U.S. Marines and French Foreign Legion Small Arms Cross Training

Funkertactical posted up a video of U.S. Marines cross training with French Foreign Legion soldiers.


According to Funkertactical:

In this video filmed by SSgt Tanner Iskra we are witnessing incredible footage of  U.S. Marines and The French Foreign Legion cross training on each other’s small arms weaponry.  Filmed at Camp des Garrigues in France this live-fire exercise involving the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SP-MAGTF) Crisis Response from 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment and Legionnaires from 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment of France’s 6th Light Armored Brigade offers an incredible look at the technology and operations of some the world’s best small arms.

Looks like they filmed some of this with a GoPro weapon mounted and possibly a Contour helmet mounted.

Nicholas C

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  • dan citizen

    We can learn a lot from the French…

    “Drop your weapon, then run”
    “Turn your city over to the Germans on my signal!”
    “How to collaborate with your conqueror for fun and profit 101 ”

    Seriously though, I like the French, they make good bread and cheese. We should invade them next, no more of these dry dusty countries with crappy flatbread and soft levant cheeses.

    • Azril @ Alex Vostox

      You’re an idiot. Enough said.

      • Sam Schifo

        Do you not understand sarcasm?

        • KestrelBike

          It’s a tired, old joke. Americans are so quick to forget that without the French, there wouldn’t be an America that survived war against the British in the revolution.

          • GarinEtch

            Agreed that it’s a tired joke. War for us has always been an adventure on someone else’s turf whereas it hits much closer to home for France, e.g. an entire generation lost in WWI. Plus, France actually has a long and bloody military history.

          • mrsatyre

            I dunno. I have a feeling there are plenty of folk (military and non) who are just crazy enough to find war on our own turf to be a big adventure, too. If you don’t think there are, you’re fooling yourself.

          • dan citizen

            There isn’t the America that survived the was against the British any more.

          • KestrelBike

            Only if you let them (D).

      • He’s kidding—-I know enough about him to realize he isn’t serious.

        • Roberto

          Just a comment about the joke:

          Yeah is a tired old joke, but again and again I saw those things on american forums and the even more stupid jokes about french rifles The ones that are in american hands came from the Gendarmerie, 30 years or + in some depot without any action and then they were sold, The worn out ones from the army are of course totally gone, let’s see for exemple how many FAMAS will cross the ocean in the next years as the majority are nearly overused and there is some talks to get ASAP a new battle rifle.

          At least you all know that France have something like 1500 years of military history ? Right ?


          • Roberto

            More of a guy who know what is talking about there:

            I also worked with them (in Kosovo) and they were already like that and much more agressive that other europeans (althouth I can’t tell about the brits, but they have a profesional army since the 60’s with a good reputation).

    • FourString

      lol yah afghanistan and iraq were definitely a step down in environment/food from vietnam

    • USMC03Vet

      French MRE is like 60% cheese condiments. It’s pretty ridic.

      • Spidouz

        French MRE are actually very good, amongst the best ones. Do some search and you’d be surprised…

        • USMC03Vet

          I speak from experience having eaten some, dipshit.

          • Spidouz

            Well, you either haven’t eat real ones, you have bad taste or you’re just lying/trolling…

            And to confirm what I’m saying, there’s plenty of video of Youtube of French MRE testers, not only from French people but from people around the world with different taste and they’re all saying the same thing about it… it’s freaking good and very complete and diverse.

            If you don’t believe me, just search “French MRE” in Youtube and you’ll see!

            We can say anything about French Army, but they know how to make real good MRE.

          • liborisk

            The only good MRE is the one you don’t have to eat.

          • Spidouz

            True, but it all comes down to the context. Otherwise it would be like saying: the best bullet is the one we don’t need to fire…

          • Kai

            So who has the worst tasting MREs?

          • Spidouz

            Well, go ask the dozen of online MRE testers around the world. They might have a more accurate reply than me.

    • TDog

      Joy oh joy… another person proving that the Internet is where tired old jokes go to give the intellectually stunted something to say.

