the thing with Stephanie on Kris Ford’s Facebook page. Kris did take it down sometime in the last few days.

        • Fruitbat44

          I ‘d still go with guilty or not guilty in a court of law over the Court of the Internet any day.
          But . . .
          It doesn’t look good. 🙁

      • n0truscotsman

        I just waded through that thread and, in summation, it is a very ugly situation. Pretty damning.

    • Colt1911com


  • gunsandrockets

    I for one am reserving judgement until the trial (if any) is over. These crimes he is charged of are not only monstrous, they also occur in the context of a bad relationship.

    It wouldn’t be the first time the worst possible accusations have been made against the innocent. Never underestimate just how far someone might go to frame the S.O. they hate.

  • Shane

    I have always hated “Sons of Guns”. I am from Louisiana and this show made everyone in Louisiana look like a backwoods hicks along with making firearm enthusiasts look like complete assholes. Am not surprised if this is completely true. Why is it that Discovery Channel has given shows to some of the worst people out there (what was that other gun show they had also owned by another douchebag)? Good riddance.

    • Well I’m with you on that. I was born in Louisiana and everytime I hear his fake exaggerated accent it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Trying to sound Cajun just doesn’t work for him. Besides that his preachy intro to the show about safety and not making your own machine guns is so very fake.

  • Marcus

    And here I thought this was some trumped up bullshit to take down a highly visible pro-scary-looking-evil-black-side-of-the-pro-2a-movement type. (damn, that’s a lot of hyphens) But now it’s black-and-white obvious that this guy is a scumfuck of the highest order, who deserves things I will not put in writing.

    And I REALLY should be above saying this, but of all the things he claimed he did that “neva been done befoh”, his daughter should have been left as that. Fuck this guy and anyone who supports him. I PRAY they don’t put him in “protective custody”, and let him suffer GenPop in a real PMITA joint for the rest of his natural life.

  • Llewelyn

    This “news” came out weeks ago

    • JumpIf NotZero

      This is the SECOND arrest. But thanks for your commentary.

      • Cymond

        hat wasn’t really clear above. I was surprised this was “breaking” because he was arrested weeks ago. I didn’t realize these were new charges with a second arrest, and you’re the first commenter I’ve seen to clarify this.

    • In addition to this recent second charge others are pending.

  • big daddy

    I watched the show because they did have some great firearms that you just do not see often. Of course then they go and find a way to either fix them with much BS or ruin them. The show was total BS, from what I understand that wasn’t even the real shop. I never liked this guy and most of the people on the show. Total BS drama. Now if this is true and Hayden did this, I feel for the girl, I feel for her even if he didn’t do it, to accuse him she has some issues. Either way the girl is going to need years of therapy and never will be right, that leaves mental scars that never heal. Hayden seems like the poster child for inbreed backwoods white trash.

    • That shop was for the show only. The place that turns out the guns people buy is a separate building where the real day to day employees work. You never see them or that building. I should say you do see them in photos on personal Facebook post from Kris but that’s about it. They talk about a second shift etc.

  • Pete

    Two lives have been ruined. The victim’s life, and Will Hayden’s life. Mr. Hayden’s life, however, was most likely ruined decades ago, as most perpetrators were themselves child rape victims. That’s the cycle we have to break. Firearms work well to break that cycle, by the way.

  • japee

    This is disgusting, but this ape had the rapey look ’bout him. At least that stupid scripted show where mediocre gunsmiths make things that already been made is gone.

  • Kwi

    As over the top & dramatic as it was, it was the only show the actually showed gun builds, & some creativity with it. & the comments show that y’all watched it too!
    what, “American Guns” lasted 1 season?



  • Kanger

    Arrested and Convicted are TWO separate actions.

  • STW

    Have to admit I didn’t realize this was still on. It had a bit too much fake drama for me.

  • patrickiv

    Apparently it’s now innocent until proven guilty in a court of internet bloggers. Come on, Steve. The Constitution, remember?

  • Angrie Nole

    just another patriot winger rapist

  • DumassRedknecks

    come on! think of all those 9 year old girls needing machine guns! dont anyone think of da kidz!!!111

  • He should’ve been severely flogged for his crimes against decent firearms years ago.

  • Alex Nicolin

    The right to Pedobear arms shall not be infringed

  • Örn Johnson

    Fire in the hole!!!
    Shooting in to a bullet trap…
    And accuracy testing, offhand, at 5 yards…

  • Hopsaregood

    I enjoyed the show the first year or two I saw it. Then it got to be about Hayden it seemed like and I lost interest in it some time ago. No loss to me.

  • jay

    man some people just look like pedophiles. i always thought he looked like one and i know that’s profiling but hey i turned out to be true .

