Solar Tactical AK47 MFER Enhanced Mag Funnel

One downfall to the AK design is ergonomics, more specifically magazine changes. Sure, there’s multiple techniques out there to speed up mag changes with the AK, but lets face it. Mag changes with the AK are slow and cumbersome compared to the AR-15 and many other rifles out there.

However there’s a product from the folks over at Solar Tactical that helps speed things up a bit. Their AK47 MFER (Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload) is a simple and cheap addition to help make reloads faster and easier. The Solar Tactical MFER essentually adds something the AK doesn’t have, a magwell. They work just like the flared mag wells you see on competition Glocks out at the range by helping the user guide the magazine into place during reloads. They’re designed to drop right in with no mods needed to most AKM and AK-47 variant rifles as well as 7.62 Saigas. Modifications will be needed with Chinese, Yugo, WASR 10 rifles and AK-74s. These won’t fit milled AK rifles or drum mags however. They’re made in the USA and retail for $42 over at



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  • rabbit212

    This thing keeps popping up on my radar guess it’s going on the Xmas list.

  • jpcmt

    ..or train with your AK for 5 minutes so you don’t need a solution for something that’s not broken. Really? Reloading an AK is that much worse than an AR?

    • Gene

      I was wondering that, too. How much time, on average, is actually saved for individuals where any time savings is truly significant?

      • Tom of Toms

        Third-ed. Index on the mags front retaining lip and rock it in there. SSHK-SSHK!!

        • Dracon1201

          I got the 4th. If have that many problems reloading an AK, get your hands out of the hot pockets and practice.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Well said. Speedy and accurate reloads with an AK are, like anything else, a matter of consistent practice and familiarity. The reloads can easily be as quick as with an AR or any other assault / battle rifle, magwell or no magwell. The exact same tenet applies to the vz.58 rifle as well.

      • John

        About ARs but same basic principles apply for AKs

    • billyoblivion

      If the 5.56 AR is your standard, you drop your magazines to the ground and you’ve got Manly Hands, then yes.

      If you add in the constellation of battle rifles, especially in larger calibers, then no, I don’t think so.

    • Kivaari

      Training is the key. Although I had many different rifles and pistols, each with unique features. I used every one of them for recreational shooting. Keeping my mind on what I carried for work. We issued Glock 17s and MP5A2s and eventually M4s. I was so conditioned to them that I never tried to switch guns around for no good reason.
      Years of Glock use made moves “automatic”. Going to the range for fun showed how training with service guns, would make me fumble with the other models. I’d grab a Hi-power and forget the safety. The M1911 same thing, they had safeties.
      Shortly after retiring I had not packed a right hand hip holster but kept my Centennial in my left pocket. A large Ridgeback dog attacked me. I shoved my left hand into its mouth, and it was going OK, until it really clamped down. In those fractions of seconds, I reached for my service pistol. Damn, it wasn’t there, and my gun hand was in the dogs mouth. It’s fun to have and shoot lots of guns. I could so the AKs pretty fast. It needs to be ground into your mind so it becomes natural. Switching around can lead to clumsiness, still fun on the range or in the woods.

  • Neato, if it existed for the Vz58 I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  • Zachary marrs

    Why cant people be happy with what they got? Tryin to make an ak into an ar, or an ar into an ak

    • Jeremy Star

      Yeah, why did we even invent those silly things? We should have been happy with blackpowder! And why did we need steam engines and cars when horses were a perfectly fine form of transportation?

      Do you see why what you said was senseless?

      • Steve Truffer

        Do you see why what you said is senseless? You’re trying to mock him as if he was deriding innovation. A cosmetic toy that is absolutely useless to anyone looking to invest additional funds into an AK is just that: Useless. “Wah, my AK isn’t an AR”- Then you should’ve gotten an AR. “Wah, my AR isn’t an AK”- then you should’ve gotten an AK. Trying to apply enhancements from one system to an inherently different one is pointless. “world’s most fire-retardant paper hat” comes to mind.

        • Jeremy Star

          He is deriding innovation. If everyone had your closed off perception, there would be no innovation.

          • Zachary marrs

            How is making a larger magwell innovation? If this turned an ak into a laser rifle, that would be innovation, making a chunk of metal that cant work with half of the aks on the market is not

      • Zachary marrs

        Oh go somewhere else, if you want an ar, get an ar, if you want an ak, get an ak.
        Also, I hope you see the stupidity in comparing revolutionary inventions like smokeless powder and steam engines to a fiddly piece of metal that does nothing

        • Jeff Pederson

          Jeremy’s point is well made, if you’d like to stick to your “bad ass” ways of reloading your AK the original way and dialogue your amazing training abilities on your youtube channel, go for it. If you want to buy a product that makes it a little easier to funnel your mag into your AK, than buy the MFER. People, this is called the capitalist free market, innovators see possibilities for improvements to things and put them on the market as an option for you to spend your money if you’d like to. Free speech also allows you to deride it, but come on, be just a LITTLE more open minded, maybe?