  • Sixshot6

    What kind of Famas variant is that? And the only thing I find weird about the French fighting is and I have heard this from a reliable source (my cousins friend who was in the French army) about having to just sit their firing rounds through to keep up their ammo allowance and keep track of every live round fired, those rules could only have been written by a bureaucrat who never saw combat. But that aside, and I do feel sorry for French soldiers fighting under those crappy conditions and yes they have taken losses in Afghanistan like everyone. I do want to know what Famas variant it is. That handguard looks unwieldy.

    • rjackparis

      Famas felin?

      • Sixshot6

        Oh thanks to the both of you, one question do any of these projects actually make a better weapon or are we going to act like we’re still fighting the Cold war. I guess its true what they say about the Generals are fighting the last war.

    • Sam Schifo

      It looks like a version of the FAMAS FÉLIN variant. The FÉLIN program is similar to the US’s Nett Warrior/FFW/MCS program.

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      This is the FÉLIN, if it doesn’t have the forward grip with the integrated controls but has the rail it is called the Valorisé. The FÉLIN is a bit odd, as the weapon is actually deployed with combat troops but I do not think the sighting system is ready yet. This means that you see troops carrying around the FÉLIN with the integral controls for the sighting and range finder, yet they either just stick an EOTech on the top or use it with just the irons. The only time I have actually seen the proper sight on a FÉLIN is at staged PR type things.

      • Sixshot6

        This just makes me feel even more meh about staged PR events. What exactly is the sight that A FELIN should have then?

      • Jak0Spades

        There are pictures of French soldiers with the Sword T&D in Afghan and in CAR as well. Friend of mine told me he uses them currently in Gabon ( 3eme RPiMA)

    • FourString

      Sounds like they could use an electronic round counter to relieve some of the headache

    • Spidouz

      About bureaucrazy, well I guess any country have some… you only have to let the government to “handle” things.

      AFIK, the rounds count is mainly in France, during training, not in combat. It’s mainly due to the more restrictive gun laws and to avoid anyone to “keep” some non-fired munitions; because in France you need authorisation (NFA-like stuff) and a lot of paperwork for any citizen to buy and own firearms AND munitions.

      You can go in jail for 10 years with a 250,000 Euros fine if you have a firearms or munitions without proper authorisation and paperwork. Crazy, uh? The craziest part? It’s also true for active troops. That might explain better the reason of the rounds count during training.

      Also, few years ago, some military caliber (such 5.56×45, 5.45×39, 7.62×39, 12.7×99 and 14.5×114) wasn’t available at all for civilians. It was considered as “Assault Weapons” (or War Material).

      That’s the reason why, most of the civilians firearms were using some alternative caliber such .222 Rem (instead of .223), 7×64, 7.62x54R, 510 DTC (instead .50BMG), etc… I know this is just ironic, mainly when you know the .308/7.62×51 is perfectly legal for civilians (and is also a military caliber used by NATO). Somehow, even a bolt-action 20mm Vulcan with a less than 10 rounds magazine would be perfectly legal while the 5.56×45 was considered as “War Material”. Another craziness thing from the bureaucrazy laws!

      Things changed a little bit with the new 2013 gun law, now all those caliber are available for civilians (but limited to 12 firearms per person and with the proper legal authorisation paperwork with background check, fingerprints, serial number listing, etc…).

      I know it will look very very silly for any Americans that will read that (maybe less for the CA or NYC readers), but that’s what happen when you let anti-gun people write the laws… and even worst when the people don’t have a constitution with the 2nd Amendment.

      I could write a long article about the French gun laws (which is pretty much where the US will end if people don’t wake up to defend the 2A), but it would be way too long. I just hope it gives you some lights about it…

      • Sixshot6

        I knew about French gun laws and the caliber’s were restricted not prohibited (Cat 1 and 4 firearms, 1 is mil caliber and 4 is non mil). Hell I knew of a guy who moved to France with some guns from the uk and the local Gendermie that came to see him actually told him to get a pistol to protect himself in the home with (it was a rural area so they didnt want to have to look after him the whole time) And I’m English not an American so I know all about crap gun laws, think yourself lucky mate.

