Spotting Scope Skirt

Ok maybe you could call it a kilt. Accurate Shooter posted a kilt that fits on your spotting scope tripod. The kilt has pockets and provides quick access to items while keeping them stored without extra bulk.

According to Accurate shooter:

Here’s a clever product from Good Shooting Sales & Service, a shop operated by National Smallbore Silhouette Champion Cathy Winstead-Severin and her husband Jim Severin. The Shooting Skirt, available in either Nylon Mesh or Cordura/Mesh for $32.00, is a cone-shaped, fabric gear-holder that fits around the top of a tripod. The Shooting Skirt has various pockets that can store score cards, timers, Walkie-Talkies, spotting boards, and other accessories. The Shooting Skirt even has a water bottle holder. (Note: the Cordura/Mesh combo version is out of stock, but the all-mesh version is in available.)


Nicholas C

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  • Renegade

    Aye, but is it a true Scottish spotting scope?

  • Stephen

    I wouldn’t buy because its a ‘skirt’.

    Now if they change the name to a ‘Spotting Scope Kilt’, I would be all over it.


  • Limonata

    Harbor Freight Waist Apron + Phone/Tool Holder $7 and does the same thing

  • Burst

    Tam O’shanter not included? No Sale.