Raven Concealment Moduloader Pocket Shield

Simple ideas have a tendency to “just work”. In this case the simple idea is the Raven Concealment “ModuLoader” Pocket Shield. Basically just an injection-molded polymer frame, the ModuLoader is designed to simultaneously mounts & organizes EDC items and smooths out the pocket to avoid detection.


Description directly from Raven’s website below:


The ModuLoader Pocket Shield was conceived by Chris Fry, owner of MDTS Training, and was co-developed with, and manufactured by Raven Concealment Systems.

The Pocket Shield is a flexible, modular platform which allows an individual to securely and discreetly carry a small defensive implement (such as a firearm, pistol magazine, fixed-blade or folding knife, flashlight, canister of pepper spray, expandable baton or other impact weapon, multi-tool, etc) inside the front pocket of jeans or dress pants without visible pocket clips or printing.

The Pocket Shield is shaped to ride comfortably in the front pocket of most pants, and provides consistent orientation within the pocket to facilitate quick-access and deployment of an individual’s light or weapon. The platform is made from flexible, high-strength polymer that conforms to the shape of the user’s body for all-day carry comfort; yet it is rigid enough to remain anchored securely inside the pocket during strenuous movement or weapon deployment.

The unique mounting slots on the Pocket Shield allow users to attach nearly any small knife sheath or pocket holster to the platform at a wide range of angles. It can even be trimmed by the user to facilitate achieving a full fighting grip on the weapon or to fit in smaller pockets.

The Pocket Shield not only provides a stable platform – it masks the profile of whatever is attached to it. This is especially important for those who must wear dress pants or other garments made with thin, clingy material.

Prototypes and pre-production units of the ModuLoader Pocket Shield have been tested and fielded both domestically and abroad in a variety of non-permissive environments, with excellent results. This simple tool is a must-have for anyone conducting low-profile/no-profile missions.

The ModuLoader is 100% American-made and is available for $24.99 on Raven Concealment’s website. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • stephen

    Just when you thought you couldn’t get more stuff in your pocket someone finds a way…

    I think this is another ‘answer’ looking for a problem. Notice the bottom left pic with the knife clip – its clipped on however it would hard to pull out your knife because the upper slat of polymer is not angled to easily pull your knife.

    I will pass on this and for those that buy it, I bet it will find its way into a desk drawer collecting dust.

  • Zachary marrs

    Wow deja vu

  • I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but I cannot justify the carrying of a flashlight everywhere I go. I have two quality FL’s in the car, one at my desk at work, and God knows how many at home.

    What kind of elite Tier 1 tactical operator operations would someone be doing to justifiably utilize their flashlight on a daily/semi-daily basis? If you’re never more than 100 feet from a flashlight, would it be worth the effort to keep it off-body instead of occupy it in your EDC?

    Pocket space = valuable real estate.

    • Vhyrus

      Most people already carry a flashlight. It’s wide and flat, and it also tells the time, makes phone calls, and surfs the internet. It’s quite handy.

      • DING DING DING! 😛

        Er, I mean RING RING RING!

        • joe

          I found that I carried it every day because of the nature of my work. Then at the end of the day when it was night time, it just was good to have….. So, some people might not need it, some people might. I see your side of things, if you never use it during the day and after work.

      • Cymond

        Really? I have keychain flashlights that put out more light than a cellphone (and is less likely to have a low-battery).

    • A flashlight is pretty much the most important and versatile thing you can have on you besides your phone, cash, and pocket knife. Having been in multiple surprise blackouts, they have been invaluable.

      From a SD standpoint, being able to walk at night with a LED in hand is of tremendous value. Anyone shady approaches you, you light them up with 300+ lumens, and they will find someone else.

      Best way to carry one is get a slim 4Sevens 2×123 and carry it IWB. Feels really weird the first 2 days; by day 5 you will completely forget that it’s there.

      • When heading to a late night movie, dinner, etc, I make the wife put my glucometer (Diabetes 28yrs) and a flashlight from the car in her purse, but I guess that is what makes everyone’s EDC unique; I’m so infrequently in a location/situation where it is dark enough to need one, or access to one does not rely on me to bring it from the night stand to wherever. Two in the car gives me access to a flashlight just about anywhere I go.

        More respect for people who carry tons of gear. Strangest EDC I have is 35g of clotting powder in my wallet. Had a bad bike wreck with 3″ laceration in my calf. (Did other wilderness medicine/triage too.) Had to pedal my way down the mountain, to the closest clinic.

    • Cymond

      I carry a FourSevens (formerly 4Sevens) Preon P2 whenever I think I may need a light. It’s the size of a standard Sharpie and puts out 190 lumens on a fresh set of batteries. Seriously, it’s less of a burden than anything else in my EDC (wallet, phone, knife, keys).
      Admittedly, sometimes I am out later than I planned and am caught at night without it. I also have a tendency to misplace it.

  • Raoul Duke

    I’m about as “low speed” as you get… and a small pocket flashlight has come in handy numerous times. But, you may be different. Bottom line, if it doesn’t fit your plan, don’t buy it. For me, it looks like a great way to keep a knife and small flashlight from rattling around on my other pocket junk.

  • David

    Yeah , like that’s going to work. Try drawing fast under stress and see what happens

    • dan

      Why what happens? Details please, all fact based, no speculation, theories or assumptions I want your honest review based on your personal use of this product.

      • david

        Simply put, there is not enough room to get your hand into the pocket and get a purchase on the items without the shield getting in the way. I have studied the issue in depth and have design my own pocket carriers.

  • USMC03Vet

    That is one tacticool pocket…

  • Ironclad

    I’d wear a fanny pack before I shoved that hunk of scrap metal into my pocket

  • MatKep

    Mall ninja pocket protector. Personally I’m not worried if the clip to my Mini Grip or Stylus Pro are showing. Also seems like this device would slow the deployment of your knife. Perhaps it would be useful in a formal dress situation but for EDC it seems unnecessary.

  • Until pockets are standardized I don’t see how that will work…..
    I got some pants my cell phone won’t even fit in the pockets of, others I could stick my 8″ barred Redhawk in…..

  • simple66

    This method is free. No need to put a nut cracker in your pocket.