FPS Russia Breaks The 4th Wall

FPS Russia released a Q&A video where he breaks the fourth wall and sheds off his Russian Persona to talk to the audience as Kyle, a guy who makes gun videos and lives in Georgia. He answers a few questions from Twitter such as “What is the best gun for HD”, “What is the best gun for Zombie Apocolypse”. More interesting than his opinion on guns is finding out the budget for some of his videos.

Nicholas C

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  • Topo Solitario

    I really love when this kind of fanboy oriented video is done. It is like hearing from Hulk Hogan that they really didn’t kick each other!!!! XD

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Nice video. Thanks Kyle…and always…Have Nice Day !

  • gunslinger

    you mean FPS isn’t real?

    • Julio

      Nuts to FPS: it’s what he let slip about Santa Claus that’s really bugging me!

      • dan citizen

        NO SPOILERS!
        – I’m still hoping for that pony…

      • Patrick Mingle

        Every time you hear someone rack a Remington 870 an angel gets their wings

  • bbmg

    Just gained a lot of respect.

  • 1leggeddog

    Still don’t get why people dislike him sometimes…

    He puts on a good show, sticks with his character because THAT’S HIS THING and is what sets him apart.

    And let’s not fool ourselves here, he puts on a SHOW.


    You do not go to this guy’s channel to get a review on the latest model of Remington 700 or that new Hi-Point.

    You go there to crack a smile and go “woah!” for the 12 year old kid in you. And let’s face it, people do like him otherwise he wouldn’t have the budget to do some of the videos he’s done, like he said.

    • An Interested Person

      Definitely true, but his lack of basic safety (his camera operator got put in the hospital because the target Kyle blew up put a chunk of metal into the camera man`s leg) is enough for me to dislike him. He still doesn`t wear ear protection.

      Those antics make me dislike his popularity, because I sometimes worry about what kids pick up from his videos.

      • Markus

        Doesn’t wear ear protection? Huh? I’m pretty sure he’d be deaf as doorpost if he wasn’t… I just clicked trough some of his videos to check and depending on the angle you can pretty much always see some kind of in-ear protection like plugs and whatnot.

      • Guest

        He’s not a good teacher of safety, I agree, but even if he were he’s just one character in a world full of foolish characters.

        • dan citizen

          He’s not making $$$ for safety. How much risk would you take for the income he makes, doing what he does?
          – Heck, I’d do it nude…

          “In breaking news, Youtube has shutdown forever, government offers free eye removal and lobotomies for viewers of Dan Citizen’s channel….”

      • USMC03Vet

        Shit happens.

        Stunt performers still die on movie shoots to this day.

      • mikewest007

        Hey, I remember him wearing a pair of those big-ass earmuff-like ear protectors in several videos.

    • USMC03Vet

      He is certainly bringing the world of firearms to new audiences which is a good thing. Entertainment is the best way to get the culture out there and more people with a positive view of firearms the better I say.

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        I’m not quite sure it can work like this.
        Would be nice, but that’s too good to be true IMO.
        Just the other day, I was watching one of his videos,
        when I saw the top comment with dozens of likes on it,
        something along these lines:
        “nobody should have the dangerous weapons like these other than the military and police, it’s cool though”.

        Maybe the crowd gets its entertainment, but most of them still sing the same old gun grabber “I’m afraid of everything I don’t understand, and it should be burned by fire” song.

    • dan citizen


    • mechamaster

      He rarely show how to field-stripped the gun and explain some firearms technical aspect ( for me, it’s a bummer ). But for casual audience who love video game and movie firearms, plus automatic weapon and explosion show, he is one of the best Youtuber. ( one of them is RatedRR show )

    • Porty1119

      I agree, although I do wish that he would produce additional videos covering the technical side of things.

  • MattInTheCouv

    This is breaking character. Breaking the 4th wall is something different. it is breaking the imaginary wall separating the world of the story from the audience’s. Like in fight club where they have little monologues directed at the camera/audience, that is an intentional 4th wall break. Accidental 4th wall breaks would be like on Saturday night live if they accidentally look at the camera when they weren’t supposed to.

    • dan

      Looking at the camera like jimmy fallon did constantly?

  • Jerry

    …if you just rack your shotgun… At least he didn’t follow up with ‘you don’t even have to aim’.

  • USMC03Vet

    Best home defense round? Dragons breath…..

    FPS Russia is great. I hope he goes back to doing over the top videos again. The tank episode and the AA gun episode were the best ones.

  • John

    I really don’t see a reason to post this video on this site. Only people who already like him and watch his videos would care about this. It’s just somebody else’s video with a wrapper of wafer-thin commentary. This blog is very sadly becoming the BuzzFeed of gun blogs.

    • simon

      Actually, I think its good they posted this. this whole thing has not been talked about in quite some time. This had me thinking, ”

      Shortly after the raid by about 40 law enforcement agents, Myers, who
      stars as the gregarious and heavily armed Dmitri Potapoff, tweeted,
      “Well it’s been a fun week, I’m glad they didn’t shoot.””

  • me ohmy

    I believe he knows who shot and killed the guy who was the reason for his success..
    not a fan of FPS BS..

  • Mark

    Minus five intranets for perpetuating the “sound of a shotgun racking” myth..

  • VeriAeq

    Dragon’s breath for home defense;-), just watch the carpet & photo’s

  • matt

    he strikes me as odd and cant believe he didnt talk about his friends murder.

  • Matt Shermer

    I can like the hell out of anyone who puts that much effort into acquiring firearms Average Joes like me might never get a chance to get their hands on and appealing to my kid in a toy store nature (or adult in a gun shop nature). I don’t watch his videos for technical info or for the in depth details on every firearm (I watch usual cadre for that: The Nuttin Fancy Project, Hickok45, IraqVeteran8888, Gunblastdotcom, Personal Defense Net, etc.), his videos are good for fireballs, food destruction, and cool factor. It’s great that he’s tight with his watching community, he does rely on them after all to make these videos. His crowd watching these videos is only going to keep growing and I wish him luck in continuing his run.