FAMAE (Chile) has begun producing IWI GALIL ACE Rifles

GALIL ACE being tested at FAMAE.

Earlier this year we reported that Chile had officially announced the adoption of the IWI GALIL ACE, the 5.56×45 mm version, as the standard service rifle of the Chilean Army. Local defense manufacturer FAMAE will be manufacturing the ACE under license from IWI. Infodefensa.com reports that last week the first FAMAE produced GALIL’s were presented to General Humberto Oviedo, Chief of the Chilean Army.

IWI’s marketing strategy, liberally handing out production licenses to manufacturers around the world, mirrors H&Ks strategy in the 1960 – 1970s (80s? 90s?). The H&K G3 saw wide adoption in part because H&K were willing to license the production to countries who either did not want to entrust the supply of their service rifles to a foreign country, or who for political reasons wanted to adopt a weapon made by its own citizens. The H&K G3 was produced under license in Pakistan, Denmark, Turkey, Luxembourg , Iran, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UK and Bangladesh. The AKM is an earlier and archetypal example of a rifle that was liberally licensed by the Soviet Union and saw wide adoption as a result.

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  • echelon

    I’d take a Galil ACE over a Tavor any day…how about they start producing them in the US liberally? 🙂

    • As far as I’m aware there are no plans for these in the US

      • echelon

        Oh I’m sure. That would make too much sense. And even if they were I’m sure they’d want to get $2k or something out of them anyway…

        • Solomon

          2kusd would be a fantastic price for the ACE. It’s not an AK in manufacturing or cost of production in any way, shape, or form.

          The only way it’s an AK is in basic design, and in it’s devotion to extreme reliability, and you can bet your butt it surpasses the AK in this.

          There’s way more parts/areas to be injection molded separately, machined separately, stamped separately, etc.

          It’s probably much more on par with an FNC when it comes to cost of production than an actual AK.

      • SentMKG

        Which I find really disappointing. I’d love to get my hands on one of them. Especially the compact ones. Throw the sig brace on.

        Good to go with some awesome 35 round magazines. Get some Magpul magazines developed. Done. Won’t ever replace it as my go to war gun.

  • I hope we can get these imported from Chille. What’s the typical MOA of the Galil ACE?

  • Toms

    I want a 7.62 version very badly. They are 1-1.5 moa with match ammo.

  • Lance

    Same here take a Galil over a Bullpop little lone a Travor any day as well. Don’t expect total Chilean service. They have many units still using G-3s and M-16A1s for years and there SFs have had Galils for years.

    • dp

      Yeaaa, you are right, it is a Bull-pop!

      • Gyufygy

        Better than a Bull-poop.

  • FourString

    Ugh Famae always manufactures desirable rifles, SG55x series now the Galil Ace D:>

    • dp

      Disappointing? Oh well…. politics as usual.

  • dp

    To call it ‘homemade’ is an elipse. All know how came from foreign source so as such this is end to their own know-how source which Chile with its advanced industrial base was perfectly capable of. That’s for that.
    But, there is one advantage with adopting Is-lashikov : should they wish a war with Peru or some other country in the region, they can freely trade parts or even whole rifles, call it combat-fraternizing if you will.