Lone Wolf 9mm AR Pistol Lowers

G9 pistol lower SB15

Lone Wolf advises they now have pistol variants of the G9 carbine lowers available. These pistol lowers can be had with a short buffer tube, or with a longer tube designed for use with the SIG SB15 arm brace. One of the things that set these lowers apart from other pistol lowers is that they use Glock magazines.

G9 pistol

A standard G9 pistol lower with the short buffer tube sells for $419.95. The longer tube version costs $426.95. Lone Wolf is also selling the lowers with a SB15 already installed. These start at $549.95.

Lone Wolf also sells a matching 10.5″ barrel upper in 9mm for the G9 lower. The uppers come with an A2-style flash suppressor and quad-rail. These retail for $779.95.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Alex Waits

    A 9mm pistol “AR” that takes glock mags..hmm..sounds awesome, I would probably try to get one if the price can down a bit.

  • ACS

    Now we need them for other popular 9’s. Beretta 92, Sig 226, M&P, ect.

    • iksnilol

      Like I said a dozen times earlier, ain’t that hard to make your own. Closed bolt, fully legal and all.

      • Mack

        is there a link to walk through or anything like that? interested in doing my own. thanks

  • Anon

    Why no last round hold open?

    • Cymond

      The AR-15 magazine follower catches the bolt-stop on the back of the magazine. The Glock magazine follower catches the slide-stop on the front-left of the magazine. Given the distance between the front left of the magazine, and the bolt-catch, it would add a lot of complexity. DDLES did it, but they had a reputation for not working.

      • Bob_L

        Hey look, my pic has made it full circle on the internet. =)

        • Cymond

          Cool! Not many people photographed the DDLES bolt catch design, and your pics were the only ones I found.
          (I have a lot of half-remembered gun knowledge that needs reconfirmed with a quick websearch.)

  • Cymond

    Wow, that’s pricey!

    I’ve read rumors (can’t remember where) that the Lone Wolf lowers only work with Lone Wolf uppers. Can anyone confirm/deny this with any certainty? I will accept some proprietary parts, but I like to keep an AR-15 as close to “universal” parts as possible.

    Also, that video, he calls it a “nine emm emm”. Dude, it’s pronounced “millimeter”.

    • Sam Schifo

      Since they take Glock magazines which are double stack single feed, the upper can’t have a split feed ramp like the Colt style 9mm ARs, it has to have a single feed ramp just like a Glock does. As far as I know the only other company that makes an AR that takes Glock mags is the Just Right Carbine company, so one of their uppers might work.

      • Cymond

        The JR Carbine is not an AR-15 design, it just uses some of the same parts like the trigger, grip, butt stock, and possibly barrel nut. And DDLES also used to make a Glock magazine lower, which used a standard Colt-style 9mm upper except for a modified bolt. (Adco can do the modifications).

      • Sez Eye

        LNW Inc.(lnwfirearms.com) also makes a carbine that uses glock magazines. Lighter and has a barrel that you can screw off with your hand so the whole thing fits in a backback. Bought one several months ago, works great. The only thing I would change is the trigger system. It is proprietary, two stage, has a 6 lb pull and a thin (side to side) trigger. Whole thing weighs a scant 6 lbs as shipped.

        They call it their Aero Survival Rifle (ASR). I have over 500 rounds through it already with nary a hiccup.

        They ship them pretty dry, so make sure you clean and lube it well before you shoot it.

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          it’s TNW

          • Sez Eye

            Tx. Fixed

      • John

        There’s also the Olympic Arms K9-GL

    • BattleshipGrey

      I did some reading into LW’s Glock mag ARs a while ago. As I understood it, you had to send in your bolt if you didn’t buy if from them and they’d have to cut your bolt to allow for some part of the magazine.

      As much as I’d like to have an AR pistol that accepts Glock mags, it sounds like too much money and/or hassle. I’d probably be better off waiting for the elusive Glock Carbine.

      FWIW, I took the Glock Armorers course this week, I overheard the instructor tell someone that the 9mm single stack was in development, so I had to ask; “hows about the Glock Carbine?” He said with a straight face that we’d “see it at SHOT show… we just don’t know which year.”

      • Cymond

        Thanks, I know the old DDLES Glock-magazine lowers required a modified bolt, but wasn’t sure about the Lone Wolf. I’m at the point that I really want to piece together my own uppers in the future.

    • DAN V.

      Nine em em is no big deal.

      If you want to sound real tactical use “mike mike”

  • valorius

    $550 for a lower……lol, bite me.

  • Andrew

    I already own a Lone Wolf 9mm Carbine, it functions well and seems to be great quality. This release is great timing as I have a bit of money burning a hole in my pocket!

    • 9mmForMe

      Guessing you are satisfied with the LW G9? I have a JRC that I am in the process of selling. It;s been reliable enough, but breaking it down is a bear!

  • Asdf

    It is like Sig USA makes more money off do that arm brace/stock than the rest of their product line.

  • Daniel M. Ramos

    Does any company make a pistol caliber carbine that can switch calibers by switching out a few parts like you can with a glock 20? Now that would be nice. The options would make it a much better seller than 9mm alone while still giving the shooter the option to pack a real punch as opposed to 9mm.

  • jasonnra1

    That much and no bolt hold open!? What year is it?