New Concealed Magazine Carrier, the SnagMag

Many people that carry concealed do not want to have all of the bulk that goes along with everything that you can put on your belt.  Carrying a spare magazine is always prudent though, allowing you to engage a threat and top off your pistol in the event that there might be more threats in the area.


The SnagMag is a product that holds a magazine on your support side pocket.  Looking just like a knife clip, it conceals your magazine without making your belt look more like a full duty belt.  I am sure that drawing the magazine efficiently would take some practice, but the idea is sound.  Many people I know that carry daily tend to just throw a spare mag in their pocket.  This becomes a problem in indexing the magazine as is can be pointing just about any direction.  The SnagMag looks to eliminate this problem by making sure the magazine is where you need it to be for proper indexing.

Here is a video from Ultimate Concealed Carry explaining the SnagMag.  If you want more info on the SnagMag you can check out there site at


  • USMC03Vet

    Top tactical experts!

  • MrMaigo

    They want $35? You can make your own for that much.

    • It’s not out of the realm of reality. In an industry where people routinely pay anywhere from $60-200 for a holster a $35 is not all that bad. My last single mag pouch I bought was $40 so the pricing is even competitive as well.

  • MattInTheCouv

    Seems like a pretty good idea to me. Could be useful In backpack pockets, etc.

    Yeah $35 seems like kind of a lot, but not really. If it is well made, seems like a fair price to me, especially if you can get them for a little less at the standard online discount places. I can especially see this as handy for the single stack users.

    Yeah, you can make one in your garage, but it would probably take you a few hours, and money for material. Plus you would be ripping off their idea anyways, so why not save your time and reward these guys with the few bux profit for coming up with a pretty slick little piece of kit.

  • Paul Dawson

    “Top Tactical Experts” = Highest post count on ARFCOM?

  • Hoid

    People often speak of “multiple threats” when talking about carrying a spare magazine (or non shooters will ask how many bullets do you really need?) but I always carry an extra magazine (or two) in the off chance of some form of jam or failure. Training always seemed to stress going to a new magazine if at all possible in any sort of failure drill.

  • Thomas Hare

    Well I’ve used it a few months now and it doesn’t keep it’s shape, losing it’s grip on the mag. Good idea, cheap materials. Way over-priced too! $35 for a small piece of kydex and a cheap clip is ridiculous!