  • MR

    Quickly went from “RedJacket Hatefest” to “pure politics & 2A discourse”, kind of overriding the “not politics” in the site’s title. Anyhoo, I would have thought people would have cringed away from that brand long ago due to previously mentioned aggressive pursuits of stupidity, but I still see RJ windshield banners on a few trucks around town. The phanbois will point out the company’s legal separation from the accused, and continue to think all these “Game Chanjas” are totally revolutionary inventions that have “neva bin dun befo'”. Just look at the rest of the poorly scripted, poorly acted, overdramatic, nonsensical garbage known as “‘reality’ TV”. Or better yet, don’t.

    And could somebody please delete the political garbage? Pro 2A, anti 2A, it doesn’t belong here, IMHO. Thank you.

    • obamathemarxist

      He is being persecuted because he supports the 2nd amendment. It has happened many times where an estranged wife will manipulate kids to give false testimony in hopes of gaining an advantage in divorce court and/or just out of spite. I withhold all judgement.

    • dan

      How does pro or anti 2A not belong here? When did we start viewing the constitution as a political document? Supporting the 2A isn’t a political matter it is a matter of being an American, and if being an American is purely a political stance then damn it I am one political person. There are left and right wing supporters of the 2A just as there are anti 2A righties and lefties. With that logic this blog is political as it would fall under freedom of the press which must surely be political.

  • mac

    never watched. Just his attitude toward others and his bully tactics turned me off. May the victim be comforted and protected by what I hope is now an alert family.

  • mxprivateer

    I only watched the show a handful of times and never saw an entire episode from start to finish, but I do remember seeing one where an employee wanted to ask his daughter out on a date and he acted like the over protective daddy. Kind of ironic looking back, I suppose. Or maybe he just didn’t want someone from outside the family stealing her away?

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    The show sucks and Will is not someone I would want for a friend. That being said, he hasn’t been convicted of anything. This isn’t the National Inquirer Online is it?

  • Robert

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty in court regardless of how stupid the show was. [aren’t all “reality” shows stupid?]

  • Steve_7

    He does deny the charges.

  • The FACTS

    Easy to tell that the guy was a toxic roach, a loudmouth and a blowhard. He will plead out… If guilty, and I think there is little doubt… I hope he is buggered daily by a 300lb gorilla in prison for the rest of his miserable life. I bet he went after his other daughter regularly too…

  • obamathemarxist

    Your one-sided article means you’ve lost me, I don’t need to read biased reporting.

  • uisconfruzed

    Innocent until proven guilty, applies even under oBummer.
    If he’s actually guilty, start with removing his testicles with a 1/4″ rope noose @ a 1″/hr rate and film his face through the tear out.

  • 5 Years Cooruption Overdose

    Red Jacket did the right thing to separate all associations with Hayden. We need our firearms/2nd amendment more than ever before in this corrupt political environment. Life goes forward for all of us value producing citizens, including Red Jacket Firearms.

  • grumpy

    I never liked him because he is an arrogant prick. Now I have an even better reason to hate him. Too bad the Supreme Court struck down Louisiana’s death penalty for pedophiles.

  • GinAZ

    I feel terrible for the daughter and I hope she recovers soon with as little pain as possible. Would also hope that the gun community could do something as well, you know, $$$ for college/psychological help. Anything so she has a chance to get away from those in bred hillbillies (not all southerners, just this group) and have a good life. As for that child molesting bastard he’ll be ass raped soon enough. Thank heaven that show is canceled, I hated it, we are better off without it!

  • OldJetDriver

    Phony show…phony guests…. Good arrest

  • KoyoteTan

    That show is is a gun show for people who know nothing about guns…oh and a show for people who love to see a boss be a dick to his employees.

  • Jim

    As usual, the acts of one person will impact not only himself, but his family, and untold hundreds of others. This is a good example of why I find the usual liberal concept that ones actions don’t hurt anyone else to be mostly selfserving.

    Mr. Hayden is scum. No, he has to look UP to see scum, he is so low as to abuse a little girl that way. If these allegations are true, he needs to go into the deepest dungeon and stay there.

    The show was stale too. I was sick of watching them load targets with explosives and blowing stuff up like juveniles with their first box of firecrackers.

    No class. No professionalism.

    Our shooting world is better off without this show……although, I will miss Steph a biyt.

  • Lou Sleef

    If it true, society should do to him what his shop does to firearms: Fill him full of hand drilled holes then cover him in black spray paint.

  • Lloydl333

    I am sad to read this. Innocent till proven guilty, remember. The show was entertaining. I pray for the whole family. I hope his older daughter and her husband can salvage their company. They seem like good people.

    If the government is going out to get him, a pox on the administration. If found guilty, Louisiana prison is not a nice place to be. If Wm is not guilty, may God protect him and his little girl.

  • woodgrain

    Alleged, people. Allegation from an EX. Let’s wait and see what the final verdict is. It’s not a very creditable charge.

