Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP)

Asymetric Technologies has come up with a clever upgrade for body armor to address the problems with repeatable shouldering of an AR-15 style weapon. The ASP uses rare earth magnets in a small pouch that is attached to the shoulder straps of body armor. Then there is a butt pad imbedded with rare earth magnets on the stock of a standard issue M4 stock. When you shoulder the weapon, the magnets stick to each other. They stress on the fact that you can have a repeatable firing position even under stress or if you are wounded. At the moment there does not seem to be a link to purchase this on their website.

Nicholas C

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  • gunslinger

    wow, that’s kind fo a neat idea.

    might not be exact, but a heck of a lot closer than w/o

  • ColaBox

    Their really on to something there, give it a few years and maybe we’ll see the elimination of rifle slings from these guys.

    • iksnilol

      Hate to be the sceptic but that thing can’t replace a proper sling. Then again I shoot target guns with slings (you wrap the sling around your arm and tighten).

  • big daddy

    After carrying your load for a number of miles that would probably the first thing I ripped off and threw away.

  • DetroitMan

    Why do the magnets need to be rare earth elements? Is iron getting too cheap?

    • guest

      Do you know of any ferrum based magnets that are strong enough?

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      Becasue rare earth magnets (Neodymium) are WAY stronger for their mass.

    • Wetcoaster

      Lighter and stronger effect for the weight.

    • Laurence Tureaud

      Or electromagnets!!

  • Jeff Smith

    What happens when you go to use your phone and put it directly beside a strong magnet?

    • Wetcoaster

      Hopefully nothing, because your phone doesn’t use magnetic storage media. Keep it away from your floppy disks, hard drives, Zip and Jazz disks, VHS, casette, and 8-track tapes though.

      • The Ebola is bad

        What about tactical body piercings? Or anything else with a magnet or sensitive to imaginative magnetic shoulder creations like, mmmm?????????????

        • Yoga Fire

          Relax brah!!! DUOSTOCK OG has actual combat time with many combat units, and no magnets dude. No magnetic disturbance in your magical time zone. And they are around $20 from CDNN or AIM or ……….

  • Stephen

    Neat idea if you don’t have electronics – the rare earth magnet will ruin equipment that has hard drives, memory, chips, SSD, etc. It will also mess up your compass readings if you use an old school lensatic compass and I would dare say it might even interfere with the Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) AN/PSN-11 with that strong of a magnet. Heck if a guy low crawls &/or hits the deck, imagine all the iron and metal shavings that would stick to these magnets = not good.

    With that said I spent a career in the military and I don’t really see the need for this device. Yes it does solve a problem; however that problem is not widespread enough to justify it IMHO. The bigger problem is a lack of marksmanship fundamentals as shown in the pics of military guys shooting without having the stock in the pocket. Can this aid in that? Yes but you still have to use the marksmanship fundamentals regardless.

    I would like to try this but, I don’t think I would buy one, even if I was still on active duty – but that is just me.

    • Wetcoaster

      Memory, chips, and SSD should be unaffected. Hard drives, floppy discs, and any other magnetic tape storage media (VHS, Betamax, casette, 8-track, backup tape drives) are going to have a bad day though.

      • Zachary marrs

        Wait, this will wipe my betamaxs?!?!?! Man, f^ck that

  • greasyjohn

    Could’ve called it the corner pocket and be humble, but everything has to be the advanced enhanced tactical operator pro.


      Well, I’d agree with you 9 times out of 10. But “ASP” sounds better than “CP” in this instance.

  • How about plastic molds that are MOLLE hitched to your shoulder with a top rim to capture the butt of your rifle. 30-40 grams, and if it is made out of a flexible plastic, it would be durable enough for the battlefield.

    Imagine the back half of this shoe cover.

    • Guest

      Edit – Image didn’t upload.


    Not sure how to feel about the buttstock looking like it “slams” into position. Like I get it, magnetics and stuff but the motion itself looks too jerky and violent.

    It seems like a temporary product until vest manufacturers actually figure out a way so that the shouldering problem becomes a thing of the past, which doesn’t sound way too off.

  • This… Is a pretty neat idea, actually.


    SO, this is how magnets work!!!

    • Fancy Tactical Name Tactical



        ^^^ AHHH I see what you did there!! They are stuck together like magnets!

  • Gallan

    Would also be great for training third world armies, they should make a lower cost maybe even diy version. Now we just need something that will force a soldier to use their weapon sights.

  • 1911a145acp

    I was ready to poo poo this thingy- but the idea has merit. If you have never tried to keep your long gun up and ready for hours, this widget could help with further development.

  • intheknow

    Many mechanical ways to do this were tried and all of them failed. The reason is that everyone’s body shape is different. The mechanical means (like below) have a different angle on every person. If you are building a one off for yourself it is no problem…building for a squad or more is an issue. The magnet in the video looks jerky because they are trying to let you see how it works. Get educated on magnet safe distances here before posting that it will mess up your celphone…