Firearm Photography from Zingaro Studios

I have always been a fan of firearm art, in every manner of the term.  There is something elegant about using ammo, brass and even rifles and handguns as art pieces.  I personally have several pieces and firearms that hang on my office wall for display.  While they are still functional, there is something artistic about the lines and colors. Being able to admire the craftsmanship that goes into some firearms is one of the reason that I have them.


I have also always been a fan of firearms photography.  Not just taking action shots or review type photos, but artistic photos of the things that we as shooters use.  A reader sent some of his photographs in to showcase, many of which caught my eye.  If you want more info on the artist, check out his page @



AR-15 - 001 BW-S




Thanks Varian for the tip, and the art!


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