Lightning Review: Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover

Recently I had to replace the barrel on my AR15, but didn’t think that I had to mess with my dust cover at all.  At some point in the removal of the handguard or barrel the tiny 1/8″ c-clip that holds the ejection port cover pin came off, and was inevitably lost forever.  That is when you find out really quickly the expense of ordering small parts that you do not have on hand.  The part is cheap enough, most of the time much less then $1, but what ends up killing the reasonable price is shipping.

At some point, in my search for another option I came across the Strike Industries site and found a great solution.  They are making a dust cover that doesn’t have a pin and more importantly doesn’t have a tiny c-clip to lose.  They are also very easy to change out if the need arises, or when taking them off for maintenance they are all captive parts.


There are also one reminder noted on Strike Industries’ site that the cover may not properly on an upper that is not MIL-SPEC, but notes that because the cover is polymer, it can easily be modified to fit if needed.  Personally any part for an AR I look at with the same caveat that it will probably not fit if the rifle is not MIL-SPEC, which is why I tend to make sure that what I am buying is MIL-SPEC.

All in all, the dust cover is well made, light weight and has some good designs including the DTOM, American Flag, capsule and plain and come in both FDE and black.  One great touch is that the inside of the cover does say “WARNING CONTAINS LEAD.”  Strike Industries makes it a point in the instructions that they dust cover does not actually contain lead, but is meant to be humorous.  Whom ever actually thought that a small polymer cover might contain lead is thinking a little too literally.


Being that the covers are as easy as they are to use and install, I plan to upgrade all of my AR’s in the near future.  One project on my list is to do a color fill of the DTOM text, and maybe in the text on the inside of the cover as well to make the lettering stand out a bit more.  I definitely give these a thumbs up as they really are a great addition to your rifle.  Belowe is a Strike Industries video that shows the installation and function of the dust cover.

If you are interested in more information, you can find it here Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover



  • sianmink

    So just to be clear, the main upgrade is that it’s easy to change?

  • “…but what ends up killing the reasonable price is shipping.”

    Isn’t that why we have LGS’s that can order in bulk and negate shipping costs? Time versus money? Which do you want to give up on?

    Bike shops are the same way. I can order a $7 chain connector and spend $5-8 on shipping, or go to a local shop and pay $10. The internet is spoiling, me, but brick and mortar places have their purpose.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • I do not have a LGS anywhere in the area that carriers AR parts… The closes one being around a 90min drive… Even check with everyone I know locally and even friends/family/acquaintances didn’t have any…

      Although you analogy is a good one… I happen to work full time for a LBS as well… While prices are higher with us, we are local and have in stock what you need.

  • nova3930

    I would have just hit of mcmaster. 100 clips would probably have been <$10 shipping included and then you've got 99 spares…

    • raz-0

      Yeah, but this changes it from a three hand install to a two hand install.

  • RickH

    With anything that is supposedly an upgrade on the AR platform, I usually give it a big “meh”. But this is a nice alternative to the original design, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been thought of before. I mean it’s just like changing out a watch band.

  • Renegade

    Wow, an AR accessory that I don’t immediately shrug off and forever ignore. This is actually kinda neat.

  • USMC03Vet

    Pimp my dust cover.

    • Thracian Beast

      It’s poly so you can light it on fire and stipple it!!!

  • Cymond

    I think this is like a lot of AR-15 “upgrades” – it’s neat, but it doesn’t offer enough to be worth abandoning a functional piece that you already have. I’m not going to the expense & hassle to change all of my dustcovers to the SI UDC

    On the other hand, when I’m ready to put together my pistol upper, I’ll probably get a SI UDC instead of the milspec design.

    • Geodkyt

      If you’re building a stripped upper that doesn;t HAVE a dust cover already installed, I can see the utility. Or if, like the author, you HAVE to replace the existing dust cover.

      • Cymond

        That’s basically what I said. It’s a good option if you need a dustcover, but I’m not going to replace my standard dust covers.

  • Mark N.

    This is so simple and expedient, I don’t understand why they haven’t make them this way all along.

  • Joe Blow

    For future reference and there is a good thread on about needing such parts like the c-clip and the missile springs&detentes. NASA should really look it that launch system, for how far the things flies from such a small springs or own metal tension…
    The c clip can easily be replaced from places like harbor frieght in a various size kit, most hardware stores( especially the real old time real hardware stores), auto parts stores, fastener supplies Granger, etc. That just a few off my head I’m sure the list is a lot longer of places that stock the c-clips. I think the size 1/8 of inch, but don’t quote or hold me to that. I’m sure a more informed Ar owner will chime in correct me if it is not correct.
    Failing all those, a post on your local section of your favorite gun
    forum will prolly have someone offer to give you from their spares kit for free. We all know the pain and once bit many spares will be bought and added to orders in the future…. Just like shipping, the catching up is more hassle and the cost of gas may be higher than the part costs.

    You’ll find the part again, usually with the feet in a painful way is the norm…

    As far as the new cover its nice to update to old part, I would prefer the parts were made or metal. The question being how well does it hold up to the heat from heavy firing being a polymer if you close the door? Any risk of deforming or melting?

    Their price is cheaper than most metal customized dust cover. So that can be an added perk.

  • big daddy

    I’m sold, I wont change all my ARs but a few I will. My guns don’t see heavy duty and I think this is a small, very small improvement for a non-duty gun. I just do not think a part that has never been an issue needs to be changed on a gun that sees a lot of use in terms of depending on it for your life. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but it’s cool so yeah I’m game.

  • DaveC79

    I just wish they would change the damn font they use for SI. It bothers me, and in this market you only have to bother me a little for me to pass.

    Some will read this and think, “well, that’s stupid.” I guess I’m too much of a ww2 history buff to ignore such a seemingly small detail. It is what it is. And no, I don’t want to be “that guy”. If they had no S in their name, I would have no problem. I’ve seen this issue brought up before. And I’m sure they are aware of it. They probaly think it is more politically correct BS. I guess you could look at it that way, maybe it is. Hell, I don’t even know. I just don’t like it.

  • John Daniels

    “At some point in the removal of the handguard or barrel the tiny 1/8″ c-clip that holds the ejection port cover pin came off, and was inevitably lost forever. That is when you find out really quickly the expense of ordering small parts that you do not have on hand.”

    You know you can buy a new clip at the hardware store, right? They’re not special clips that are only used on guns.