TRUGLO Micro-Tac Laser Sight

Micro Tac TRUGLO

TRUGLO announced a new laser sight called the Micro-Tac. The new sight is lightweight and mounts to any Picatinny- or Weaver-style rail. Total unit weight is less than one ounce.

The Micro-Tac can be has with a red or green laser. Lasers, especially green lasers, can be temperature sensitive. Some green lasers will not operate below 32º F/0º C. TRUGLO lists the operating temperature range for these units to be from 14º F/-10º C to 122º F/50º C.


Unit bodies are made of CNC machined aluminum, not molded plastic. A pulse mode is available in addition to the constant on. Two sets of batteries are included with each laser unit.

The red laser retails for $95, while the green laser carries a $178 price tag.

Richard Johnson

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  • Mystick

    Is there a mechanism for adjusting the laser’s A&E?

  • chris

    needs a remote switch for rifle use!

    • Rob in Katy

      I guess you could mount it on a side rail, was thinking the sight would block it…need to think sideways.

  • Stephen

    I don’t know about truglo sights, I would say its not too bad of a price point. Red is $95, green is $178. For those who are trying to save a buck and go red, remember if you have a red dot optic, the red laser can be confusing if your looking through your sight. So while the green is more expensive at least you can differentiate between your red dot optic and the green laser.

    I might have to try one.

  • Harry

    Need an IR version!!

  • José Pulido

    Would be more interested in IR version, since there’s no company making a guide rod IR laser any time soon for things like Glocks.

  • SamWise