FLIR R-Series: Low-Cost Effective Thermal Sights

FLIR has released value-oriented thermal sight line, called the “R-Series” The sights are compatible with .308 and lower calibers. The R-Series is offered in digital 1x, 1.25-5x, 2.25-9x, 4-16x, 1.1-9x and 2-16x, through fixed 13mm, 19mm, 35mm, and 60mm focal lengths. Specifications (from FLIR):

Model RS24, 1x RS32, 1.25-5x RS32, 2.25-9x RS32, 4-16x RS64, 1.1-9x RS64, 2-16x
MSRP $3,499 $3,999 $4,499 $7,499 $6,499 $8,999
FPA 240×180 VOx 336×256 VOx 640×512 VOx
Frame Rate (Hz) 30 Hz 60 Hz 30 Hz
Lens Focal Length 13mm 19mm 35mm 60mm 35mm 60mm
Lens HFOV 20° 16° 18° 10°
Focus Fixed Manual Fixed Manual
Electronic Zoom N/A Up to 4x Up to 8x
Color Pallets Black/White/InstAlert™ Black/White/Sepia/Iron/Red/InstAlert™
Eye Relief 3 inches (76.2 mm)
Dimensions 8″ x 3.3″ x 2.9″ 8.5″ x 3.3″ x 2.9″ 8″ x 3.3″ x 2.9″ 8.5″ x 3.3″ x 2.9″
Weight <1.8lb <2.4lb <1.8lb <2.4lb
Reticles Duplex, Fine Duplex, German
Reticle Colors White, Black, Red, Green
Diopter Adjustment +/-6
Operating Temperature -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)
Storage Temperature -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)
Ingress Protection IPX7, Submersible 1m for 30 min
Weapon Interface MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail
Battery Life >4 hours of use
Battery Type Internal Li-ion
Battery Charging Standard USB interface with included wall charger
External Battery Pack Compatible, not included
Display Active Matrix LCD
Display Resolution 640×480
User Interface Simple four button interface
On Screen Symbology Battery charge, ezoom state
Weapon Compatability MSR semi-automatic up to .308 Cal.
Video Out No Yes
Warranty 2 Years Standard, 3 Years (with registration), 10 Years (thermal sensor only)

The R-Series mounts to any weapon system with picatinny rails and includes built-in lens covers. Sadly, these will not be available in most countries due to ITAR restrictions. Only 9hz refresh rate thermal sights are exportable without State Department approvals. Capture 2 The affordable (only $3,500!) 1x sight has some limited options (no fancy reticles), but I can see it being excellent for hog or varmint hunting 50 meters and in. FLIR additional pictures, videos, and details on their R-Series website. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • jonspencer

    $3500 is low cost?

  • Secundius

    Realistically speaking, what do you consider LOW COST!!!

  • Eli Grow

    Obviously my “low cost” and yours are drastically different.

  • tacticrap

    Compared to $8-10,000 or more, it is affordable. You must know nothing about thermal imaging devices. Google thermal scopes and compare prices.

    • Fred Johnson

      To us common folk, that is like saying a Ferrari is affordable compared to a Bugatti.

  • tacticrap

    How does $26,000 for a eotech brand clip on/add on sound?

  • Machinegunnertim

    It’s the cheapest they have ever been. People seem to forget that 7 years ago or so something like these would have cost you $13,000. So YES, this is low cost.

    • Secundius

      @ Machinegunnertim.

      No not really, I depends on where you do your shopping. I got my Flir brand Flir system for $1060. USD. including tax. and it is “salt water” survivable.

      • Machinegunnertim

        Where did you get it?

        • Secundius

          @ Machinegunnertim.

          Its NOT one of the model shown in the pictures. But, I got mine through The Sportsman’s Guide Catalog.

  • guest

    What’s all the fuss about the cost? This is probably the most advanced piece of electrooptics (aside from tha Trackpoint or whatever its called) you can put on a gun. 10-20 years ago they were almost non-existent or cost much, much more.
    Remember that this is not your surplus 1 gen NVD, but a thermal sight. Probably the most bad-a** thing you can put on a gun.
    My main “beef” is with the specs: extremely low resolution on the lower end models and too low refresh rate on the high-end models. Should be 60Hz.