Soldiers from the Tactical Assault Group as part of the 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) Commandos put into effect their counter-terrorism drills at the newly-developed Special Forces Training Centre Facility in Holsworthy.(Date taken: 18 July 2007)

Source: Australia Defense Force. Thanks to MAC.

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  • Paladin

    What type of optic is he using? It looks overly complex to be a RDS, and a magnified optic wouldn’t really make sense on an MP5, is it a night vision optic?

    • F22Raptor

      I was wondering that myself. It almost looks like there is a flip to side mounted magnifier at the front of it, but that’s just my uninformed look. Still, great photo!

    • BonJobiWanKenobi

      looks like a longer-tube RDS and a DBAL-type laser system mounted on the right side

  • idiots

    why does he need a gun? Guns are banned down under so its all safe and sound – right? Dont tell me they were BS’ing us all this time that getting rid of guns reduces crime?

    • IronSides

      1. Guns are NOT banned in Australia.
      2. Did you even bother to read the caption to see who/what was photographed ????

  • James

    It’s an Aimpoint Comp M2, with a BAE LAS-840 IR laser mounted on the rail.
    The LAS-840 is largely being replaced by the PEQ-15.

    For you wankers carrying on with gun control nonsense, this is the Army’s east coast hostage rescue/ CT team. They do not participate in domestic policing activities.

    Members rotate through one company at a time from 2 Commando Regiment. 4RAR no longer exists.

  • gb7

    tactical ballroom dancing?

    • gunslinger

      need the moves to go from room to room

    • Nicks87

      I think I used to roller skate in a place that looked very similar.

  • santi

    Hell yeah, tactical dance off.

  • echelon

    I feel sorry for the bloke who has to change all those incandescent light bulbs…serious who designed that room anyway?

  • gunslinger

    the place looks like a wedding reception hall

  • mikko

    A recruitment video at around the time when the above pic was taken:

    And a more recent video of the facility @ 20:35

  • Lance

    Still love those MP-5s.