    • dsfghj

      It simply makes AK reloads a little smoother and harder to mess up, that’s all. No one’s making an AK into an AR or anything like that. AKs have a slightly more complex reload than an AR, and it can be tough to get the mag in and locked while running, crouched, etc.

  • hydepark

    I picked one up earlier this year just because I thought it would look good on my Arsenal 107. It looks good, but does not function with all my magazines. Most of my mags are Bulgarian circle 10 (both 40 and 30 rounders). For some reason it’s hit or miss. For the magazines that do fit it, I haven’t noticed ANY benefit whatsoever (other than it looks cool). I took it off and will either sell it or give it to a friend.

  • Blake

    I’ll stick with our SKS & stripper clips, thanks 🙂

    About 150rnds fit in a small ammo can, ready to reload 10 at a time.

    Loading a stripper clip is about as fast as a mag change if you practice it a bit, but they take up less space & you can’t beat the price & reliability.

    • Zachary marrs

      Im amazed that you have 15 reliable sks stripper clips ; p

      • Blake

        Uh, have you ever heard of anyone having a problem with a stripper clip? I haven’t. Maybe the retainer loses its springyness on a really old worn out one or rust sets in, in which case you just toss it since they cost 50¢ brand new (& much cheaper at surplus places & gun shows). We’ve probably got at least 50 of ’em sitting in various ammo cans & they all work fine.

        I also like the fact that unlike a magazine you can leave them loaded in long-term storage & nothing wears out. When we get a new batch of 7.62×39 we load all our available stripper clips while watching TV or something & throw out the boxes when we’re done. Takes up less space that way & they’re ready to go when we get to the range.

        • Zachary marrs

          Just a joke, I got a pack of 20 off amazon that are pos’ s, they wont fit the rounds in, they were nc star, so I should have guessed

          • Blake


            just get them from a surplus place or gunbroker. The ones we have are Chinese and at least 20 years old (from back when you could buy Chinese 7.62×39 and it cost less than 22LR does now).

  • Ed

    Never screw up a legend deal with a tight fit AK mag. This is a waste of money.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I was reading Nicholas C’s article about Hunter “Nubbs” Cayll, the handless shooter. If this determined and courageous young man is able to adapt and become proficient in firearms handling and operation in spite of his obvious physical disadvantage, what exactly is stopping shooters with two perfectly good hands from becoming proficient with quick and consistent magazine changes on an AK? With constant practice and the development of consistency under pressure, magazine changes on an AK, vz.58 or any other rifle without a magwell can be just as fast as on an AR, FAL or any other magwell-equipped rifle.

    • Zachary marrs

      I dont even have an ak, but its not like changing the magazine is impossible!

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Having read the many posts that you have made regarding this article as well as so many others, I will have to say that I have developed a real respect for your opinions, even as I may have disagreed with several of them. Obviously, we all have our viewpoints on a given subject, but I have found that the key to gaining new introspection and real knowledge is to always keep an open mind regardless of this. That is how we all learn from one another and therefore become better for it — give and take, in a sensible and respectful way, no matter how much we might disagree. There is usually a valid reason why someone else sees things differently on the same subject. And don’t let the bloody trolls and extremists divert your focus, either.

        • Zachary marrs

          Iirc, I think krebs customs does a flange on one side of the magwell, and theres been somthing similar to this, but if I remember, it was for airsoft

  • guest

    “Mag changes with the AK are slow and cumbersome compared to the AR-15 and many other rifles out there.”

    True, but then again you can drop an AK from 2m directly impacting on the mag, or do push-ups from it in that position (mag against ground) and it will still work. Do the same with a STANAG mag and an AR/M variation rifle and you will either damage the mag or the catch.

    • Zachary marrs

      “Do the same with a STANAG mag” there is your problem

  • Guest

    I have one of these magwells. For the record, I have zero problem reloading an AK, but this gives you a slightly wider margin of error. Reloading a rifle is tough when you’re running, prone, at a weird position, etc. You can fumble just about anything when you’re under pressure. This doesn’t make up for lack of training, it just helps reduce penalties for physical and mental stress.
    However, the magwell needs a bit of work in the design department. The bolts that hold it on the trigger guard are very thin and soft, and will shear when torque is applied. I ended up threading wire through the holes and twisting it, which locked it in solidly. The front clip that hooks on the front of the magwell didn’t fit at all, even after they sent me a new one, so I simply drilled a small hole and bolted through the receiver. After these mods, it’s an awesome unit, and I’ll probably get another for my second AK.

    • erwos

      I have one, too, and you’re dead-on with your critique. It just helps with stress-induced near-misses. Whether that’s worth the mag compatibility trade-off, I dunno… it can be annoying. I’ve been considering taking mine off to see if I notice much difference at this point.

      I also tried putting one on my -74, and it just flat-out wasn’t working for me.

  • iksnilol

    Never had a problem reloading quickly with AR or AK. Lemme break it fown:

    -mag goes out
    -full mag goes in

    Practice that and you will have no problems.

  • kingghidorah