  • Avalon Adam

    A note from England – He has only been charged and not convicted. Lets leave our opinions until after the trial,

  • one mans thoughts

    when the founders talk about arms in reference to the Second Amendment they meant that the population should have the same weaponry that you would issue to any regular foot soldier not a nuke not a tank. technically speaking the average citizen should be able to own hand grenades because they are issued to every frontline soldier, or every soldier is trained in there use.
    when the Second Amendment says well regulated you have to look up the definition of the Old English word regulated which meant well outfitted well armed well supplied a well-regulated gentleman was well dressed well outfitted.
    As for the UN small arms treaty to go into effect 33 States have to sign and ratify it which will never happen.
    as for will if he did do the things he’s accused of he should and will burn in hell for them but I think we should not jump to conclusions and let every man has his day in court. I also think that it would be unfair to punish the company that he has not been affiliated with for several years for the actions of a technically former employee.if you did do the things he’s accused of my heart goes out to the victims and all those affected by it but I don’t think regular people that don’t have any clue as to what’s going on should jump to conclusions. if you do you’re no better than the rioters down in Ferguson Missouri that are rioting when they don’t know the facts of the case

  • one mans thoughts

    also if the ant the older sister and other people are coming out saying that through the history of this why didnt any of them stop him? and I do not mean by calling the police I mean stop him with a 12 gauge slug point-blank to the forehead! As the father of a beautiful little girl if I even thought someone did that to my child there would be no end to the misery I will put them through, I would make the acts in the movie law abiding citizen look like a PG Disney movie! if I ever found out someone did that to anyone I know the same would be true. How could anyone think someone would be cured or get over that kind of behavior? the only thing that will cure that is a bullet! And maybe a blow torch and a sledge hammer, and a wood chipper

  • Steve Liles


  • rob11751

    will , your az is gonna be poontang in Angola

  • Paul Yak

    DIRTY Nonce! AND its his own daughter, what a monster. Hope he comes across a nasty gang in prison and they rape him regularly, to show him what it feels like. This man is a freak and he deserves nothing less than a having his genitals removed slowly with a blunt can top.

  • walter12

    I always knew there was something wrong with this guy. He just didn’t seem right. If the allegations are true, he should be hanged.

  • BR549

    Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that the girl’s mother didn’t have custody of the child? I mean, if Hayden had “supposedly” done this deed every day, that would mean that the ex-wife had barely, if any, visitation rights.

    Unless there’s some more evidence to support this horrendous claim, I’m putting the charges in the same file along with the McMartin’s Preschool abuse nightmare.

  • Donnie Robertson

    NevabeendonebefoGameChanga …………IS a blithering idiot.

  • Crial

    My wife is a family law attorney and court appointed child advocate. It is CRAZY how many women going through a divorce make up allegations of child abuse as soon as they see things aren’t going the way they want them to in court. It would shock you. It happens so often that the judge’s first reaction is often to just roll their eyes back. The problem is that whether true or not the allegations have to be taken seriously, often ruining many lives in their wake. And the way some of these women brainwash their children to go along with their allegations is tragic. So… in America, until a court of law convicts him he gets the presumption of innocence.
    Having said all that: I watched the show for years. The last few years the constant, haunted, almost dead look behind his eyes concerned me. It seemed like something very, very wrong was eating away at him. I thought it was depression. If it turns out he molested children then may he burn in hell… being molested in his rear end by every demon and minion Satan has at his disposal.

  • Stu Brookes

    I hope this has wiped the smile of that moron Chris’s face!

  • Doom

    accused of, or sentenced for? muh due process

  • Redjac

    gotta wonder, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty” here?

  • Richard Cheney

    Just another 2nd Amendment Tea Party Patriot…
    Open Carry Texass 4 Life !

    • Belivieux T Snordcastle

      About what we would expect, and you didn’t disappoint.

  • mobman7326

    I am glad to see other people did not think much of the techniques used, and the claims made on the Red Jacket show. One of the main practices I loathed ( and one used by several other “gun” shows like Gunsmoke) is how they use explosives at the end of the shows in the shooting sequences to try and add exitement. Also the hooting and hollering and puerile celebrations they put on. I have been around shooting sports of one form or another all my life and I’ve yet te have any target I’ve shot at, or seen shot up, explode or burn. These guys are just plain juvenille and give the totally wrong impression of the REAL responsible firearm and shooting community in general.

    • Belivieux T Snordcastle


  • Joseph

    You guys should know what your talking about before typing it on the internet.
    His daughter came out and said she wasn’t the one raped.
    And who waits 22 years to report they had been raped???
    she just wants money

  • Lloydl333

    The show was fun if a bit crazy. The people working there were interesting. I hopr the Fords can re-brand Red Jacket. My sympathy for his Daughters.
    I am sickened and disappointed with William. He is a sad and sick man.

  • mesa

    Did anybody see the episode where stephine was designing a garter belt Holster and was showing some leg around the office? She kept asking kris to help her with it.Will was acting all upset but now we know was just upset he wasn’t the one with his hands all over her.I hope he gets skull fucked in prison.

  • ron

    It was a stupid show that played well into the fears of anti-gunners (not that many watched it) I’m guessing he probably raped his other daughter as well (the office manager). I’ll bet he gets his cornhole streched.

  • usmcmailman