        • Spidouz

          Oh man, I feel your pain… UK is not a great place to live for any gun lovers. Yeah, France isn’t the worst place in Europe. But if we let anti-gun people do their way, every country in the world will look like the UK (and from a gun point of view, I feel pretty bad about this vision). I do love the UK, I love Brits, but I don’t love UK Gun laws at all 😀

          I’m living in both France and Texas, so in the end, I feel lucky…

          • Sixshot6

            I hear you and that is why we have to stick together or hang apart. Stick together in France and in the US, New york and Connecticut should serve as the canary in the coal mine. Can’t say what to do with California as its problems seem to stem from a culture that screws everything up, not just guns. I’d trade for french gun laws in the uk to be fair right now. Its not so bad for me though, other parts of the british isles you can still have a pistol (isle of man, Jersey and Guernsey and Northern Ireland). Chances are I’ll be living in the Isle of man in a few years so I’ll have pistols at least and with a new rifle that out, I have something close to a centrefire semi auto. I guess Texas is your favorite place for guns then. And yes the uk should be the rest of world’s canary, but like california it has other issues besides crap laws that I shall not mention here as some people may have their own opinion on it. Thanks for the sympathy means the world to me. if I’m ever in France, any good places I can shoot that are english language friendly and will let me shoot most things?

          • Spidouz

            Sure! All gun owner and gun enthusiasts around the world should stick together. That’s why it’s important to defend the 2nd Amendment, even for a foreigner. Because the US could set an exemple for the rest of the world and wake up people around the world to realise the truth about guns.

            When I say France isn’t the worst country, I mainly mean about “gun laws”. For everything else, well, that’s another story 😀

            Regarding the new 2013 laws… well the only 3 things I don’t like at all are:
            1- The very long waiting and complex paperwork to have some Category B firearms.

            2- The 12 firearms limit for the Category B. I know, 12 is already better than none. But it just seems like an arbitrary number. Since all guns are registered, police know where your gun safe is and what is in, there’s no need to have any real limitation.

            3- Last but not the least, people don’t really own Category B firearms. Because they have to be in a shooting club (or hunter). As soon as they stop, they have to surrender their firearms (and/or sell them). This is a very very critical point about propriety IMHO. If you have a driver license and you buy a car, you can drive it. If tomorrow for any legal reason you loose your driver license, you can still own the car… you might not drive it, but you own it.

            Then it would be easier to have some kind of “Gun Title” to buy and transfer firearms and to prove the propriety of the gun, even if it will be stored in a safe at a gun dealer or to someone that still have a license to use guns. THAT would make sense to me… (I mean from a French gun laws prospective).

            That would still be more restrictive than the US, but that would be acceptable, mainly when we consider that we don’t have any problem to own SBR, Suppressors, folding stock, grips, etc…

            Regarding some shooting range… well, if you ever happen to be in my area, you’ll be more than welcome to come to the range to shoot anything you want. Shooters over here are very friendly and always let you try their guns (because of the restriction, we understand that we can’t own everything even if we can afford it, therefor we can’t try and own all type of guns… so we easily let another shooters try guns).

            We had a guy that came last saturday and he’s initially from NYC, now installed in France, he had good talk and he was really surprised because he tried a lot of stuff during the day (AK47, 5.56, .222, .308, 7×64, 7x54R, 9.3x74R, .22LR, 9mm, .45, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, Shotgun, and probably even more). I know it, because I also tried some in the mean time.

            I know for most US citizen, it’s pretty much what we call a Tuesday, but for some people around the world, it’s not very common and not something we can do every day.

            I know I digress a little bit here, but as said, if you’re in the area you’d be more than welcome. No problem at all. I will always welcome any gun owner or gun enthusiast brother from anywhere.

