Trent sent in two phenomenal photos of his Beretta U22 Neos pistol ejecting a .22 LR case. Each photo took about 20 shots before he has happy with the result. I struggled to choose which one to feature. In the end I chose the above photo because I love the blurred lines of the brick wall in the background which give the photo a sense of speed. The second photo is below.

Beretta U22 Neos 2


  • mechamaster

    The slow-burned gunpowder from the case really catch my attention.

  • erwos

    Ah, the Neos. My first gun EVER. Real easy to field strip and mount optics on, but never seemed to perform as well as it should have in terms of accuracy. I mean, it had a 7.5″ bull barrel… it should have been shooting tiny groups, but I could never make it perform. Much handier after I put a 4.5″ barrel on, but I eventually wound up selling it… I use conversion kits and a Beretta 71 these days for my 22lr handgun needs.

    • Blake

      Mine works great ever since I figured out I needed to feed it Federal Automatch. There are various articles around the net on how to clean up the gritty trigger & improve the sights.

      Shame Automatch goes for $300/case these days…

  • Fred Johnson

    Beretta, bring back the Carbine Kit.

    Or better yet, just make a Neos Carbine.


    • Tpike

      My local gun store have a few gathering dust I never knew they had ceased production on them

      • Louie Castillo

        Tpike, do you have the number to that gunshop? I’ve been looking for this carbine kit and can’t find it anywhere.

        • Tpike

          850 584 3953 it’s Big Bend Outfitters, ask for Michael, tell him him Travis sent you

  • Guywithagun

    This is fake! Totally photoshopped! 22LR is impossible to find. There is no way he could have fired even one round of 22LR, let alone 20. It just doesn’t exist anymore. Has to be fake…

    • dan

      The mere mention of someone shooting rare .22 is causing me mental anguish, I need to call my lawyer what these people are doing to us is just sick!

      • gunslinger

        FPSRussia said some of his videos cost $500,000 bucks. That’s nothing compared to this shoot!


    Beretta seems to have a thing for the ejection opening at both sides. I believe the ARX-160 also has that going for it to accommodate switching which side the brass will eject from. That’s one thing that I really like about that rifle.

  • Rich Guy

    What is the thumb dial on the frame of the pistol?

    • Tobiah

      The thumb screw points upward and threads into the barrel assembly to attach the barrel to the receiver/trigger assembly. It has a indexing mechanism to keep it tight and when released the entire barrel comes off allowing you to remove the slide and barrel for cleaning/maintenance.

  • Andrew Hobby

    PS – If you’ve found your Neos has jamming issues, chamfer the chamber entrance. It only needs a little bit – around 1/64″ on the face of the chamfer is more than enough.

    Beretta (In their infinite wisdom) left the bore with a sharp edge, which inevitably grabs the soft tips of the 22 round as it feeds into the chamber. I did this on mine and have have zero issues since.