            Call me cray, but that’s just my thing. I will always have more trust in a gun owner/enthusiast brother, than in any government, elites and politics from any country…


          • n0truscotsman

            I have heard of that argument before, about the 2nd. Not only is the 2nd the center of argument for pro-gun Americans, but also foreigners, who lament not having enumerated rights. They certainly see the problem with *not* having a enumerated right to bear arms, despite many a french philosophers ranting about the necessity for an armed population (Jean Rousseau).

            But despite their current situation with gun laws, the French DO know a thing or two about revolutions. Compared to them, Americans are all talk 😉

          • Sixshot6

            Thanks, I will keep all this in mind. Sorry I was asleep, its a bit of a time difference between here and France.

          • Sixshot6

            Sorry I was a bit tired when I wrote that. If I come I hope I run into you, you’ll know me if you saw me, the accent isnt a southern one. Its northern and I’m quite young. Anyway its all in the air, got some other stuff going on. Sorting out my education. Its a way to get up on the ladder in life. Self improvement is good, don’t you think?

          • Sixshot6

            And France certainly isn’t the worst in Europe, Spain and Italy as far as western continental Europe are worse than France.

      • n0truscotsman

        “You can go in jail for 10 years with a 250,000 Euros fine if you have a firearms or munitions without proper authorisation and paperwork. Crazy, uh?”

        Thats arguable 😉 I would say France’s self defense laws are even more crazy. If someone punches you, you can only punch back in self defense. Therefore, the only logical way to legally kill someone in self defense is if they kill you first (LOL im not kidding).

        I know that cowboy action shooting is becoming very popular among the French gun circles and civilians owning Colt Commandoes or AR15s in 222 rem is also not out of place (ar15france.com is interesting!). But ya, one could write an entire lengthy article about French gun laws. They suck compared to the states and when compared to their Swiss neighbors.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    I’ve very surprised that they are running incredibly fast while carrying MG, even a lot faster than those videogame soldiers.
    Real soldiers are so tough. 🙂

  • Phil Hsueh

    What’s a US Marien?

    • jdkchem

      Mrs Cunningham????

    • FourString

      Marianne, get mah beer! Marianne!

  • dp

    When I see that Feline on top of it I think (semi-automatically) of those Euro$$$$$ which go into it. Well, you can argue, it $ave$ lives of professionally trained soldiers I suppose. Well, they had chance to prove it in Mali already. Did they, or they need enemy of higher intrinsic value? (Russians, maybe?)

  • La Legion

    This is the FFL numpties. A different league entirely.

  • USMC03Vet


    I was in 3/8 and we got to see to the legion actually working in Haiti. They were absolutely out of control scumbags. I wouldn’t put US Marines anywhere near them especially considering they had negligent discharge issues resulting in their troops being killed.

    They have serious discipline issues and frankly I’m surprised the French still have those units considering their utter contempt and outright dismissal of their french officer handlers.

    • Spidouz

      Accidental kills due to negligent discharge happen… Unfortunately, even for military/LEO.

      Yes it did happen for a French Legion in 2004, like it happen to a Navy SEAL in 2012, or to a US Marine in April 2014 or even very recently to an IDF soldier.

      And probably way more than we think because it could happen in any high stress level conflicts… and sometimes just because of the human stupidity. And THAT my friend, we can find it in any human being from anywhere in the world.

    • Username109302

      I had awful experiences working with Marine riflemen, I wouldn’t say my bad experiences with marines reflect how valuable, disciplined, relevant and skilled the entire USMC is, just a bad a experience with one of the units, I later met up with some guys from a different unit on a different occasion, and had nothing but positive thing to say.

      I’d also like to add recent changes in power within the Armee de terre have changed how the legion selects, recruits and trains individuals, just as the legion has become more integrated and a vital part of the French military brigade structure.

      The legion has changed a lot since 2004, just as the french military has also changed.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Just like your precious USMC does the Commando Guyane obstacle course in over 7 HRS while FFL does in 45 min…

  • Squirreltactical

    K 3/8. Gettin’ some.

  • n0truscotsman

    The French Parachute Marine Infantry Regiments and “Mountain Commandoes” are some of the finest light infantry soldiers I’ve ever trained with, right alongside the Brit Paras, Green Jackets, and Ghurkhas. The French were actually my favorite to train with in Europe and fight alongside with in Afghanistan.

    One thing both nations’ premiere light infantry forces had in common: they were reluctant to give up our M4s that they were training with…and we were fast to give back their FAMAS and Enfields 😛

    • KestrelBike

      Curious for your opinion on the FAMAS and why you all were quick to give it back. (not challenging, I’ve obviously never had the opportunity to even hold one, just curious on your take.. both the negatives and [any] positives)

      • n0truscotsman

        The FAMAS is a bulky, peculiar weapon system with the standard problems that go alongside bullpups when it comes to ergonomics. They are also far more expensive than a M4 and are inferior when it comes to every aspect that you can measure a infantry fighting carbine. The bright side is that they are more reliable than the L85/SA80, which is not saying a lot.

        Once foreign troops handle the lightweight, streamlined, and fairly straightforward design that is a stoner rifle, they begin to see their appeal and it is little surprise that many US allies’ special operations forces use M4s, even if their line units use a bullpup or some other rifle.

        The problems with the FAMAS’ lack of modularity are also one of the many reasons why they are flirting with the idea of replacing it. If they are wise, they would tap canada for some C7s like the Netherlands did.

        • username109302

          I don’t think we’ll replace the FAMAS soon, we recently invested 1 billion into the FELIN program, and if we where getting a new rifle, it would need to be compatible with the FELIN.

          Our Parachutist commandos have been seen with HK416s and SCAR Variants, so I think there’s a likely chance we’ll end up on going with one of those two.

          • n0truscotsman

            FELIN has a NATO rail mount, so its technically compatible with
            anything with such a rail system on it (like other NATO firearms).

            Thats not even getting into the fact that the G2 hasn’t been purchased in large numbers, and the FAMAS I’ve seen were the predicessors (G1), which are a bit long in the tooth. So maybe rather than buying G2s to replace the first version, they would be better suited for something else, but im just purely hypothesizing.

            Youre probably right truth be told. There probably wont be change anytime soon. The 416 is gaining wide traction in Europe and I anticipate it being the replacement for many G36s even.

            But, foreign acquisitions intrigue me. Im curious to see what France does in the future.

          • YDS

            Actually they might replace FAMAS pretty soon:

            “France has launched its programme to replace the FAMAS as the French
            armed forces principle assault rifle in one of the biggest tenders for
            individual small arms in Europe.
            The French procurement agency (the DGA), announced a tender on 16 May
            for 90,000 assault rifles, chambered in 5.56 mm x 45 NATO ammunition,
            under the Arme Individuelle Future (AIF) programme.Offers must be submitted for the tender by 26 June, with the DGA
            planning to sign a contract for the AIF programme in December 2016.
            France no longer possesses the industrial capability to manufacture
            assault rifles after the Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Etienne (MAS)
            factory closed in 2002 following the completion of FAMAS production in
            2000. Accordingly, France will have to buy in a foreign design. Possible
            bidders include the Belgian FN Herstal FN SCAR-L, the Thales Australia
            F90, the German Heckler & Koch HK416A5, the Italian Beretta ARX160,
            and the Czech CZ 805 BREN.”


          • YDS

            Though those soldiers you trained with might be disappointed since:
            “Manufacturing or assembly of the assault rifle, or its key elements,
            must take place within the European Union or the European Economic Area.
            The manufacturer is expected to deliver 16,000 assault rifles annually,
            and should have averaged EUR80 million (USD109 million) of revenue in
            each of the last three years.”

            So not much of a chance for either American or Canadian M4 ;(

          • schizuki

            Can FN not produce its M4 rifles in Europe?

          • Seburo

            I think Colt would charge extra for that and many units already use the Demico C7/C8’s.
            Plus I think they rather advertise their own guns in their home continent.

  • mechamaster

    Ohh.. dat Famas FELIN !